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USA Championship Quotes (Day Three)

USA Track and Field Championships - Day Three
June 25, 2011
Hayward Field

Tyler Sorensen, First Place, Men’s 10,000 Meter Race Walk (Junior)

On the race:
“I am very pleased to get the meet record here. I got a 10 second PR, so I’m thrilled for that. I didn’t go all out, I just tried to have a great race.”

On racing on the track:
“There’s definitely more turns (on the track). But I’ve been training on a track because of my shins, so I’m used to it.”

Goal in future meet:
“I’m shooting to beat Trevor Barron’s time.”

Maite Moscoso, First Place, Women’s 10,000 Meter Race Walk (Junior)

On beating PR by 90 seconds:
“I was not expecting to walk that fast, I was just trying to do what I could do.”

On her second wind nearing the finish line:
“After eight laps I felt like I could start speeding it up, and I tried to start picking up the pace. On the last lap I saw Erica (Shaver) slow down and I knew that was my chance.”

Gabe Hull, First Place, Men’s Discus Throw (Junior)

On the fifth throw that put him in the lead:
“I just put everything together and it flew.”

On being a national champion:
“I see myself as not the stereotypical thrower. I’m smaller and younger and I just graduated high school.”

On future plans:
“I am attending the University of Iowa and I am just hoping to further my throwing career. I welcome the next level with open arms. I liked that (the University of Iowa) had a warm family feel.”

Lolo Jones, First Place (Heat 2), Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On race:
“Coming off my injury I had a lot of doubt at the start, but after I got those thoughts under control. I was able to run like I knew I could.”

On racing in Eugene:
“It is nice to be in a town that is so knowledgeable on the sport. It is always fun to come run here.”

Kellie Wells, First Place (Heat 3), Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On her race:
“It was good, wonderful. Good to get the jitters out of the way.”

On coming back to Hayward:
“I haven’t been back here since I got hurt. But my coach helped me and worked through some things.””

On moving forward from the past:
“Running is about confidence. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you won’t. So I definitely think I can and I stand for it.”

Nia Ali, First Place (Heat 4), Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On her race:
“Today was the first day my legs felt good. It’s been a long season and usually they’re just heavy. I just relaxed as much as possible and my legs felt good.”

On nerves:
“There wasn’t much I could do, but go out and execute so I was relaxed.”

On going through to the next round:
“I’m excited to still be here, it’s great. These are veterans that I’ve always looked up to, so I’m just happy.”

Kara Paterson, First Place, Women’s Javelin Throw (Senior)

On big early throw:
“Last year my final throws tended to be my best. Today I got off to a great start, it was fun.”

On adjustments she made:
“I’m just trying to be more aggressive and not think too much. Coach put it in perspective, telling me people here are trying to take something away from me. That gave me a good jump start coming into today.”

On winning four straight:
“I’m happy to win four in a row. It was close all day, I could’ve done a little better towards the end, but it’s great to win four straight.”

Rachel Yurkovich, Second Place, Women’s Javelin Throw (Senior)

On her performance:
“I told myself that I would be happy with whatever place as long as I competed well. I feel good right now. I threw mid 58 (meters) in New York and I know I can do it.”

On Kara Patterson’s first throw:
“You just have to play your own game and not worry about what other people are doing. She threw 59 (meters), which is more than I have thrown, but I have no doubt I can throw that far.”

Derek Miles, First Place, Women’s Pole Vault (Senior)

On winning the competition:
“It was a great day, you don’t get these days very often. I didn’t jump as well as I would have liked. I would have liked a little bit of a higher bar. I’m a little bit behind in my training so in two or three weeks I’ll be a little bit stronger, a little bit more refined and that will be more exciting.”

On the performance:
“Last year I jumped 18 feet, 18-8 and an 18-10. I feel like I’m capable of jumping 19 feet again. It’s just going to come a little bit later in the summer.”

On his longevity in the sport:
“That’s my ultimate goal is to make sure I stay competitive. Be in at least the top 8 in the world and when I can’t do it anymore that’s kind of my sign.”

