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Two stadium records set at USATF Youth Outdoor Championships


ROCHESTER, New York -- Day five of the USATF Youth Outdoor Championships saw 57 national champions crowned and two new Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium records.

Fans can watch all week long on USATF.TV+ with coverage beginning daily at 8:00am ET.

Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 11-12, 3000m 10:26.17, overall stadium record that was then broken by Riley Chamberlain’s (Buffalo Chips Running Club), 10:17.90 in the 13-14 age group.

Everett Capelle (South Orange County Wildcats), 10:11.35, defended his 2017 national title in the 3000m, crossing the line in 10:11.35.

Melissa Aymil (USATF New Jersey) won her second USATF Youth title of the week in the girl’s shot put in the 13-14 division with a throw of 14.49m/47-6.50. Yesterday, Aymil won the discus with a toss of 33.30m/109-3.

In the women's 17-18 division 4x100m relay, Velocity Track Club broke the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium record with a time of 46.73. The previous record of 47.32 was held by The College at Brockport’s relay team.

Click here for full results. Click here for the competition schedule. Tickets can be purchased here.

Admission tickets to the USATF Youth National Youth Outdoor Championships are available for purchase online at a discounted price: single day tickets are $9.00. Onsite and online admission tickets costs will be $8.00 per day.

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2018 USATF Youth Outdoor Champions


Girls 200m, 8 & Under, Wynter Winston (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 30.99

Boy’s 200m, 8 & Under, Daranee Roberts (Mercurey San Diego), 31.97

Girl’s 200m, 9-10, Amya Standard (Mercury San Diego), 29.35

Boy’s 200m, 9-10, Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 26.79

Boy’s 200m, 11-12, Amari Gardner (EYT Spartans), 25.45

Girl’s 200m, 11-12, Jada Kenner (Just Blaze), 26.01

Boy’s 200m, 13-14, John Ruvo IV (Phoenix Bobcats), 22.76

Girl’s 200m, 13-14 Tori Daniels (New York Novas TC), 25.57

Boy’s 200m, 15-16, Colson Nile ( Flower City TC), 22.91

Girl’s 200m, 15-16, Kahniya James (God's Speed Track), 24.63

Women’s 200m, 17-18, Mikeisha Covington (USATF Indiana), 24.66

Men’s 200m, 17-18, Dominic Bentil (Lone Peak Track), 21.96


Girls 800m, 8 & Under, Aisha Wajid (VO2 Max Track Club), 2:46.26

Boy’s 800m, 8 & Under, Christian Miller (Haverhill Elite Track Club), 2:42.00

Girl’s 800m, 9-10, Kate Barber (Jenks American Track), 2:37.47

Boy’s 800m, 9-10, Bradley Quezada (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 2:24.00

Boy’s 800m, 11-12, Aiden Ke (TSC Track Club of New York), 2:20.32

Girl’s 800m, 11-12, Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 2:17.39

Boy’s 800m, 13-14, Emory Clemons (Miami Northwest Express Track), 2:02.13

Girl’s 800m, 13-14, Juliette Salazar (New York Starz Track), 2:19.11

Boy’s 800m, 15-16, Zachary DeCarmine (Nittany Track), 1:59.17

Girl’s 800m, 15-16, Adia Palmer (Metrpolis Track), 2:18.86

Women’s 800m, 17-18, Maliyah Paynter (Hershey Blaze), 2:24.18

Men’s 800m, 17-18, Hudson Mazzei (Jenks America Track), 1:58.67


Girl’s 3000m, 11-12, Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 10:26.17

Boy’s 3000m, 11-12, Everett Capelle (South Orange County Wildcats), 10:11.35

Girl’s 3000m, 13-14, Riley Chamberlain (Buffalo Chips Running Club), 10:17.90

Boy’s 3000m, 13-14, Brody Jones (Southern Erie Running Club), 9:39.73

Girl’s 3000m, 15-16, Payton Hinkle (Jenks America Track), 10:41.96

Boys 3000m, 15-16, Dylan Khalil (Haverhill Elite Track Club), 9:17.19

Girl’s 3000m, 17-18, Brooklyn Doorey (Franklin Elite Athletics Track), 12:25.86

Men’s 3000m 17-18, Peter Kostarellis (USATF Niagara), 9:04.64

Long Jump

Girls Long Jump, 8 & Under, Ja’Miya Howard (Miami Northwest Express Track Club), 3.42m/11-2.75

Boy’s Long Jump, 8 & Under, Jacoby Woolever (Fishers Fire), 3.50m/11-5.75

Girl’s Long Jump, 9-10, Kennedy Coles (Hershey Blaze), 4.11m/13-6

Boy’s Long Jump, 9-10, Rohan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track and Field), 4.74 m/15-6.75

