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USA Championship Quotes (Day Four)

USA Track and Field Championships - Day Four
June 26, 2011
Hayward Field

Maria Michta, First Place, 20,000 Meter Race Walk (Senior; courtesy of

On the win:
“It’s huge. I wanted to go to Korea so bad. I made a youth team, a junior championship team, it’s my first senior championship team.”

On the expectations in worlds:
“My dream has been London since 08 here. The sign said “amazing 08” and that’s probably because “amazing 08” is for the Olympics in 08 but I said amazing 08 is for the 2012 trials. So that’s what I’m training for everyday and that’s what it’s all about.”

Trevor Barron, First Place, Men’s 20,000 Meter Race Walk (Senior; courtesy of

On the college choice:
“I’m expecting to go to Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I chose a school for academic reasons. I’m expected to do computer science at this point.”

On being a national champion:
“I’m just happy to be here. I enjoyed the competition. I enjoyed my friends. That’s really more important for me than having the national championship.”

On competing:
“For me I really enjoy meeting other people, meeting friends from around the world. What’s a medal going to mean? In my speech I quoted Jesse Owens ‘What is a medal? A trick and a bobble’. It doesn’t last, he said what’s truly important is the great of true friendship and the fastest competition.”

On the time:
“Given that performance, I feel like I’m capable of more.”

Lolo Jones, Third Place (Heat 3), 100 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On her race:
“I’ve been struggling on my start all year. It throws me off if I don’t get off well. I hit arms with Dawn (Harper) on the last four hurdles and it threw me off and I couldn’t recover.”

On whether this was a technical or mental error:
“I felt mentally ready, but technically I messed up because of all the false starts.”

On what now making the USA team means:
“Maybe this is motivation to go into next year. I’m just disappointed and speechless that I couldn’t recover and get things under control.”

Delilah DiCrescenzo, Third Place, Women’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase (Senior)

On the race:
“I just kept telling myself that when I was tired, just five more laps, just stick to it with the 400 to go and I’ll be there.”

On making her first Worlds team:
“I made it in cross country which was great, but this means a lot more to me because track is that much more special to me and I’ve been trying a lot more at this event so I’m really happy to make it this time.”

Emma Coburn, First Place, Women’s 3,000 Meter Steeplechase (Senior)

On race:
“Bridget Franek helped me keep my pace the entire race. This is the time of the year where most racers are at their peak, so I knew the level of competition would be high.”

On dealing with pressure:
“I have a great support system with the help of my family, friends, and coaching staff. They help me stay focused and worry about running rather than all the side distractions.”

Bridget Franek, Second Place, Women’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase (Senior)

On her race:
“I had a detailed race plan, but that never happens the way you want it. I just went with the flow and felt confident doing that.”

On transition from last year to this year:
“It’s awesome to come with these changes I’ve made and finish better than I did last year, it’s a positive move for me. I know now that I’m capable and I haven’t lost an talent or strength, if anything I’ve gained talent and strength. This is a step in the right direction, but I still have room to grow.”

On making the team:
“I feel good, making the team means a lot to me, but I still have more in the tank.”

Bershawn Jackson, Second Place, Men’s 400 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On the race:
“My hamstring was really nagging me. I was really favoring it the first five hurdles. When I got to the eighth hurdle, I was at least five or ten meters behind in the last 100. It was all guts and determination and I had the desire to come and pull it through.”

On the close race:
“This is probably the closest race I’ve been in, in whole career. It was definitely a close race.”

Jesse Williams, First Place, Men’s High Jump (Senior)

On winning the event:
“Things went as planned, I made it to Korea. I’m excited to represent USA at the Worlds.”

On setting meet/Hayward Field record:
“It was an awesome feeling, I love setting records. I didn’t expect the feeling to be like it was. It took me until the third attempt, but I knew if I stayed relax I would make it.”

On going for the American record:
“It was the first time I’ve gone for it, I saw the bar and thought ‘man that is high’. I had a decent last attempt even though I didn’t get it.”

Sharon Day, First Place, Heptathlon (Senior)

On her form:
“It feels really good. I still feel like I have a long way to go and a lot more points in me. But I’m really happy with my finish here and my season so far.”

On her performance:
“I think that I was pretty solid all the way through. I think almost every event I can say I can do a little better, but I’m happy with my performance.”