Tony McQuay, First Place, Senior Men’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On getting healthy after injuries:
“It was really tough, I was down on myself and I didn’t know how long it would take for me to get back into my rhythm. But my coaches and trainers got me health really quick.”

On nerves before the race:
“I just tried to stay relaxed and not get nervous. My coaches just told me to keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

On winning:
“I am so blessed to be out here, this isn’t something I expected in my wildest dreams. Hopefully I get another win at the world championships.”

“I just went back to my hotel room last night, read my bible and prayed to God and just thought that whatever is going to happen will happen.”

Jeremy Wariner, Second Place, Men’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On his race:
“I ran a lot better than the last two days. I have never been in a bad lane like that in the finals. It was a great day, I competed well today and I’m ready for the rest of the season and Worlds.”

On his goals:
“My first goal was to win USA, and I didn’t. But my second goal was to make the team and I did that.”

On how this year was different than the last couple years:
“I had to fight more this year. It took me longer to get into race shape this year.”

On his training:
“I didn’t have as much training with the indoor season as some of the collegiate runners.”

On his meet as a whole:
“I was not happy with the last two days I ran, they were very sloppy.”

Amber Campbell, Second Place, Women's Hammer Throw (Senior)

On the slow start on the throws:
“I was all out of rhythm the whole time and just had to gut it out.”

On coming from behind to make the team:
“It was a different experience. But it was experience that I was greatful. It was good practice knowing that it really does only takes one throw. Pulling out and getting second, I’m really proud of that.”

Jessica Cosby, First Place, Women’s Hammer Throw (Senior)

On throws:
“I felt really good with the way that I finished. There are some things that I would like to fine tune before Worlds, but overall I am pleased with the outcome.”

On meets before Worlds:
“I only have one more meet in Russia before Worlds. After that I am going to come home and train hard on a few technical things.”

Hyleas Fountain, First Day Leader, Heptathlon (Senior)

On the 200m making up for struggles:
“Oh definitely. I went in there. I just had to focus on myself. I knew if I tried to get out as hard as I could, and stay in front, I could really run a decent time. I just had to believe in myself just so I could finish.”

Lashinda Demus, First Place, Women’s 400 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On what’s next:
“I’ll train for a few weeks here, then go overseas and run for a few weeks before worlds.”

On the conditions here:
“It’s hard to have a perfect race with the run. I know I’m in shape, but I have a few technical things to work on, but the wind made it harder.”

On going to Worlds:
“It feels good to go to World’s. These women are now my teammates, not my competitors, which is a lot of fun.”

On her goals for World’s:
“I want to win, get records and go down in history as the best.”

David Oliver, First place, Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On his race:
“It wasn’t a very good start, I stayed in the blocks a little longer to not false start. But I didn’t have to reinvent my wheel or get creative, I just needed to run my race.”

On the meet:
“I just wanted to try and stay healthy and survive the rounds.”

On going to World’s:
“I’m excited to represent the USA at World’s.”

On how he’s going to prepare for World’s:
“A lot can happen in the next two months. I need to get my base training up and I need to relax. The USA’s are hard work for all of us.”

On breaking world records at World’s:
“The most important thing is that my name comes up first. I’m not worried about breaking world records, I just want to win.”

Aries Merritt, Second Place, Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On weekend:
“This is the first time that I have run 3 rounds in a row like this. This has been good experience for me and will help me in the years to come.”

On race:
“My race was decent, nothing phenomenal. I started off decent, I just didn’t do anything in between. I have got some work to do before Worlds.”

Allyson Felix, First Place, Women’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On race:
“It is never easy to run here. The wind really played a factor out there today.”

On possibility of running double events:
“I feel like I can do it. During Worlds I will be running faster, so there will be more stress on my body. But after this weekend my body withstood everything that I threw at it.”

Francena McCorory, Second Place, Women’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On the race:
“I was just trying to work on getting out there and finishing strong. I was kind of in my own zone. I wasn’t really worried about everybody else. It felt OK. It’s wasn’t bad. I had a lot of fun.”

