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USATF Juniors Day One quotes


10,000m RW - women’s

Katherine Newhoff, winner

On the race overall

“It was unbelievable. It was so cool to be able to compete on Hayward Field. It’s still unbelievable.”


On her strategy

“When we came across the first lap and I saw that it was at 2:04 or 2:05, I didn’t like that, so I went out so that the next couple laps were two-flat, 2:02 so that I was holding my pace. Once I started falling off of it a little bit, I remembered that I wanted to keep this pace as much as I could and just hold on as long as I could.”


On making the world team

“It’s an honor to be able to represent the United States of America! It’s like getting a giant bag of candy, and you just can’t eat all of it.”


10,000m RW - men’s

Anthony Peters, winner

"It was a great race and a bunch of great guys. In the beginning, we were encouraging each other and it was a lot of fun. Definitely towards the last six laps, I started to realize that I needed to do much more than where I was. That's just really where it started to kick in."


Hammer Throw - women’s

Haley Showalter, winner

"Well I was a little nervous coming into the competition because I have never been in the junior nationals; and my first few throws were a little shaky. And I was pretty unsure about it. Then I just kept talking to my coach a little bit and telling me about my form and then I was able to put it together."


Brooke Anderson, 2nd place

"It’s a really good feeling. I felt good throughout all my throws, actually. I hit my mark each time, so that was really helpful. I had a really good one that I fouled, but it was still a good day to me."


400m Hurdles

Women’s heat 1 winner: Sydney McLaughlin, heat 1 winner

On coming to Eugene to race, because she’s too young to make the world team

It wasn’t my decision, it was my coach’s decision, but I think it was a good one ... to push me to run faster.


On how family and friends are supporting her

My uncle John, I love him, he’s always calling and wishing me good luck. (He) said that if I mention his name, he’ll buy me beads.


On finals Sunday

I am excited, a little nervous, but I just have to go out there and do what I do (for tomorrow's race).


Jade Miller, heat 2 winner

On her strategy for the finals

“(I want to) run my race and run it well.”


Shamier Little, heat 3 winner

“Not too good.  I wish I could have run a little better.  I was really focused today, I don’t know what happened when I got out on the track.  Getting out  is definitely how I will set (my race) up for tomorrow.”


400m hurdles

T.J. Holmes, heat 1 winner

“(I tried to) get out fast. I usually sprint the first 200, but my coach made me slow down a little bit so I can have something for tomorrow.  I really want to make the (U.S.) team. I tried to make it last year, but I got third.  My birthday was a couple days ago, so this would be a good gift. Coach Hart taught me to alternate legs, so I wouldn’t stutter step so much, and my time dropped down a lot. He also works me hard with 400m endurance. It doesn’t let me get as tired.”


Kenneth Selmon, heat 2 winner

“Felt like I was out in front far enough to relax. Anything is possible, you just have to go out there and do your thing (to make the world team). My best time can qualify me. I have to execute and mentally, worry about myself, block out the fans, the arena, the history.”


Discus Throw - Men’s

Kord Ferguson, winner

“I started off first throw was a little shaky, and I got jitters. This place is pretty intimidating for a high school kid to come here and throw. I got into little grove in my second throw, ny third throw was just aout as perfect  as I could ask for."


Ryan Njegovan, 2nd place

"I had a rough start. I only threw 55 meters in the prelims and the disk was slipping off and I was feeling a little rough. Once I got into competition, I started falling off a little bit. Then I realized I had to pick things up once I made finals. After two bad throws and I went out there on my last throw. I had to relax and soothe my mind and it turned out to be good."


Long Jump - Men

Travonn White, winner

On what he had to do to prepare

“Focus and come in with a lot more confidence. I’ve had the whole month to just focus on one event.”


On competing at Hayward Field

“The atmosphere is always great here (at Hayward Field). The claps and the chants, it’s hard to do bad at this place.”


Kenneth Fisher, 2nd place

“I PR’d and hit 25-8-75. I’ve been dreaming about this day (representing the U.S. at World Juniors). Ready to peak and win the gold.”