Alysia Montano, First Place, Women’s 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On the race:
“I stepped out there thinking it was going to be a pretty stacked race. I stepped out there with no fear and did what I knew my body could do. My tactic was to go out there and put my heart on the line. I was going to go out there, take it hard and had everyone else was going to have to catch me. I knew people were going to be coming. This is the 800-meter final, racing to make the world championship team. If I thought that no one was going to be challenging me for the championship, I would be in my own world. I took that last 50 to ride it out, not knowing what was going on behind me.”

On the crowd:
“It’s so awesome to be at a track where the fans actually care about track and field in America. Our neighboring states and cities should take note of that. We really need that support. We have a stake in the sport and the survival of the sport. The only it’s going to survive is because of the fans that we have here at Eugene."

Alice Schmidt, Third Place, Women's 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On the race:
"At first, I wasn’t sure if I had made it because Phoebe Wright was closing fast. But, I gave everything I had. I starting tying up. Even before I looked at the scoreboard, I was thinking maybe I got clipped and maybe I was fourth overall. But I thought honestly I gave it everything I had, hoping to have a better race next time. But I am so happy to be on the team and it’s so great when you can put on a USA jersey.”

Kelly Wells, First Place, Women’s 400 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On her win:
“I’ve never had an outdoor track title and this is my first outdoor world meet. I’m just happy to be on top to be looked as the best hurdler today.”

On the world championships:
“I’m looking forward to worlds. It will be my first team to wear the US logo on my chest, it will be an amazing honor and I can’t wait to represent my country.”

Jeshua Anderson, First Place, Men’s 400 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On how he feels:
“This is something I’ve been working towards for a long time. I’ve been preparing to run my best race at USA’s. I gave it my all, I’m so thankful to have won.”

On finishing so close with Bershawn Jackson and Angelo Taylor:
“We’re all so close, like a family. They are great guys.”

On his plans for World’s:
“I want to compete well and get out hard and just relax during the race. I just want to give it my all the last 200 meters.”

Chantae McMillan, Third Place, Heptathlon (Senior)

On changing to the heptathlon:
“I changed to the hept my sophomore year and to give myself the challenge.”

On how she competed today:
“It was solid, I am very happy to make the team. I still have room to improve, which is a good feeling to know I can get better.”

Dustin Jonas, Second Place, Men’s High Jump (Senior)

On jumps:
“It was nice to go out there and get the job done. I kept my head in it and jumped to my best ability and I am just glad that I made the team.”

Kylie Hutson, First Place, Women’s Pole Vault (Senior)

On relationship with other vaulters in the field:
“We’re a tight knit group. We’ve all become great friends.”

On qualifying for Worlds:
“I still can’t believe it, I’m so excited.”

Adam Nelson, First Place, Men’s Shot Put (Senior)

On success this year:
“The key was that I was able to stay healthy the entire year. On top of that I was persistent with my workout, which has helped me get to where I am now.”

On plans before Worlds:
“I only plan on participating on one, maybe two, meets in between now and then. But my focus this summer is Worlds and that is what I will start training for.”

Ryann Krais, Second Place, Women’s Heptathlon (Senior)

On events:
“I was starting to get frustrated with myself towards the end of the competition, but I was able to regroup and finish strong.”

On 800 Meter (final leg of heptathlon):
“I didn’t let myself calculate my score because I wanted to run my best regardless of my place prior to the race.”

Khadevis Robinson, Second Place, Men’s 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On placing second:
“I wanted to win, I’m a little disappointed but I wanted to make the team and I did.”

On the race:
“It was a great race, very exciting for the fans. I don’t know why I didn’t finish well today.”

On what’s next:
“I need to look over the film and figure out what to work on. I need to go back to training and get better at the tactics of running. I want to get one second faster.”

On his plans World’s:
“I just want to run well each round at World’s.”

Charles Jock, Third Place, Men’s 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On making the team:
“I’m still in shock. I looked up and saw that I got third and I was so emotional, it’s crazy. I’m so excited, I can’t even put the emotion into words.”

On his race:
“I felt in control and felt great today. I got my personal record and I’m happy with that. I made the team and I can’t be mad.”

On the season:
“I’ve been racing hard for the last two months. I’m just going to take a break and recover for a little bit. It’s been a long season and it’s going to be even longer now.”

Walter Dix, First Place, Men’s 200 Meter Dash (Senior)

On lack of experience:
“This was only my third meet running this event, so experience was not in my favor today.”

