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Total 11 world records fall during three days of USA Masters Indoor Championships


LANDOVER, Md. – A trio of world records on the meet’s final day brought the total number of all-time world bests to 11 over the three days of competition as the USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships wrapped up Sunday at the Prince George’s Sports & Learning Complex.

A record 1,044 entrants ages 30-95+ from 14 countries and 47 states were on hand for the championships, which included 10 Olympians and 30 world championships. The Potomac Valley Track Club won the overall team title among 70 clubs from around the country. More information on the USA Masters Indoor Championships along with complete results can be found here.

Charles Allie (M65) set his second record of the championships Sunday with a world record run in the men’s 200m with a winning time of 25.41 seconds.  Allie also established the American record in the 400m in a time of 58.81 earlier in the meet. 

Competing in the most senior division of the championships, Orville Rogers (M95) added two more world records to his credit Sunday. His time of 6:53.84 set a world record in the 800m and his time of 57.88 established a world best in the 200m. The pair of records makes it six total world records for Rogers at the Masters Indoor Championships, which also includes best marks in the 3000m (30:19.33), mile (14:39.91), 400m (2:24.51) and 60m (14.82).

There were also multiple American age-group records established Sunday, which included: Gary Hunter (M57) with a clearing of 4.31m/14-1.75 in the pole vault; Barbara Broad (W62) in the 800m with a time of 2:41.61; Lorraine Jasper (W51) in the 800m in a time of 2:26.09; Gloria Krug (W81) set American records in both the super weight throw with a mark of 5.70m/18-8.25 and in the weight throw with a mark of 6.88m/22-6.75.

Additional highlights from the weekend of competition at the USA Masters Indoor Championships included:
•  Bruce McBarnette (M55) predicting his world record jump in the men’s high jump then following through in clearing a height of 1.88m/6-2.
•  Three-time Olympian and 1984 Olympic flagbearer Ed Burke (M73) opening competition Friday with wins in both the weight throw and superweight throw.
•  Two world records and one American record set in a single race in the M85, M90 and M95 age groups in the 3,000m in what Masters Track & Field Meet Coordinator Carroll DeWeese called the “fastest old race ever.”
•  Oscar Peyton (M60) brought the crowd to its feet with a dominant win in the 60m in a world record time of 7.52

A complete list of individual records set at the USA Masters Indoor Championships and a listing of the remaining champions from the meet can be found below.

USA Masters individual records
WR – Bruce McBarnette (M55), high jump, 1.88m/6-2
WR – Oscar Peyton (M60), 60m, 7.52
WR – Orville Rogers (M95), mile, 14:39.91
WR – Orville Rogers (M95), 400m, 2:24.51
WR – Orville Rogers (M95), 60m, 14.82
WR – Orville Rogers (M95), 3,000m, 30:19.33
WR – Orville Rogers (M95), 800m, 6:53.84
WR – Orville Rogers (M95), 200m, 57.88
WR – Hugh Campbell (M88), 3,000m, 15:48.61
WR – Charles Allie (M65), 200m, 25.41
WR – Christa Bortignon (W75), triple jump, 7.75m/25-5.25 
AR – Ed Burke (M73), super weight throw, 11.57m/37-11.5
AR – Roy Englert (M90), 3,000m, 20:02.36
AR – Charles Allie (M65), 400m, 58.81
AR – Babatunde Ridley (M35), 60m, 6.86
AR – Phillip Brusca (M85), shot put, 9.82m/32-2.5
AR – Anthony Palazzo (M85), super weight throw 6.12m/20-1
AR – Gary Hunter (M57), pole vault, 4.31m/14-1.75
AR – Barbara Broad (W62), 800m, 2:41.61
AR – Lorraine Jasper (W51), 800m, 2:26.09
AR – Gloria Krug (W81), super weight throw, 5.70m/18-8.25
AR – Gloria Krug (W81), weight throw, 6.88m/22-6.75
AR – Erika Pierce (W40), pentathlon, 3,241
Men’s winners

