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2018 Level 2 School - Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

*7/13 - Capacity reached in all event disciplines offered. No more applications will be accepted.

*7/5 - All on-campus housing is sold out. Please secure off-campus accommodations and note EAS Commuter Fee ($200) still applies. Payment for all fees (tuition/commuter) is required to be enrolled.

August 6-10, 2018 (First Time Participants and Alumni)

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
2800 Olympic Parkway
Chula Vista, CA 91915

Event Disciplines

Enrollment in the August Level 2 School is limited and only select event disciplines will be offered. Coaches can choose any of the following event disciplines to study:

  • Endurance - Capacity reached
  • Sprints / Hurdles / Relays - Capacity reached
  • Jumps - Capacity reached

Level 2 Instructors

Sports Science:
  • Dr. Christine Brooks: Professor of Kinesiology and Physiology at the University of Florida. Dr. Brooks is a training theory and physiology specialist, and veteran lead sports science instructor for the USATF Level 2 Program.

  • Dave Mills: One of the country’s top high school distance coaches from Boise, Idaho. Currently a volunteer assistant cross country coach at Boise State University. Long-time lead instructor for Endurance at Level 2 and executive committee member of the USATF Coaching Education Committee.
  • Kathy Butler: Former UK Olympian and All-American at the University of Wisconsin. An IAAF Academy Endurance graduate and USATF Level 3 certified coach. She currently conducts Level 1 schools in the Mountain region, leads a group of elite endurance runners in Colorado, and teaches regularly at Level 2.


  • Tony Veney: Director of Track and Field at Ventura College. Coach Veney is a world-renowned authority on speed development, teaching around the globe and also formerly at UCLA, CSUN, in addition to advising numerous Olympians and international competition medalists.  Coach Veney is a long-time instructor in the USATF Coaching Education program.
  • Charles Clinton: Former track coach at Long Beach-Poly, Charles produced some of the all-time high school great sprinters/hurdlers to come out of California. A master coach in the science of speed development and sprinting. He teaches the Emerging Elite Coach Camp for USATF and has been a long-time Level 2 instructor.

  • Jeremy Fischer: USATF Lead Coach at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center and specialist in the horizontal jumps. Fischer successfully coached Brittany Reese and Will Claye to silver medals at the Rio Olympics. He is a long-time and popular instructor in the USATF Coach Education Program.
  • Chris Richardson: Director of Track and Field at Cerritos College. Chris is an IAAF Academy coach for jumps and a former All-American in the decathlon. He has served on several USATF International staffs, and is the West Region Coordinator for the USATF Level 1 program.

The application includes a $5 fee. An application must be submitted by Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at 11:59pm (EST). No application fees will be refunded nor late submissions accepted.
The application will give you the option to request one of three event areas to study (Endurance, Sprints/Hurdles/Relays, or Jumps)
Please note that a seat in your preferred event group is not reserved until the full tuition payment is made within 72 hours of acceptance to the course. All payments are due no later than 11:59pm (EST) Sunday, July 22, 2018.
Please review the Level 2 application requirements prior to applying. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. You should have all of the following information readily available BEFORE starting the application process:
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Your 2018 USATF membership number 
  • Level 1 and Level 2 (if applicable) completion year and state
  • An electronic resume or curriculum vitae to upload
  • Three names and email addresses for references
Please check your junk/clutter/spam folders if you do not receive a confirmation email/receipt. You may also login to your application to view acceptance under “Status” and any transaction amounts.
Housing Options

The CV-Elite Athlete Training Center offers single or shared housing options in on campus dormitories. Each on campus housing package includes three meals per day, free parking and access to training facilities. Meals will be served in the CV-Elite Athlete Training Center Dining Hall.  Please note, only accepted and enrolled Level 2 participants are eligible to stay on campus. If you will have a family member, friend or significant other traveling with you, please seek off-campus housing.
Commuter Package: Students electing to stay off campus are REQUIRED to select the commuter package ($200). Fee includes access to training center facilities, meals (lunch and dinner) and parking. Payment must be provided for all tuition, housing or commuter fees no later than 11:59pm (EST) Sunday, July 22, 2018. Failure to provide payment in full will jeopardize your eligibility to participate in the Level 2 School.

Linens package is included: pillow, two sheets, pillowcase, light blanket, plus one towel and washcloth. USATF has secured a set number of rooms and single rooms are limited. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis as tuition, room and board payment are made after acceptance to the school. Students should be prompt in making payment to assure their choices can be accommodated.

All on campus housing is sold out. Please secure off campus accommodations. Commuter fee ($200) applies.

Room & Board
Commuter Fees
Tuition Only
Shared Room 
Single Room
Includes meals, parking and access to EAS facilities
First Timers
$ 465.00
$ 540.00
$ 800.00
$ 425.00
$ 540.00
$ 800.00

*Acceptance to the course provides access to the payment page and Sports Science modules for first-timers. No slot is guaranteed until tuition payment is made. Tuition payment is due 72 hours after acceptance to the school. Housing must be paid by Sunday, July 22, 2018. Housing cannot be guaranteed until payment is made and will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Check-In / Out
Check-in for first-timers and alumni will occur Monday, August 6 from 1:00pm-2:30pm.  Upon arrival, there will be signage directing coaches where to park or be dropped off. The Level 2 school event introductory session will start promptly at 3:15pm. Location will be posted on the school schedule.
The program will conclude at approximately 11:15am on Friday, August 10, following student evaluations of the staff and graduation. Attendance at the closing session is mandatory in order to receive a Level 2 certificate. Please be advised that you should not purchase a plane ticket until you are notified of acceptance into the school. The room and board package does not include housing on the night of Friday, August 10.
Departure Time
All Level 2 participants must check out of their rooms by 11:30am on Friday, August 10. Housing for the night of August 10 is not included in the room and board package. Absence from the closing session will result in forfeiture of your Level 2 certificate.