On Worlds:
“I got a few things to work on. But I think I have a pretty good chance.”

Debbie Dunn, Third Place, Women’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On her goal:
“The goal today was to come out and win. I didn’t win. My second goal was to make the team. I did and I am very happy with that. I didn’t win but I made the team and I have another chance. I’m happy with my position. I got third, and I have a chance to prove myself at the World Championships. My goal this year is to get an (individual) medal at the Worlds.”

Jennifer Simpson Second Women’s 1500 Meter (Senior)

On running the 1500:
“I was really excited to be competing in this event and rub elbows with the best. I wanted to make it to the finals.”

“I wanted to focus on a race that was more challenging and fast.”

On the race strategy:
“I really thought I needed to stay in contact with the people I was with. Stay on them and move up gradually behind Morgan. When we had about a lap or 300 meters to go we were gunning for Christin.”

On the contact at the end:
“When I felt like we were close to the finish line and I was just looking at home and just trying to get home. I feel like we made a little bit of contact. I don’t really feel like it affected my race at all.”

Morgan Uceny, First Place, Women’s 1,500 Meter Run (Senior)

On the win:
“It feels great, it’s something I have wanted for so long. I hadn’t felt good for awhile but it is worth it for all of the training I have done to be here.”

On confidence:
“I was confident that if I raced hard today I could win.”

On Christin Werth:
“Christin is always so strong, that’s how she likes to run her races. When I heard that bell on the last lap, my legs felt good and I knew I could reel her in.”

Marquise Goodwin, First Place, Men’s Long Jump (Senior)

On his jumps:
I just wanted to get my mark, this is what I’ve been training for. I’m just glad to be here, my legs feel great.”

On the young guys making it on the team:
“The young guys are trying to take over. I’m just blessed that we’re given the opportunity to compete.”

On how making the World team will affect his football season:
“I have no idea, I’m just glad I have to opportunity to represent the USA. I will talk to them when the time comes and figure that all out, but I’m just blessed to represent my country.”

William Claye, Second Place, Men’s Long Jump (Senior)

On doubling at Worlds:
“It’s a blessing that I get to double at Worlds and I can’t wait to go represent my country.”

On plans before Worlds:
“I am just going to go back to Florida and train hard for a couple of months and then hopefully doing something big at Worlds.”

Matthew Centrowitz, First Place, Men’s 1,500 Meter Run (Senior)

On the win:
“It hasn’t set in yet. I was confident and my coaches had confidence in me. I was aiming for top three but winning is great.”

“The whole race there was a lot of pushing but I finally saw it cleared in front of me. I saved a little for the last 50 meters just in case someone came up behind me.”

“It is a dream come true. Looking back on this year I am really happy, I accomplished all I wanted to do.”

On going to the world championships:
“Representing the U.S. is the highest level. Doing that at 21 years old is amazing and I’m very excited.”

“I am looking forward to the upcoming races.”

On beating Andrew Wheating:
“Andrew is a great competitor. Competing with him means a lot to me.”

Andrew Wheating, Fourth Place, Men’s 1,500 Meter Run (Senior)

On making the team from Lagat’s withdrawal:
“Not how I wanted it to happen, but I’m happy I’m going and I’ll be there.”

On making the team after getting fourth place:
“Sweet relief, but frustration too. Nobody likes to be fourth, but it has to be somebody.”

On the last 100 meters:
“It came down to lack of racing. We’ve been using racing to work out and build strength. We got down to the last 200 and I was already on my top gear and I tried to shift to one more to take the lead and I just couldn’t find it.”

Bernard Lagat, Second Place, Men’s 1,500 Meter Run (Senior)

On race:
“Just wanted to try and stay stride for stride with Matthew Centrowitz, but he just kept pulling away from me.”