Sean Burnett (M31), 22.13; Antwon Dussett (M37), 22.33; Christopher Williams (M41), 21.84; Lee Bridges (M46), 23.92; Chris Faulknor (M50), 24.13; Val Barnwell (M55), 24.78; Oscar Peyton (M60), 24.62; Charles Allie (M65), 25.41; Albert Williams (M72), 29.74; Roger Vergin (M75), 34.76; Dennis Melanson (M80), 33.36; Jack Greenwald (M85), 37.68; Charles Ross (M90), 1:10.75; Orville Rogers (M95), 57.88

Shot Put
Kelley Jackson (M30), 16.52m/54-2.5; Jeferson Souza (M38), 12.27m/40-3.25; Nick Damalas (M44), 11.55m/37-10.75; Rob Muzzio (M48), 13.36m/43-10; Robert Arello Jr. (M54), 14.43m/47-4.25; Joseph Johns (M55), 13.45m/44-1.5

Brian Tomanek (M32), 2:06.62; Randy Wasinger (M37), 2:02.51; Jason Rhodes (M40), 2:03.36; Landen Summay (M47), 2:02.80; Kevin Miller (M51), 2:11.81; Paul Fragua (M56), 2:12.84; Nolan Shaheed (M63), 2:21.86; Gary Patton (M67), 2:30.82; Maurice McDonald (M72), 2:45.90; Bill Spencer (M77), 3:01.44; Robert Culling (M81), 3:53.49; Dixon Hemphill (M88), 5:55.07; Charles Ross (M90), 7:06.49; Orville Rogers (M95), 6:53.84

High Jump
Josh Rollins (M33), 2.00m/6-6.75; Michael Lugar (M35), 1.95m/6-4.75; Felix Negoita (M41), 1.80m/5-10.75; Karl Hawke (M46), 1.75m/5-8.75

Pole Vault
James Tlock (M50), 3.95m/12-11.5; Gary Hunter (M57), 4.31m/14-1.75; Sid Hoff (M60), 3.00m/9-10; John Large (M65), 3.45m/11-3.75

Triple Jump
Josh Rollins (M33), 14.22m/46-8; Tamba Kortequee (M35), 13.26m/43-6; Nick Damalas (M44), 11.70m/38-4.75; Karl Hawke (M46), 12.12m/39-9.25; Anthony Bailey (M52), 12.74m/41-9.75; Joe Smith (M57), 11.12m/36-5.75; Max Siu (M60), 10.72m/35-2; Carl Flowers (M66), 9.26m/30-4.75; Robert Paulen (M76), 7.93m/26-0.25; Donald Leis (M80), 5.69m/18-8; George Roudebush (M87), 3.20m/10-6; Charles Ross (M90), 2.56m/8-4.75

60m hurdles
Damond Campbell (M30), 8.35; Belgie Mcclelland II (M36), 8.24; Don Drummond (M43), 8.37; Derek Pye (M45), 8.54; Darnell Gatling Sr. (M52), 8.85; Thaddeus Wilson (M62), 9.06; Ty Brown (M68), 9.75; John Clifford (M70), 11.05; Robert Paulen (M76), 11.09; George Roudebush (M87), 27.10; Charles Ross (M90), 29.93;

Long Jump
Brian Hankerson (M53), 5.91m/19-4.75; Thaddeus Wilson (M62), 5.02m/16-5.75

Jeferson Souza (M38), 3,551; Scott Benson (M43), 2,801; Douglas Rosado (M48), 3,688; Damon Blakemore (M50), 3,802; Noel Ruebel (M56), 3,752; Thaddeus Wilson (M62), 3,581; Robert Baker (M67), 3,083; William Angus (M70), 3,656; Roger Vergin (M75), 3,189; Donald Sazima (M84), 1,694;