Pole Vault - Men’s

Cole Walsh, winner

"Well I have been working very hard these past couple weeks and had really good practices with my coach and I’m feeling really fit. The wind conditions were really good. My whole family came out and visited. I’m from Phoenix, and they were cheering me on."


400 Meters - Men

Michael Cherry, heat 1 winner

“Execution is the key. I just wanted to execute and make the final. My hamstring is a little tight because that’s what I (previously) injured. All I want to do is execute (tomorrow) and make it to the big meet. (Making it to the World Championships) is very important to me (because) I didn’t get to run NCAA’s and that was one of my goals.”


Tyler Brown, heat 2 winner

On the race today

“It was the first time I really tried to get out like that. I’m usually a strong finisher. I figured it would be easier if I did my work at the start. It helped me finish a lot smoother.”


On the finals tomorrow

“The only thing I’ve been thinking about all summer is getting USA across my chest.”


Lamar Bruton, heat 3 winner

On using NCAAs to prepare for USATF Juniors

“Since the NCAA meet I’ve been trying to work on speed … while maintaining the strength I built up. My finish is the strongest part of my race, so I didn’t want to get to far away from (the strength. I loaded back up a bit, to put some money in the bank, so I can take it back out. I definitely got in some quality practices and I ran the 100 and 200 at the meet.”


On finals

“I am pumped (to make finals). I am thankful to God for getting me this far in the season. I got third as a high school senior (and now) I have a collegiate season under my belt.  Hopefully I can win it.”


400 Meters - Women

Felecia Majors, heat 1 winner

On race

“I think I ran it smart. Didn’t go too far, didn’t run too fast. I guess tomorrow I’ll run extra fast, so I’m really excited to see what I can bring out tomorrow.”


On competition

“Wasn’t there today, but I know tomorrow it’s going to be because Kendall is really fast.”


On Hayward Field

“I competed here at NCAA’s, so to come here again feels amazing.”


Kendall Baisden, heat 2 winner

On competition

“I think it’s really good, you know, I’ve been running against these girls and running against each other since we were young so it’s good to see familiar faces to keep pushing you.”


On Hayward

“I love it. It’s a great scenery, a great place to run.”


Olivia Baker, heat 3 winner

On competition

“Oh there is a lot of competition, most definitely. I’m gonna have to run a PR to win tomorrow.”


On Hayward Field

“It’s awesome. I’ve never been here before, this is my first year. That crowd is just electrifying like they really add another element to the race that you don’t get anywhere else.”


Shot Put - Women’s

Raven Saunders, winner

This is the best track & field (venue) that I have ever been to in my life. I love it. This blows so many places out of the water. No disrespect to the other tracks but you know the amount of athletes that have came through here, so many great things that have happened. You know it’s set up especially for track and field you know, not just football and track, and track being the second option. Just mind-blowing.”


High Jump - Women’s

Bailey Weiland, winner

"Well, I have been working for it all season and I have been waiting for the meet forever it seems. I really wanted to be a part of Team USA."


Rachel Reichenbach, 2nd place

“It was alright, it's fun to be out there competing with college kids, and it was just a great experience and it was fun."


Javelin Throw - Men’s

Curtis Thompson, winner

"When they told me what my standard was and I realized, I had one throw left. That was it. And I had it by an inch on my last throw."


John Nizich, 2nd place

"I just want to soak all of it in. The wind was kind of blowing away but it's good now, I’m used to it."


Triple Jump - Women’s

Keturah Orji, winner

“I’m really excited, I knew the competition was tough here because there were college freshmen here and I’m only a high school senior. This is my second time representing the U.S., so I’m happy.”


Marshay Ryan, 2nd place

“I’m just excited because I’ve trained hard for this and there was a lot that went into this year. There’s a lot of challenges that I had to go through and it’s just an amazing opportunity to just go through this and just make it here. I prayed so hard and I trusted in God for this. It’s a struggle to be in college and to do all of this and to still train and stay healthy. I’m just really grateful and happy and just excited to come back again in two more weeks.”


800 Meters - Women’s

Heather McLean, heat 1 winner

On the race

“It was definitely more than I expected. I haven’t raced in a month and a half. So, it was nice to get back to my PR from a while ago. (My time) was a PR, by like 0.2 seconds.”