On giving his spot to Andrew Wheating:
“My focus in Worlds is the 5,000 meter race and to see Andrew finish just outside the Top 3 was tough, so I wanted to reward him for his hard work. He is a good kid and deserves this just as much as the other guys. I know he will do the United States proud.”

Shannon Rowbury, Third Place, Women’s 1,500 Meter Run (Senior)

On the day:
“It was a tough spring for my because I was injured. But today I just wanted to go for it and give myself two more months and go to World’s. I’m just so happy.”

On her last 100 meters:
“On my last 100 meters I just thought of my grand mother who passes away in January. I thought of her at the finish waiting to give me a hug, it was a big motivation for me.”

On making the team:
“Every athlete here is amazing, I’m just so happy I made it through and I’m on the team.”

William Nelson, First Place, Men’s 3,000 Meter Steeplechase (Senior)

On winning:
“The last few years I wasn’t running so great and I’m glad to be back in a comfortable place.”

On the race:
“With 500 meters to go I looked up the monitor and saw we were pulling away a little. I knew I just had to keep an honest race and push hard. Those guys are good closers so I just had to keep going.”

On competing for the USA:
“This is just the next step. Over there the bar is raised. It’s a more physical race. Here I’m comfortable running in a pack because we’re all friends and know each other. Over there it is more aggressive,”

On accommodating for being smaller than most of his competitors:
“I am calm when it comes to chaos, that is my niche. I know how to stay comfortable and calm and not get nervous and let the chaos make everyone else nervous.”

On moving back to Colorado and leaving the Oregon Track Club:
“I just fell back into the groove of what was working. I trust the training 100 percent and I am comfortable being home. I have nothing against the Oregon Track Club, we still talk all of the time. I am comfortable being home.”

Alexandra Leptich, First Place, Women’s 3,000 Meter Steeplechase (Junior)

On the race:
“My coach put a plan together for me. Told me to relax and let the others do the work early. Then wait until they get tired and do the work at the end.”

On her time goal:
“When you’re going for the win, the time takes care of itself.”

Kenyetta Iyevbele, First Place, Women’s 800 Meter Run (Junior)

On the race:
“I felt good, just wanted to go out and have fun. It was a great atmosphere at Hayward, first time I’ve ever run in Eugene and it felt great.”

On training for Pan Am Games:
“I plan to just continue to train hard and stay focused.”

Hannah Carson, First Place, Women’s Javelin Throw (Junior)

On feeling pressure going into event:
“I didn’t really feel any pressure, I knew I could throw better than what I did in the senior meet.”

Diamond Dixon, First Place, Women’s 400 Meter Dash (Junior)

On her race strategy:
I tried to get out well and kick it up a notch the last 150 meters.”

On winning the event at Hayward:
“It means a lot to win here. Last year I didn’t do well at World Juniors so it feels great to make the US team again and get another chance.”

Shelby Ashe, First Place, Women’s Hammer Throw (Junior)

On goal:
“My first priority was to make the team, it would have been nice to have beaten the record, but I am happy with the outcome.”

On throws:
“My first throw was sort of a safety throw so that I was able to have fun for the rest of the meet and go for the record.”

Immanuel Hutchinson, First Place, Men’s 800 Meter Run (Junior)

On this meet:
“This meet was more fun for me, whereas the State Championship was more of a serious event for me.”

On strategy:
“I just wanted to stay in contention and then make my move in the final 300 meters.”

Phyllis Francis, Second Place, Women’s 400 Meter Dash (Junior)

On race:
“I was starting to get scared when I saw how far behind I was, but I made sure to turn it on the last leg and finished strong.”

On racing an open 400 meter:
“I am happy with the outcome, seeing as I am more of a 4x400 meter and 800 meter racer. I have some fine tuning to do before the Pan-Ams.”

Shanay Briscoe, First Place, Women’s High Jump (Junior)

On today:
“I didn’t do too well yesterday in the Senior meet so today I felt I had to get my PR and I did.”

On what to do between now and the Pan-American Games:
“I need to not slack off. The season is done so I have to practice on my own and not lose focus.”