Boy’s Long Jump, 11-12, Jerald Evangelista (Bay Cities Unleashed), 4.99m/16-4.50

Girl’s Long Jump, 11-12, Zamaria Mack (Mercury San Diego), 4.47 m/14-8

Boy’s Long Jump, 15-16, Benjamin Gambrell IV (USATF Mid-Atlantic), 6.28m/20-7.25

Women’s Long Jump, 17-18, Indya Richards (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 5.41m/17-9

Men’s Long Jump, 17-18, Fonati Merriam (Rochester Running Rebels), 6.33m/20- 9.25

Triple Jump

Boy’s Triple Jump, 13-14, Gregory Foster Jr. (Willis/Camden PAL), 12.11m/39-8.75

Girl’s Triple Jump, 13-14, Morgan Brown, (Sapphire - Ruff Riders Track), 10.34m/33-11.25

Girl’s Triple Jump, 15-16, Anaya Dees (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 11.76m/38-7

Boy’s Triple Jump, 15-16, Isaiah Cash (USATF South Texas), 13.62 m/44-8.25

Women’s Triple Jump, 17-18, Jayda Singleton (Maximum Velocity Track & Field Club), 11.46 m/37-7.25

Men’s Triple Jump, 17-18, Stan Hamilton (Nittany Track and Field), 13.96m/45-9.75

Shot Put

Girl’s Shot Put, 8 & Under, Journey Scott (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 5.81 m/19-0.75

Girl’s Shot Put, 11-12, Hadley Lucas (Indiana Track Club), 11.47m/37-7.75

Boy’s Shot Put, 11-12, Vincenzo Rapacciuolo (USATF New York), 9.90m/32-5-75

Boy’s Shot Put, 13-14, Jeremiah Fort (Long Beach Sprinters), 14.48 m/47-6.25

Girl’s Shot Put, 13-14, Melissa Aymil (USATF New Jersey), 14.49m/47-6.50

Boy’s Shot Put, 15-16, Parker Lucas (Indiana Track Club), 14.15m/46-5.25

Girl’s Shot Put, 15-16, Eliana Akough (Cornhuskers Flyers), 12.03m/39-5.75

Women’s Shot Put, 17-18, Sarah George (USATF Potomac Valley), 11.84m/38-10.25

Men’s Shot Put, 17-18, Vishal Turna (Let It Fly Throwing, LLC), 14.80m/48-6.75


Boy’s Discus, 11-12, Frederick LeVinus (Phoenix Bobcasts), 21.09m/69-2

Girl’s Discus, 11-12, Katharine Beachler (Cornhusker Flyers), 24.67m/80-11

Boy’s Discus, 13-14, Jeremiah Fort (Long Beach Sprinters), 43.64 m/143-2

Girl’s Discus, 15-16, Abigail Nonnenberg (USATF New Jersey), 38.14 m/125-1

Boy’s Discus, 15-16, Haden Karshner (USATF Ohio), 44.34 m/145-5

Men’s Discus, 17-18, Jake McPherson (USATF Niagara), 47.24m/155-0

Girl’s Discus, 13-14, Melissa Aymil (USATF New Jersey), 33.30m/109-3

Women’s Discus, 17-18, Brynn Torok (USATF Lake Erie), 30.87m/101-3


Boy’s Javelin, 8 & Under, Eli Lesnet (Body in Training), 20.97m/68-9

Girl’s Javelin, 8 & Under, Jana Alhagiko (Ocean Breeze Wave Runners), 13.18 m/43-3

Girl’s Javelin, 9-10, Ashley Aguilar (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 27.81m/91-3

Boy’s Javelin, 9-10, Dylan Bonifield (Phoenix Bobcats), 35.01m/114-10

Girl’s Javelin, 11-12, Katherine Beachler (Cornhusker Flyers), 28.89m/94-9

Boy’s Javelin, 11-12, Mark Barajas (El Paso Wings Track Club), 37.62m/123-5

Girl’s Javelin, 13-14, Aries Mendez (El Paso Wings Track Club), 25.10m/82-4

Women’s Javelin, 17-18, Chloe Cahill (USATF Lake Erie), 32.25 m/105-9

Men’s Javelin, 17-18, Peter Seymour (USATF New York), 51.19 m/167-11

High Jump

Girl’s High Jump, 9-10, Kianna Noyd (Arizona Flames Track Club), 1.15m/3-9.25

Boy’s High Jump, 9-10, Leton Washington (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 1.30m/4-3.25

Boy’s High Jump, 11-12, Neil Howard III (In a New York Minute), 1.50m/4'-11

Girl’s High Jump, 13-14, Olivia Muse (Triple Cities Runners), 1.50m/4-11

Boy’s High Jump, 13-14, Brandon Pottinger (South Dade Express Track), 1.73 m/5-8

Boy’s High Jump, 15-16, Conrad Moore (Nittany Track and Field), 1.85m/6-0.75

Men’s High Jump 17-18, Courtney Harris Jr (Boynton Beach Track Club), 1.81m/5-11.25

