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Twelve national records shattered on Saturday at USATF Junior Olympic Championships


SACRAMENTO -- Daniela Quintero (Los Angeles; USATF Southern California) kicked off day six of USATF JOTF Championships by demolishing the national youth record in the girls’ 11-12 3000m, running 10:00.11 to take more than three seconds off the national record and eleven off the JO meet record. Quintero was also the fastest across both female 15-16 and 17-18 age divisions.

Another national youth record fell in the early races, with Olivia Harris (Dacula, Georgia; USATF Georgia) zipping to a 66.10 in the girls’ 8 & under 400m semifinals to chop almost two seconds off the previous record of 67.91, set in 2014 by Jayla Cigar-Dingle.

Record-setting Braylon Thomas (Fayetteville, North Carolina; USATF North Carolina) matched Harris’s feat in the boys’ 8 & under 400m semis, clocking 64.67 to take almost a full second off the existing national youth record. Thomas on Thursday broke the national youth 200m record in the semifinals and he broke it again in the final with a 27.92 to outlean Rhoan Kaulder, who was .01 back.

Ashton Allen (Odenton, Maryland; USATF Potomac Valley) took down the national youth record in the boys’ 13-14 200m with an excellent 21.77. In the process he also took down one of the older JO meet records, the 21.84 set by Michael Grant in 2000.

Finals in the 800m produced several national records, the first going to Yamilet Lopez (Fontana, California; USATF Southern California) in the girls’ 8 & under race, where she ran 2:38.11. Brendan Johnson (Gwynn Oak, Maryland; USATF potomac Valley) set a new national mark for 9-10 boys by .33 seconds in 2:18.67, while Erick Steward (Carson, California; USATF Southern California) dismantled Cody Harper’s 15-year-old record in the 13-14 boys’ division with a 1:55.00, lopping 1.36 seconds off Harper’s standard.

Adding a centimeter to one of the longest-standing national youth records, Kamiya Dendy (Anderson, South Carolina; USATF South Carolina) cleared 1.75m/5-8.75 in the girls’ 13-14 high jump to break the mark of 1.74m/5-8.5 set in 1986 by Christy Mills.

Topping his nearest competitor by more than six feet, Trey Knight (Ridgefield, Washington; USATF Pacific Northwest) broke the listed national youth record in the 13-14 boys’ shot put, uncorking a massive 18.80m/61-8.25 effort on his final throw. Four of Knight’s throws were better than the previous record.

A Team USA member at the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships in Cali, Liam Christensen (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; USATF South Carolina) threw 64.40m/211-3 for the top spot in the men’s 17-18 javelin.

History was made repeatedly as several teams crushed national records during the 4x100m relays. Starting with 8 & under girls, Valley United performed an impressive handoff to anchor Nyla Young to finish in 59.14. That feat was followed by 8 & under boys’ Massey Miracle Run in 56.53, breaking the record set by DeSoto Nitro in 2013. Lastly, Oakland PAL beat a twenty-year-old record in the girls’ 11-12 division in 49.08.

Hallmark TC tied the boys’ 15-16 record of 40.90 that has stood since it was set in 1997 by the Los Angeles Jets.

The final day of USATF Junior Olympic Championships begins Sunday at 8:00 a.m. PT with the final round of 400m for both 7-8 and 9-10 age divisions. Follow along with the action on and join the conversation by following USATF on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #JOTF and #USATFuturestars.

A total of 7,524 athletes will compete this week at Sacramento State, making the 50th anniversary event the largest USATF Junior Olympics ever west of the Mississippi.

For more information on the 2016 USATF Junior Olympics National Championships, visit:


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3000M (11-12G) Finals

Daniela Quintero, 10:00.11 (National Record)

3000M (11-12B) Finals

Parker Paragas, 10:02.30

3000M (13-14G) Finals

Alexandra Del Re,  9:54.76

3000M (13-14B) Finals

Zev Feidelberg, 9:09.37

3000M (15-16G) Finals

Emily Covert, 10:12.98

3000M (17-18W) Finals

Nikitha Iyer, 10:05.08

400M (8 & under G) Semi-Finals

Olivia Harris, 1:06.10  (National Record)

400M (8 & under B) Semi-Finals

Braylon Thomas, 1:04.67 (National Record)

