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Team USA sits second in golds, overall medals among 92 nations at midpoint of WMA Championships


PERTH, AUSTRALIA -- Team USA is second in golds and overall medals at the Sunday midpoint break day at the Perth, Australia two-week World Masters Athletics Championships. The Americans have 22 golds, 12 silver, 16 bronze, and 50 total medals, behind home team Australia and ahead of Britain (19 golds, 44 total), France (17, 31), and Germany (10, 33). With 92 nations and 4200 athletes, the meet resumes Monday and concludes Sunday, Nov. 6.


Among the stars to date, Kathy Martin, 65, of Northport, NY, so far has won the 8K W65 cross country and followed two days later with a gold WR 20:08 track 5K. Martin is slated to run six races and could win all and set more world marks.


Irene Obera, 82, Fremont CA won the heptathlon with a W80 world mark and in the process, also set a hurdles individual W80 WR. In addition to the completed seven events of the heptathlon, she is in eight individual events.


Bill Collins, 65, Houston, in perhaps the inspirational story of the meet, now recovered from near-death with Guillain-Barre syndrome, dominated the men’s 100 heats and final, ran a 12.18 final with a clear world mark by two-tenths, but the wind exceeded the allowance. Collins is next scheduled to run the 200, 400, and relays.


Home team Australia has the most athletes with 1400, Britain has the next most with 280, and USA is next most represented with 243 in this meet bringing together the world’s best masters track & field athletes.



Chart by Mary Trotto, USATF Masters Awards Chair

Congratulations to the medal winners


W65 Kathy Martin  XC 8k                         Gold

      Kathy Martin 5000m                          Gold world record

W80 Mary Harada XC 8K                          Gold

W80 Christel Donley Triple Jump              Gold

      Christel Donley Hept.                         Silver

      Christel Donley  Javelin                      Silver

W80 Irene Obera  100m                               Gold

      Irene Obera  Hept.                              Gold world record; also WR in hurdles

      Irene Obera  Triple J                            Silver

W75 Kathy Bergen 100m                            Gold

M65 Bill Collins  100m                               Gold world record time but wind-aided

W40 Kristy Harris Pole Vault                            Gold

W80 Mary Roman Weight                          Gold

      Mary Roman Javelin                           Bronze

W45 Emma McGowen 100m                      Gold

M85 Dave Douglas Weight                         Gold

      Dave Douglas Hammer                        Bronze

M60 Noel Ruebel Decathlon                       Gold

W90 Shirley Dietderich 100m                     Gold

      Shirley Dietderich Javelin                   Gold

M60 Ralph Fruguglietti  Discus                  Gold

M55 Don McGee  100m                             Gold

M45 Karnell Vickers  100m                        Gold

M70 William Harvey  Shot                         Gold

M65 Peter Mullin  5000m                           Gold

W65 Sabra Harvey  5000m                          Silver

M70 Norman Frable 5000 Walk                  Silver

M55 Kenneth Thomas Deca                       Silver

W55 Carol Finsrud Weight                          Silver

      Carol Finsrud Shot                               Silver

M50 Landon Summay  800m                      Silver

W40 Rachel Guest  Hept.                            Silver

M50 Clinton Aurelien 100m                       Silver

M35 Terry Halley  Javelin                          Silver

W40 Elizabeth Teague Hammer                  Bronze

      Elizabeth Teague  Weight                    Bronze

W80 Jeannie Daprano 100m                        Bronze

M40 Jefferson Souza  Decathlon                Bronze

W55 Carol Finsrud  Hammer                       Bronze

M50 David Swarts 5000 Walk                    Bronze

M75 John Sparks Decathlon                       Bronze

W70 Kathleen Frable 5000 Walk                 Bronze

W65 Marianne Martino 5000 Walk            Bronze

W40 Susan Randall  5000 Walk                   Bronze

M70 Gary Patton   800m                            Bronze

      Gary Patton  5000m                            Bronze

M45 Stefan Petersson  Javelin                    Bronze

M45 Reggie Pendland  100m                       Bronze



• October 29, 2016 - Day 4 photos

         • M37 Dedrick Clark 100 Meters Fourth Place

         • M49, Karnell Vickers, Gold; M47 Reggie Pendland, Bronze, M45 100 Meters

         • M50 Clinton Aurelian 100 Meters Silver

         • M56 Don McGee 100 Meters Gold

         • M65 Bill Collins 100 Meters Gold _

         • M70 Gary Patton 5000 Meters Bronze

         • M80 Robert Cozens 100 Meters Bronze

         • W41 Rachel Guest Hept Silver

         • W82 Irene Obera Heptathlon Gold WR

     • October 28, 2016 - Day 3 photos

         • M42 Jeferson Sousa Dec Won Hurdles Bronze Overall

         • M65 Bill Collins 100M Fastest Qualifying Time

         • M72 Roger Pierce 100 Meter Prelim Qualified

         • M73 Gary Snyder 100 Meters Preliminaries

         • W42 Elizabeth Teague WT Bronze_

         • W56 Marie Kay Hept Hurdles Win

         • W61 Donna Zukas Hept SP Second Place

         • W69 Mary Trotto Hept HJ

         • W81 Christel Donley Hep SP Win

         • W82 Irene Obera Hept 80M Hurdles WR

         • W82 Irene Obera Hept HJ 3-way tie

     • October 27, 2016 - Day 2 photos

         • M42 Jeferson Sousa Decathlon 3rd after Day 1

         • M50 Thomas Stewens Germany 4th after Dec Day 1

         • M77 John Park Decathlon Bronze

         • W48 Emma McGowan 100M Gold Medal Stand

         • W48 Emma McGowan 100M Gold

         • W48 Emma McGown 100M Gold with Nicole Alexis, France, W55. 100M Gold_

         • W51 Landen Summary 800 Prelims Best Time

         • W56 Nicole Alexis France 100M Gold

         • W76 Kathy Bergen 100 M Gold

         • W81 Christel Donley TJ Gold Medal Ceremony

         • W82 Irene Obera 100M Gold

         • W90 Shirley Dietderich 100 meters Gold

     • October 26, 2016 - Day 1 photos

         • W38 Brandi Bernert 100 Meters Preliminaries Qualified 2nd

         • W42 Kristy Harris PV Gold-02

         • W42 Kristy Harris PV Gold

         • W48 Emma McGowan 100 M Preliminaries Qualified 2nd

         • W81 Mary Roman Hammer 4th Place 01

         • W81 Mary Roman Hammer 4th Place 02

     • October 25, 2016 - Opening Ceremonies

         • Opening ceremonies at Perth, Australia, featuring Gary Snyder, Mary Rosado, Rex Harvey, Bob Weiner, and Ena Weinstein

         • Opening ceremonies Photo 2

         • Opening ceremonies Photo 3

         • Opening ceremonies Photo 4

         • Opening ceremonies Photo 5

         • Opening ceremonies Photo 6

         • Opening ceremonies Photo 7


Contributed by USATF Masters Media Committee and Robert Weiner Associates


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