On what it will take to finish in the top two tomorrow

“Sit with the leaders and go. I have been working on my kick, usually it’s my strong point.”


Sabrina Southerland, heat 2 winner

“However the race goes (in the finals) I’m just going be in it.  You never know what’s going to happen.  I’m prepared for whatever is going to happen in the race.  I feel very strong now.  I’m just happy to be here. I regretted not being at juniors last year.”


Raevyn Rogers, heat 3 winner

“My focus was to make it to the finals. It is a blessing I made it to the finals. I knew throughout the race, with the help of the screen, where I was positioned. It is my first time running competitively at Hayward, but I had been practicing on the track. It’s a strength track, it brings out the strength in you.”


100 Meters - Men’s

Trayvon Bromell, winner

On the false start of teammate Trentavis Friday

“He’s like a little brother to me. He’s a great runner and his time will come. (I tell him to) have faith in God and he’ll put you where you want to be.”


On running at Hayward Field

“I really appreciate the atmosphere here, that they cheer for all athletes, not just Oregon athletes. It’s just a great place to run fast times.”


On staying sharp over a long season

“It’s all about recovery. You have to know how to take care of your body. You have to know what your body can withstand.”


Kendal Williams, 2nd place

“(I ran a) real good race. I know in the prelims, I didn’t get the race I wanted. I think I got a good start, but the transition in the middle of the race was just shaky.”


“(My time today) is a wind-legal PR for me, but I did want to run faster. The season is still not over, so I’m hoping to PR again at World Juniors.”


On competing at World Juniors

“Right now, I’m just happy I made it, after years of trying.”


100 Meters - Women’s

Kaylin Whitney, winner

On pressure of running at nationals

“To be honest, just like any other meet. It’s no different. There’s a lot of people here, but that’s how it’s going to be if I go to college or go pro. I treat it as any other meet and do what I needed to get here. Turned out not to be a problem.”


On looking at turning pro

“It’s a fast time. I mean it’s a national HS record. It’s crazy fast, but you know I’m not really thinking about that stuff right now. I’m just doing my job. Going to high school and if that time comes, that’s awesome.”


On World Juniors

“We’re gonna have fun out there and do my best, so it will be a good time.”


Ariana Washington, 2nd place

On rivalry with Kaylin Whitney

She was just phenomenal. She was out of this world. I’m excited for her and I’m excited for me and I’m excited to race again.


On competing at World Juniors

“I’m excited. I love running for Team USA. I love wearing red on my chest so I’m excited. It’s fun and it’s my home track now so it’s going to be fun.”


1500m Run - Men’s

Clayton Murphy, heat 1 winner

“It’s nice competing against some of the best high schoolers and college guys so it was fun, really, really fun.”


On first time competing at Hayward

“This is my first time. I said yesterday when I got here that it’s like a kid in a candy store for track. It’s cool. You grow up looking at it as a kid and now you get to run here.”


3000 Meters - Women

Mary Cain, winner

“The thing is going into it at first I was just gonna try to make it tactical, but I needed the standard. I think that I was on for most of it. I feel good. I’m really excited.”


“I personally felt I would be more challenged in the 3000. I wasn’t as familiar with it because I don’t race it as often. But also it’s kind of nice to I can kind of train through it. This was a real kind of fun way to keep in shape.”


“I had so much fun running with Stephanie. One thing I love about high schoolers is they go for it. There isn’t any of this, ‘Oh hey, let’s run six minute miles.’ They jump in and they chase you. I haven’t been in the high school circuit for a while.”


Stephanie Jenks, 2nd place

On running against Mary Cain

“Well, it’s really nice to see that people can get to the pro level at such a young age. Those girls really prove that there is a way to run fast. I was thinking ‘Oh I don’t know, I wonder if I can actually beat Mary Cain.’ I kind of knew that wasn’t going to be such a possibility. But I figured that she would run fast those last 400 meters.”


100-Meter Hurdles

Dior Hall, heat 1 winner

“I thought it was a good race. Going into finals with a 13.17 gave me a lot of confidence and I just need to keep running and executing my race plan even more to drop my time.”