400M (9-10G) Semi-Finals

Jayla Cigar-Dingle, 1:01.96

400M (9-10B) Semi-Finals

Jaiden  Patterson, 59.65

400M (11-12G) Semi-Finals

Ramiah Elliott, 56.98

400M (11-12B) Semi-Finals

Thomas Williams II, 54.56

400M (13-14G) Semi-Finals

Kayla Davis, 53.49

400M (13-14B) Semi-Finals

Sean Burrell, 48.85

400M (15-16G)Semi-Finals

Whitney Williams & Sterling Lester, 54.22

400M (15-16B) Semi-Finals

Glenn Bender, 47.86

400M Hurdles (15-16G) Semi-Finals

Gaby Garza, 1:02.44

400M Hurdles (17-18W) Semi-Finals

Imagine Patterson, 59.99

400M Hurdles (15-16B) Semi-Finals

Cass Elliott, 54.37

400M Hurdles (17-18M) Semi-Finals

Brent Carroll, 52.46

200m Hurdles (13-14G) Semi-Finals

Ashton Lindley, 27.54

200m Hurdles (13-14B) Semi-Finals

Sean Burrell, 24.16

200M (8 & under G) Finals

Olivia Harris, 29.55

200M (8 & under B) Finals

Braylon Thomas, 27.92 (National Record)

200M (9-10G) Finals

Mikaela Warr, 27.49

200M (9-10B) Finals

Mark Fyffe, 26.22

200M (11-12G) Finals

Ramiah Elliott, 25.28

200M (11-12B) Finals

Thomas Williams II, 24.03

200M (13-14G) Finals

Kayla Davis, 24.11

200M (13-14B) Finals

Ashton Allen, 21.77 (National Record)

200M (15-16G) Finals

Lanae-Tava Thomas, 23.74

200M (15-16B) Finals

Khafre Brown, 21.61

200M (17-18W) Finals

Sharnae Alston, 24.21

200M (17-18M) Finals

Joe Williams, 21.22

800M (8 & under G) Finals

Yamilet Lopez, 2:38.11 (National Record)

800M (8 & under B) Finals

Kenyon Andrews, 2:35.86

800M (9-10G) Finals

London Harden, 2:25.07

800M (9-10B) Finals

Brendan Johnson, 2:18.67 (National Record)

800M (11-12G) Finals

Makayla Clark, 2:15.42

800M (11-12B) Finals

Thomas Williams, 2:10.63

800M (13-14G) Finals

Victoria Vanriele, 2:09.05

800M (13-14B) Finals

Erick Steward, 1:55.00 (National Record)

800M (15-16G) Finals

Alyssa Brewer, 2:10.66

800M (15-16B) Finals

Solomon Brent, 1:55.82

800M (17-18W) Finals

Aziza Ayoub, 2:11.15

800M (17-18M) Finals

Devan Kirk, 1:51.76

4X100 (8 & under G) Finals

Valley United TC, 59.14

4X100 (8 & under B) Finals

Massey Miracle Run, 56.53 (National Record)

4X100 (9-10G) Finals

Valley United TC, 53.52

4X100 (9-10B) Finals

Drive Phase Inc., 51.96

4X100 (11-12G) Finals

Oakland PAL, 49.08 (National Record)

4X100 (11-12B) Finals

Hallmark TC, 49.87

4X100 (13-14G) Finals

North Texas Cheetahs TC, 46.95

4X100 (13-14B) Finals

Club 702, 44.73

4x100 (15-16G) Finals

Jackrabbit T&F Club, 45.68

4X100 (15-16B) Finals

Hallmark TC, 40.90 (=National Record)

4X100 (17-18W) Finals

Track Houston, 45.53

4X100 (17-18M) Finals

Sprint Athletics TC, 40.60

Long Jump (13-14B) Finals

Malcolm Clemons, 6.29m/20-7.75

High Jump (15-16G) Finals

Haylea Crandall, 1.75m/5-8.75

Javelin Throw (17-18M) Finals

Liam Christensen, 64.40m/211-3

Discus Throw (11-12G) Finals

Annie Karshner, 30.03m/98-6

Shot Put (9-10B) Finals

Eugene Brooks, 11.16m/36-7.5

Pole Vault (15-16B) Finals

Max Manson, 4.45m/14-7.25

Long Jump (11-12B) Finals

Zacquon Farrow, 5.66m/18-7

High Jump (13-14G) Finals

Kamiya Dendy, 1.75m/5-8.75 (National Record)

Shot Put (13-14B) Finals

Trey Knight, 18.80m/61-8.25 (National Record)

Javelin Throw (15-16G) Finals

Lauren McFall, 39.11m/128-4

Discus Throw (13-14G) Finals

Faith Bender, 40.58m/133-2

Long Jump (8 & under B) Finals

Walter Thompson, 4.14m/13-7

Long Jump (11-12G) Finals

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