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U.S. Olympic Trials - June 30 Press Conference Quotes - Cunningham, Gardner, Harrison, Kendricks


English Gardner on competing at Hayward Field

“Eugene is my second home. I'm originally from New Jersey, but I call Eugene my home. It's exciting to come back here. It's a joke that people always make with me saying that I never lose at Hayward, even though that's not true. I've lost a couple times, but I take pride in it. I'm here at home.”

Keni Harrison on chasing world record

“Of course, I've thought about breaking the world record. Each race I just like to execute and just come across the line first. I think the times will come. I don't want to think about getting on the line and saying, 'Break a world record.' That just adds a lot of stress.”

Vashti Cunningham on competing at her first Olympic Trials

“I'm excited for this to be my first Trials, and I'm looking forward to competing for America again for something as big as the Olympics. I think that I've had a good season and that I can carry it on through the summer when I make the team.”

Sam Kendricks on successful outdoor season

“I think I'm the beneficiary of competing with a lot of great jumpers this outdoor season. I was the world leader for six weeks after my just in Beijing, 5.92 meters. At that competition, I was not at my best. I was lucky to be there with great jumpers, like Shawn Barber, who won there the previous year at world championships. Fortunately, I was there with some great Chinese jumpers who were attempting their national record at 5.82 meters. I always say a high tide raises all boats, so as I got to jump with each of them, it led me to my best marks.”

Keni Harrison on past success at Hayward Field

The Hayward track and field facility and just having the fans, it helps you perform to the best of your ability. I love the atmosphere and I'm excited to see what's to come.

English Gardner on this year’s preparation

“Going into this championship, I only have one goal in mind. That's get on the team and execute like I have been all year. From the beginning in fall, I started to build this thing I like to call my arc. I feel like I'm Noah at this point in my career. I know something special is inside of me. I know something could happen, and I'm just waiting for you guys to see the rain. When you see the rain, don't worry, I've been building an arc since the fall. You can come along on board anytime you want.”

Vashti Cunningham on winning World Indoor Championships

“When I went there and I was jumping against them, it was just a really good experience just to finally be there against the girls that I used to look up to and realize that I'm at that level too now. It was an eye opener for me that I can be great as well.”

Sam Kendricks on similarities between pole vaulting and the military

“From a military standpoint, discipline is the main goal. What can you focus on to improve? What can you focus on to stay humble? What can you focus to keep doing your best each and every time.”

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