Pole Vault

Boy’s Pole Vault, 13-14, Matti Levasalmi (Delmar Track and Field), 3.10m/10-2

Girl’s Pole Vault, 13-14, Laura Reigle (USATF Niagara), 3.40m/11-1.75

Girl’s Pole Vault, 15-16, Kate Doherty (USATF Niagara), 2.95m/9-8

Boy’s Pole Vault, 15-16, Kegan Mancabelli (Mac’s Track), 3.90m/12-9.50

Women Pole Vault, 17-18, Nastassja Campbell (USATF Gulf), 4.00m/13-1.50

4x100m Relay

Girls 4x100m Relay, 8 & Under, Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 1:02.18

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 9-10, Panthers Track Club, 57.97

Boy’s 4x100m Relay, 9-10, Maximum Speed Track Club, 1:01.74

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 11-12,New York Novas TC, 53.24

Boy’s 4x100m Relay, 13-14, Ocean Breeze Wave Runners, 50.47

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 13-14, New York Novas TC, 52.35

Boy’s 4x100m Relay, 15-16, Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 44.99

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 15-16, Maximum Velocity Track & Field, 49.51

Women’s 4x100m Relay, 17-18, Maximum Velocity Track & Field, 46.73

Men’s 4x100m Relay, 17-18, Maximum Velocity Track & Field, 45.13


Girl’s 4x800m Relay 11-12: SoCal Road Runners, 10:53.73

Girl’s 4x800m Relay 13-14: Chelsea Greyhounds, 10.26.16

Girl’s 4x800m Relay 15-16: Jenks America Track, 10:50.01

Boy’s 4x800m Relay 11-12: Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 12:01.25

Boy’s 4x800m Relay 13-14: Haverhill Elite Track Club, 9:02.53

Boy’s 4x800m Relay 15-16: Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 8:34.72


Women’s 2000m Steeple, 17-18, Jordyn Boyer (Calumet Region Striders), 7:25.60

Boy’s 2000m Steeple, 15-16, Dylan Nelson (Florida Track Club), 6:46.62

Men’s 2000m Steeple, 17-18, Dagon Bryant (Chautauqua Striders Inc.), 6:41.28

Girl’s 2000m Steeple, 15-16, Hannah Ielfield (USATF Adirondack), 7:45.08

Race Walk

Girl’s 3000m Race Walk, 13-14, Ainsley Adams (Napa Track), 17.50.39

Boy’s 3000m Race Walk, 13-14, Christopher Renn (New Jersey Striders), 15.57.19

Girl’s 3000m Race Walk, 15-16, Izabelle Trefts (Old Town Track Club), 17:28.45

Women’s 3000m Race Walk, 17-18, Jessica Heiser-Whatley (Warriors Track Club), 15:55.03

Men’s 3000m Race Walk, 17-18, Jadon Davis (USATF Potomac Valley), 15:59.17

Girl’s 1500m Race Walk, 9-10, Joslyn Stone (New Jersey Striders), 11:18.06

Boy’s 1500m Race Walk, 9-10, Ahris Maayorga (So Cal Roadrunners), 8:21.69

Girl’s 1500m Race Walk, 11-12, Desilets Dubois (Rochester Running Rebels), 8:08.35

Boy’s 1500m Race Walk, 11-12, Joel Mendoza (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 9:10.05

Hammer Throw

Women’s Hammer Throw 17-18, Shannah Mallett (Throw 1 Deep), 46.07m/151-1

Men’s hammer Throw 17-18, Ian Hammock (USATF Wisconsin), 51.83m/170-0

Boy’s Hammer Throw 15-16, Logan Coles (Ocean State Hammerheads), 55.06m/180-7

Girl’s Hammer Throw 15-16, Kira Lindner (USATF New York), 42.87m/140-7


Boy’s Decathlon 15-16, Daniel Norris (Greensburg YMCA), 4,312 points

Men’s Decathlon 17-18, Mitchell Conrad (Body In Training), 5,869 points


Girl’s Heptathlon 15-16, Brianna Smith (Infinity Track), 4082 points

Women’s Heptathlon 17-18, Kyndal Martian (JC Spirit Multi Event), 3659 points


Girl’s Pentathlon 13-14, Ryleigh Marks (Trojan Track), 2,307 points

Boy’s Pentathlon 13-14, Colby Miltenberger (Phoenix Bobcats), 2,757 points

Girl’s Pentathlon 11-12, Catherine Guifoyle (River City Elite Track), 2,491 points

Boy’s Pentathlon 11-12, Neil Howard III (In a New York Minute), 2,364 points


Girl’s Triathlon 9-10, Akari Marshall (Boynton Beach Track Club), 1,118 points

Boy’s Triathlon 9-10, Aaron Irish-Bramble (Notre Dame Track), 600 points

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