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USATF Indoor Championships - press conference


Shannon Rowbury

On her fitness

“My training has been coming along really well. It was really helpful having this indoor track set up. I did one of the races for the Portland Indoor season and did some good training on there so I feel like it’s kind of a home track in a way. It was really helpful. I spent a month at altitude in December. I was able to come back and get on the indoor track. Workouts have been good. I’ve been focusing on strength but my top-end speed is coming along really well also. I’m excited for my odds this weekend and hopefully next.”

On strength of 1500 in the U.S.

“Since 2008, when I was getting started I ran four minutes for the first time. Every year since then we’ve had someone sub-four pretty much consistently. I think it’s been really exciting seeing middle distance, specifically women’s middle distance, step it up. I know both Jenny and I have been able to lead that charge. Her great performances have pushed me to get better and I think I’ve done the same for her. I’m excited. I’ve been placing consistently well at the World level. Each race is a new chance to perform and see what you can do. I feel good about it.”

On her interview earlier this week expressing her sadness about the London Games:

“It is an issue very near and dear to my heart. It’s an issue that is very upsetting to me. But I have to look forward to the things that I can do, the things that I can control and what I want to accomplish. I have a race tomorrow, I will hopefully make the World (Indoor) team and be racing here in (a week). I still, God-willing, have a shot at an Olympic medal that I can have the right way. I just look forward to the opportunity that is ahead of me and I’m trying to really focus on that at least for the short term. I will continue to be an advocate for clean sports. Right now I need to focus on myself and I’m trying to achieve more medals.”

What does this indoor championships mean to you? Why place it on your calendar?

“I live and train in this area. I live in Beaverton, I train on the Nike campus, so Portland has kind of become home for me, at least for the time being. To me, it just made total sense to incorporate this US National then hopefully World’s into my training program. With the Nike Oregon Project, we have two peaks within the year. I found that to be really useful with my development. I didn’t always do that in the past but I’ve had great success thus far. So, it was really a no brainer for me.”

Trayvon Bromell

On his outstanding 2015 season

“I just want to be better than I was last year, I want to accomplish bigger goals. Last year was a blessing, just to be able to make the team and get to Beijing, let alone get a medal. It just showed the strength I have. I just want to build from that and go from there.”

On transition to pro

“It really wasn’t that bad. It’s just not having a team any more, I really miss my teammates, but it’s just a transition I had to make. I really don’t feel a difference towards it. It’s good, I’m still doing pretty much the same training that I was doing at Baylor, so it wasn’t that hard. It’s not really a big transition, but it hits me in the aspect of really not having my team with me, not having the trainers I’ve grown to love there with me at the meet. That’s probably the biggest thing.”

What does this indoor championships mean to you? Why place it on your calendar?

“It’s an important race, but really I just look at it as just another race to build me up for the outdoor season. That’s the ultimate goal, just to make that Rio team. Coming off of college, I didn’t just want to cut off my indoor season like that. Because coming off of college, you’d be running every weekend. So say I didn’t adjust well or I didn’t run as many meets as I did indoors and I run outdoors and not do as good. So I want to get my legs moving, get the ball rolling.”

Jenna Prandini

On transition from college to pro

My transition has pretty much been the same as Trayvon’s. I still train in Eugene and I’m finishing up my classes, next week actually. It’s really the same training as last year. I keep training hard and try to keep everything similar so hopefully I can grow from there and get better this year.

On home field advantage

There’s a lot of fans that are in Eugene that are coming here, that are a lot of familiar faces. I got the chance to train in that warehouse in Portland, so I’ve been on this track before and I loved it. It’s in my backyard so I’m excited to run here.

What does this indoor championships mean to you? Why place it on your calendar?

For me, it made sense. I live in Eugene so coming here is an easy drive and it fits in well with my training. So like to just get in, get some races in. Like Trayvon, I ran a lot of races with my college team. I wanted to keep things a little bit similar and make sure what I’m doing in practice is transitioning well in my races.

Marquis Dendy

On what’s next

I guess for me, I want to continue winning and competing and continuing to move forward. I’m interested in kind of a personal marks. I definitely want to get these 28-foot jumps up. I want to get out there and keep moving forward.

On University of Florida legacy

It means a lot to come to Florida and keep passing the torch down. Right now we have a new up-and-comer, so he’s coming in the legacy line as well. So for me to pass that torch down, it’s a great feeling.

What does this indoor championships mean to you? Why place it on your calendar?

“I didn’t want my environment to change too much. I will say that I will not double in indoors again. It’s a lot on my knees. I picked to choose Long jump. I definitely didn’t want my indoor and outdoor environment to change. I had a really great transition last year going from indoor to outdoor, so I’d like to keep that moving forward as well.

Ajee' Wilson

2015, at the end of it, I was hurt even going into Nationals. I had a stress fracture in my shin, so it was a rough end of the year. I had the whole summer to get myself back, to get my head together and I’m excited for this year.

What kind of statement do you want to make here?

“Pretty much the same statement as always. I’m not doing anything different, I like to keep everything consistent. I like to keep everything the same. Training has been going great, I just want to do well and win.”

What does this indoor championships mean to you? Why place it on your calendar?

“Personally, after not doing well in 2014 at the World Indoor Champs, I definitely wanted to try again this year. Ultimately it’s my coach, he’s a planner of everything. He said we’re doing it so we’ll do it.”

Mike Rodgers

“I’m feeling pretty good. Training is going good. I just want to get out of here in Portland and get out of here healthy. Last Indoors was when I hurt myself, I fractured my ankle. I was just want to get out of here healthy and get ready for Worlds.”

On winning the national championship

“It would mean a lot, just to make a statement for World Indoors. World Indoors is on our home turf so we have to defend Portland and defend the U.S. It’s going to be good to have the crowd behind us, have our own facilities, eat our own food and be in our own environment.”

What does this indoor championships mean to you? Why place it on your calendar?

“With how the schedule is set up, with Trials in July this year instead of June, I thought it was smart to run indoors this year, get my races in, get my rhythm. A lot of the Diamond Leagues are in June, so a lot of athletes, that’s where they’re putting in training so it seems better to get the races in early now.”

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