Shanique Walker, First Place, Women’s Triple Jump (Junior)

On her jump today:
“I felt good, but I could have done better. I cut my jump short, I didn’t bring my knees up, I need to work on that.”

On winning:
“It feels pretty good, I’m happy.”

Jordin Andrade, First Place, Men’s 400 Meter Hurdles

On winning:
“It seems so surreal to me, I had no idea that I was capable of doing this right now. I came in ranked seventh, so first place wasn’t really in my mind.”

On feelings before race:
“I was extremely nervous, I walked up to the blocks and that is when all the nerves escaped me.”

Jonathon Juilfs, First Place, Men’s Pole Vault (Junior)

On being at Hayward:
“The first time that I ever pole vaulted I came to Hawyard to learn from my dad. It is always nice to come back and jump here.”

On the crowd:
“It is always nice to put on a good show for the fans, that is what it is all about.”

Maximilian Darrah, First Place, Men’s 3000M Steeplechase (Junior)

On how he feels:
“I felt really good, I’ve had good workouts this week and felt great during workouts. It’s a great opportunity to be here.”

On going into this race today:
“I was confident I could run and place in the top three.”

On his race:
“I executed my plan really well today, I just focused on being smooth. I wanted to make the water jumps count and my final water jump went really well to go into the final hundred meters.”

Sean McLean, First Place, Men’s 200 Meter Dash (Junior)

On race:
“I didn’t have the greatest start, but I made up for it with my strong finish. I started getting a little nervous because I wanted to make sure that I defended my title.”

On plans in between now and the Pan-American games:
“I am pretty tired right now and I am going to take this next month pretty easy, but still train at the same time. My coach and I will come up with a good plan and I will be good and rested for the Pan-American games.”

Austin Mudd, First Place, Men’s 1,500 Meter Run (Junior)

On race:
“I anticipated a slow race, I liked sitting up front with a comfortable lead. I just sat up there and conserved myself until the final 200 meters and then I finished it strong.”

Donald Scott, First Place, Men’s Triple Jump (Junior)

On jump:
“I just had to go out there and get rid of all my fears and jump like I know how to.”

On going to Pan-American games:
“This will be the first time that I will be representing the United States, I can’t wait to get out to Miami and make my country proud.”

Kayla Beattie, Second Place, Women’s 3,000 Meter Run (Junior)

On race:
“I felt good, it is never fun losing the last lap, but nonetheless I am still happy getting second.”

On goals:
“I qualified for the 5,000 meter race yesterday, so that will be my main focus if I participate in the Pan-American games. I have to work on getting stronger kicks in for the finish.”

Waverly Neer, First Place, Women’s 3,000 Meter Run (Junior)

On winning tonight:
“I’m extremely happy, extastic even. It was a great way to top off my high school career. All I was thinking the whole race was, ‘I can do this, I can do this. I closed out my final 400 meters well tonight.’”

On racing at Hayward field:
“It’s more magical that I thought, this place is great.”

On what her future plans are:
“I won’t be attending the Pan-American’s. I have a bit of a break then I will attend Columbia University in the fall.”

Ammar Moussa, First Place, Men’s 10,000 Meter Run (Junior)

On race:
“My goal today was to break 14 minutes. I had a tough meet a few weeks ago so this marked my road to redemption.”

On the finish:
“Towards the end of the meet I was getting exhausted. I saw Parker Stinson take the lead towards the end and my competitive edge kicked in and a new gear came over me as I was able to pass him.”

Parker Stinson, Second Place, Men’s 5,000 Meter Run (Junior)

On his race:
“I went out a little slow, but I felt great at that pace. I felt very smooth and relaxed.”

On his last couple hundred meters:
“I gained on him (Ammar Moussa) on the last fifty meters, but he got me, good for him.”

On his first year at Oregon:
“There are so many great runners at Oregon. I’ve really grown up a lot here, I was a lot more relaxed this year. I enjoyed this year and was able to stay healthy, it was a great experience.”

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