On plans before Worlds:
“I have a lot of work to do before Worlds because of the lack of experience, but I will be ready to go and compete to my fullest.”

Brittney Reese, First Place, Women’s Long Jump (Senior)

On crowd:
“The crowd helped me a lot. I love jumping in front of such avid and knowledgeable fans, like the ones here in Eugene.”

On winning another National Championship:
“Each year these get sweeter and sweeter. The older I get, the more I feel like I appreciate these championships.”

Nick Symmonds, First Place, Men’s 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On getting through the meet:
“I had my doubts but I just felt better and better throughout the rounds.”

On getting ready for the rest of the season:
“I’ve been saying that we’re trying to peak in September so hopefully this is a sign for things to come.”

On winning against a deep field:
“When I got done for this one it just felt so sweet because I was so nervous for this one. This was the deepest the field’s been in a long time. To win in a field like this was phenomenal.”

On race strategy:
“I try not to race anyone individually I just try to race bodies and try to position myself well. Evertime there was a gap forming, I made sure I got up on the next person and maintained my position.”

On getting ready for the worlds:
“A US title feels phenomenal but it’s always going to feel a little bittersweet if I make worlds and don’t come home with a medal. I think it’s about time for people at Oregon Track Club to start bringing medals home.”

Hyleas Fountain, Sixth Place, Women’s Heptathlon

On weekend:
“This weekend was a battle for me with dealing with the injury, it was hard for me to focus on the actual event.”

On competing at Worlds:
“I will be ready for sure in nine weeks, this is only about a 1 week injury. I will talk to my coach and rehab and then I will hopefully be ready for a solid training session before Worlds.”

Darvis Patton, Second Place, Men’s 200 Meter Dash (Senior)

On making the 200M, but not the 100M:
“The 200 has always been my baby. I’m excited too have made it in the 200. I’m back and I hope to get a medal in Daegu. After I lost the 100M I just needed to build a bridge and get over it. I’m very fortunate to make it in the 200M. I’m happy with making the team.”

On his hopes for World’s:
“I just want to advance in all the rounds and make it to the final, anything can happen in the final.”

On the relay teams:
“I’d most definitely love to make it on a relay time. I feel like I have a good chance of making the relays, we’ll find out tonight.”

On his team:
“I have an amazing wife who supports me and a great daughter who distracts me from running. My medical team is really good to me. I have a great long list of people I can thank.”

On racing against Usain Bolt:
“Everyone can beat anyone on any given day. I’m looking forward to racing against him, he is a great guy and I really respect him.”

Danielle Carruthers, Second Place, Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On her race today:
“It was an unbelievable time for me. I knew it was there because I had done it in training last week. I’ve been training at such a high level and it paid off. I had a good solid race, I felt awesome at the start, but I didn’t have good speed.

On changes from last year to this year:
“I grew up and became way more mature. I needed to become stronger and push myself both mentally and physically. I needed to learn to not get upset about the things I can’t control. I’ve grown up a lot.”

Team USA Men's Head Coach Vin Lanana:

On the meet:
“I think that this was a great infomercial for the state of Oregon. It was a fantastic event with lots of energy. Weather was flawless, I think our officials and volunteers did a fabulous job. The amount of coverage by the media showed our out of town people that Tracktown really is Tracktown USA.”

On the USA team for the world championships:
“I think we have a good combination, a good balance of veterans and youth. I think the United States is in a great position for the ITFF Championships in Daegu and also in setting the table for what’s to happen in London a year from now.”

On preparing for worlds:
“I think our United States team of athletes and personal coaches have a good understanding of what the rest of the world is like. I think the personal coaches and athletes have a well founded confidence, with the same time respect, for the other countries.”

On the Oregon connection:
“I think we have a bunch of really good guys that are somehow affiliated with Oregon. Jesse Williams was great today, we couldn’t be more pleased to have him be a representative of tracktown, but more importantly the United States. We’re obviously quite fond of Ashton Eaton and we’re in a great position to see what he can do in the world stage.”

Reece Hoffa, Third Place, Men’s Shot Put (Senior)

On the meet:
“I’ve never been to a competition, especially US Nationals where everyone threw so well.”

On the competition:
“I was more focused on my throw. I just wanted to go there, hit a throw and relax the rest of the way.”

On the longevity of the veterans:
“I think we push each other, coming into this meet, everyone was rounding into shape.”

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