Women’s winners

Lisa Edwards (W34), 28.39; Maurelhena Walles (W38), 27.78; Latricia Dendy (W40), 26.29; Evelyn Conrad (W45), 29.01; Sarah Lawson (W50), 29.12; Nilsa Paris (W55), 29.93; Catherine Nicoletti (W62), 32.13; Susan Aderhold (W65), 37.36; Christa Bortignon (W76), 34.82
Kim Moore (W33), 3:23.06; Alisa Harvey (W47), 2:18.36; Lorraine Jasper (W51), 2:26.09; Gaby Grebski (W41), 2:18.87; Lesley Chaplin (W65), 2:42.11

Triple Jump
Jain Lattes (W36), 8.79m/28-10.25; Ruth Greenfield-Webster (W41), 10.20m/33-5.75; Regina Richardson (W48), 10.21m/33-6; Pamela Gunneson (W52), 6.81m/22-4.25; Lydia Woods (W59), 5.16m/16-11.25; Linda Lowery (W61), 8.00m/26-3; Mary Trotto (M65), 4.40m/14-5.25; Ann Carter (W71), 5.59m/18-4.25; Christa Bortignon (W76), 7.75m/25-5.25; Gloria Krug (W81), 3.36m/11-0.25; Curtis Morgan (M70), 9.23m/30-3.5

Super Weight Throw
Charmaine Davis (W32), 4.26m/13-11; Vandora Myers (W36), 5.11m/16-9; Jennifer Stephens (W41), 6.29m/20-7; Patricia Mosley (W45), 5.58m/18-3; Mary Wilkins (W52), 6.61m/21-8; Carol Finsrud (W56), 8.90m/29-2; Delores Grandison (W60), 6.64m/21-9; Janis Henderson (W66), 4.85m/15-11; Roslyn Katz (W71), 5.43m/17-9; Audrey Lary (W78), 6.21m/20-4; Gloria Klug (W81), 5.70m/18-8

High Jump
Jain Lattes (M36), 1.35m/4-5; Stacey Nieder (W43), 1.60m/5-3; Lizanne Stephan (W45), 1.15m/3-9.25; Mary Fowler (W54), 1.30m/4-3.25; Rita Hanscom (W58), 1.25m/4-1.25; Kay Glynn (W60), 1.30m/4-3.25; Linda Douglass (W68), 1.10m/3-7.25; Jane Simpson (W71), 0.95m/3-1.25; Christel Donley (W78), 1.00m/3-3.25

Weight Throw
Charmaine Davis (W32), 6.56m/21-6; Marilyn Coleman (W38), 11.74m/38-6; Jenifer Stephens (W41), 10.19m/33-5; Stephanie Timmer (W46), 8.49m/27-10; Katrina Geurkink (W51), 10.21m/33-6; Carol Finsrud (W56), 13.32m/43-8; Kay Glynn (W60), 11.95m/39-2; Janis Henderson (W66), 5.94m/19-6; Roslyn Katz (W71), 9.05m/29-8; Mary Roman (W77), 10.05m/32-11; Gloria Krug (W81), 6.88m/22-7

60m hurdles
Latiffia Taylor (W30), 9.51; Danelle Readinger (W37), 10.91; Erika Pierce (W41), 9.86; Regina Richardson (W48), 10.53; Caryl Senn-Griffiths (W51), 11.07; Lloyd Jeremiah (M55), 9.36; Lydia Woods (W59), 23.94; Linda Lowery (W61), 12.44; Christa Bortignon (W76), 14.06;

Shot Put
Charmaine Davis (W32), 7.25m/23-9.5; Jain Lattes (W36), 9.23m/30-3.5; Erika Pierce (W41), 9.08m/29-9.5; Stephanie Timmer (W46), 8.84m/29-0; Caryl Senn-Griffiths (W51), 10.90m/35-9.25

Brandi Bernert (W34), 2,069; Erika Pierce (W41), 3,241; Lizanne Stephan (W45), 2,512; Caryl Senn-Griffiths (W51), 3,243; Donna Zukas (W57), 1,069; Delores Grandison (W60), 3,065; Mary Trotto (W65), 1,417; Ann Carter (W71), 2,043; Christa Bortignon (W76), 4,250

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