On making adjustments for Sunday

“Just to keep pulling my trail leg and lead leg bent and to just have a faster [run/rhythm] between the hurdles.”


Kendell Williams, heat 2 winner

I feel like I got a good start, which I feel is my weakest point in my hurdles, so when I got out of the blocks I felt like I could put together a good race.”


It’s awesome to be able to compete at such historic track and I performed well out there so I’ll be back.”


On recovering from NCAAs

“I know that day I definitely had a hard time recovering. I was so tired, my body was drained after two days of competition but training the last couple of weeks has been good, more relaxing, which was the main purpose behind me switching from doing the hept to the hurdles, kind of taking it easy, have a little more fun at practice. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been good.”


110-Meter Hurdles

William Gibbs, heat 1 winner

“I feel like it was a solid performance so far. Tomorrow will be another day but I feel like I prepared myself very well to come out here and do my best. I just gave it everything I’ve got and got off the line.”


On Hayward Field

“Gorgeous weather, gorgeous track, beautiful hurdles—I have a passion for it so, everything just went well today.”


Nicholas Anderson, heat 2 winner

“I feel good. There’s still a few things to work on, but I just want to come out and just run a good race. That’s about it.”


Christopher Grinley, heat 3 winner

“I feel pretty good. I didn’t know where I stand coming down from college highs to high school highs, so it’s really a confidence booster that I could come here and run a 13.50”


On World Juniors being at Hayward Field

“Definitely (excited), it’s like a home-field advantage. I definitely feel that’ll be an advantage (compared) to all the other people from different countries.”


800 Meters – Men’s

Tre’tez Kinnaird, heat 1 winner

“It went pretty good. I stayed comfortable through 600, and I just wanted to kick hard, just to try to qualify.”


On advantage to World Juniors being at Hayward Field

“In college track and field, Oregon is probably the only team that has home-track advantage, so for me to make the world team, represent the USA, I’ll have the USA behind my back so, I’m pretty excited.”


Myles Marshall, heat 2 winner

“I think today went pretty well. My mouth got really dry after the first lap, so it was really interesting to deal with that, but it went well. My race plan I had, I stuck with it, worked out pretty well.”


On adjustments for Sunday

“Tomorrow I’ll just make my move to leave a little earlier than the ‘250 to go’ mark.”


Robert Uhr Jr., heat 3 winner

“It went pretty good. I almost fell within the first 200, as soon as we took the turn.”


On possibly making the U.S. team

“Well, tomorrow’s my birthday so it would be great to win on my birthday or get top two.”


1,500 Meters – Women’s

Elise Cranny, heat 1 winner

“It was good. The focus is tomorrow, so just qualifying for tomorrow was good, that’s exciting.”


On Hayward Field

“I like it a lot, it’s really nice. I think the first time (at Pre), I was very nervous and overstimulated, so this time I was able to take it in a little more.”


On her biggest competition

“Alexa (Efraimson). She’s doing really well and she’s run really fast this season, so she’ll be my biggest competition.”


Alexa Efraimson, heat 2 winner

“I felt really good. I mean, the goal today was just to qualify and then tomorrow will be the big race, so I’m excited for tomorrow.”


On Team USA having a home-field advantage

“I think that home-field advantage will be great for all the athletes and so just being able to be here now is a really good experience.”


5,000 Meters – Men’s

Colby Gilbert, winner

“I feel amazing. It hasn’t quite all set in. I feel kind of awful still (from the race), but it feels good. It’s something I’ve been working at for a long time.


On Team USA having home-field advantage

“I was actually stoked because I’m used to (Hayward) and my family can come watch me since we live kind of close.”


Brian Barraza, 2nd place

“I feel like it went as perfect as it could have. Just did it exactly the way my coach told me to do it. Just relax, talk to myself during the race, don’t let myself get too antsy, and just go when they did.”


On Hayward Field

“This is a historic track. There’s so much passion in this facility. For the first time, it can be really overwhelming and I think now that I’ve already raced here before, it’ll be that much easier the next time.”


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