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USATF Officials' Evaluations

Evaluations are completed for officials who work the following USATF championship meets: Indoor, Senior Outdoor, Junior Outdoor, Masters Indoor, Masters Outdoor, and Junior Olympics.

  • Event heads write an evaluation for each of their crew members, and a crew member and/or referee writes an evaluation for the event head.

  • Once an evaluation is submitted, it generates a mail to the rated official, containing the evaluation questions and responses.

  • Evaluations are comprised of two distinct parts, as described below.

Certification Chairs also write a Selection Recommendation evaluation on all of their officials who have applied for USATF national meets.

Selection Recommendation

  • Key Points

-    What is its purpose?
Serves as an input for the USATF Selection Committee when making selections of officials for future years’ national championship meets

-    Who sees it?
Viewed by the Selection Committee members and the individual official being evaluated

  • Content

Evaluators provide:

- Rating - using the following scale:

1  -  Definitely select - excellent official; event head caliber
2  -  Select - good official; important position
3  -  Select - average or inexperienced official; crew member
4  -  Do not select

- Comments - to support the given rating

Performance Appraisal

  • Key Points

-    What is its purpose?
Provides feedback to the official regarding their work at that specific meet, outlining their performance, strengths, and areas for improvement

-    Who sees it?
Viewed only by the individual official being rated

  • Content

For each of the criteria listed below, evaluators provide:

- Rating (using the following scale): Fair, Good, Excellent, Not Observed

- Comments - related to performance on each criterion listed below, applicable for the person:

Arrives on time for meetings and events
Properly wears officials’ uniform; presents a professional appearance
Knows and applies rules correctly and consistently
Treats all personnel with respect and professionalism
Communicates effectively with competitors
Stays alert to the competition, potential problems, and the athletes
Works well with other officials for success of the crew
Willing to pitch in and help wherever needed or directed 
Has applicable rule books and necessary personal equipment
Correctly and efficiently prepares the venue; maintains safety
Conducts complete, accurate briefings for athletes
Effectively manages volunteers
Completes event forms properly and neatly
Demonstrates good decision-making and problem-solving skills
Accepts & responds to feedback, contributes to post-event review
Handles protests properly


If an official disagrees with their evaluation, they may submit a rebuttal statement to the Evaluations Subcommittee Chair. That statement will go to the rater, who may then change their ratings or comments, or leave them unchanged. If left unchanged, the rated official’s statement will be provided to the Selection Committee along with the original evaluation.

For questions, contact the Evaluations Subcommittee Chair, Rich Schornstein, at

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