Meals at CV-Elite Athlete Training Center Dining Hall
Three meals per day beginning with dinner on Monday, August 6, and concluding with breakfast on Friday, August 10. Two Meals (lunch, dinner) for commuting students are included in the facility fee and will follow the same meal plan as on-campus students. All meals will be served in the CV-Elite Athlete Training Center dining hall.

Sports Science Online Modules for First Time Students

Within a week of acceptance, first time students will receive a username and password to access the online Physiology, Training Theory, Biomechanics and Sports Psychology lectures provided by the USATF sport science team in which Dr. Christine Brooks is the lead instructor. This interactive format will allow students to learn at their own leisure and gain invaluable tips from one of the leaders in the online learning industry. It is imperative that students review materials including all quizzes prior to arrival in order to pass the exam for physiology, training theory, sports psychology and biomechanics. The exams will be administered on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning of the school. All sports science classroom work must be completed prior to arriving at the school on August 6, 2018. No onsite reviews will be conducted. 

**New Early Exam Option for Sports Science Modules Only- Distinguished Exam Waiver
First-timers may earn a waiver for completion of the sports science examinations and bypass the below scheduled exam times. Waiver does not apply to the event-specific final exam. Students interested in this option will be responsible for completing all required work with high distinction. Please coordinate with Dr. Christine Brooks if you will be selecting the waiver option. All quizzes and coursework must be completed with a passing score (80%) prior to sitting for the final exams.
Benefits of early testing:
  • Increased flight options for inbound travel on 8/6.
  • Ease stress and anxiety prior to arriving at Level 2

* Exam scores will be available immediately after submission for those who test on-site
Tenative Schedule of Exams (On-site option)

MONDAY, August 6:

Physiology exam - 1:00pm-1:45pm
Check-in - 1:00pm-2:45pm
Training Theory Exam - 2:15pm-3:00pm
Event specific sessions opens - 3:15pm

TUESDAY, August 7

Breakfast - 7:15am-8:30am
Biomechanics Exam - 8:00am-8:45am
Event Specific Session - 9:00am-12:15pm
Lunch - 12:30-2:00pm
Sports Pyschology/Skill Acquisition Exam - 1:15pm-2:00pm
Event Specific sessions open - 2:15-5:30pm



Detailed event information regarding check-in, linens, room key deposit, weather and other school related information will be emailed to all participants 2-3 weeks prior to the school.

Air Travel

Travel to/from the CV-Elite Athlete Training Center is at each registrant's own expense. The airport below is available for incoming/outgoing flights.

San Diego International Airport (SAN) - approximately a 30 minute ride to campus

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
2800 Olympic Parkway 
Chula Vista, CA 91915

Click here to view a campus map

Classes and Attendance

Classes will be held in the classrooms located on the CV-Elite Athlete Training Center campus. 100% attendance is mandatory at all sessions to earn a Level 2 certificate. Be on time. If commuting, be aware that the Level 2 schedule is rigorous and a commute of more than 30 minutes each day could be very taxing. Typically, at least three quarters of the Level 2 attendees and all of the staff members stay on campus. Absence from the closing session will result in forfeiture of your Level 2 certificate.

Grading Protocols

Sports Science: The sports science curriculum is required of all first time students to Level 2; online exams are administered for training theory, physiology, sports psychology, and biomechanics during the first two days of the school.  Students have access to the online modules as soon as they have paid tuition to the Level 2 school. Also, specific sports science assignments and the grading protocol will be sent to students at time of access to the online sports science modules. This online learning environment is self-paced. Early access to the online modules assures the student of appropriate preparation for the exams when they arrive onsite August 6.   A passing grade is 80%. Any student failing will have a one-time online retake (no exceptions) during the first 30 days after the close of the school on August 10. Students must pass all four sports science exams to be eligible to gain a Level 2 certification. Students should bring to the school site an electronic device (laptop or tablet) to access the online exams.

Event Specific Evaluation

Each event group is comprised of three specific tasks:

  1. Session plan developed by each student will be collected and reviewed on Thursday morning of the event specific lecture (a one-page explanation of a training session to include all the appropriate components). This is an accepted or not accepted evaluation by the event instructors. In the event that a student does not present an acceptable session plan, the instructors will require additional time be spent during the course day to correct the written assignment.
  2. Written exam of 25-30 multiple-choice questions, true false and/or short answer response (80% grade is required to pass the exam). This is the only graded evaluation for passing the class. It is a hard copy test, which is graded onsite for students to receive a certificate.
  3. Either a group presentation or individual oral exam, determined by the event lecturers, may be assigned as part of the class participation in the course. No grade is attached to this assignment, but it is a valuable part of course to evaluate their peers in class.

There is a onetime retest within 30 days of completion of the school for a student who fails to meet the 80% passing grade.

Instructor Training Course
ITC will not be offered at the Chula Vista Level 2 course.

Level 2 Refund Policy

All tuition or room & board full refund requests (less processing fees) must be submitted no later than 11:59pm (EST) on Monday, July 9, 2018.  A $25 administrative fee will apply to all refund requests. For first timers, only a 50% refund of tuition will be provided after they have entered the Sports Science Modules, which officially begin the course. No refunds after deadlines.

Contact Information

USATF Coaching Programs Coordinator
(317) 713-4667

ADA Accommodations

Any student requesting ADA accommodations must make that request at the time of completing the application, and support the request with the appropriate documentation sent to the Director of Coaching, Said application must be completed no later than six (6) weeks prior to the school opening in order to ensure the availability of any such reasonable accommodations or other required assistance during the Level 2 coaching school.
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