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Team USA hauling in medals at World Masters Championships

Midway through the World Masters Championships in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Team USA’s gold medal haul boasts an impressive 34 first-place finishes.  Overall, the Masters World Championships has seen Team USA bring in 78 total medals.  Team USA medalists are listed below from completed events. 

Competition runs through October 27. Complete results may be found at

Team USA medalists as of Oct 22, 2013:

M35 100 Meter Dash
1st Ridley, Babatunde, M35 10.66

M40 100 Meter Dash
1st  Long, Tod, M42, 11.04
2nd  Pendland, Reginald, M44, 11.12 

M55 100 Meter Dash
1st   Barnwell, Val, M56, 11.90
3rd   Jones, Thomas, M59, 12.41

M60 100 Meter Dash
3rd   Wilson, Thaddeus. M62, 12.49 

M65 100 Meter Dash
1st  Allie, Charles, M66, 12.55 

M70 100 Meter Dash
1st  Robbins, Stephen, M70, 13.16 

M75 100 Meter Dash
1st   Lida, Bob, M76, 13.75

M80 200 Long Hurdles
1st Jankovich, William, M80, 40.42

M60 300m Long Hurdles
1st Wilson, Thaddeus, M62, 43.95 
3rd Haywood, George, M61, 45.16 

M35 400 Long hurdles
1st  LeDoux, Mark, M35, 55.39

M50 400 Long Hurdles
2nd  Gatling, Darnell, M53, 1:00.10 

M55 400 Long Hurdles
2nd  Dyer, John, M56, 1:03.36

M40 800 Meter Run
3rd Jones, Brent, M43, 2:01.57 

M65 800 Meter Run
3rd Patton, Gary, M67, 2:29.30 

M55 High Jump
1st  McBarnette, Bruce, M56, 1.77m 
2nd  Foley, Thomas, M55, 1.66m 

M60 High Jump
T2nd  Baseda, Heinz, M60, 1.55m 
T2nd  Ortman, David, M60, 1.55m 

M65 High Jump
1st  Sauers, James, M65, 1.55m 
2nd  Montieth, David, M68, 1.55m 

M50 Pole Vault
1st   Berle, Dolf, M50, 3.60m    
2nd   Nesbitt, William, M51, 3.60m 
M55 Pole Vault
1st  Beck, Wendell, M55, 3.50m 
2nd   Thomas, Kenneth, M56, 3.50m 
M85 Pole Vault
1st  Daprano, William, M86, 1.10m 

M45 Long Jump
2nd  Robinson, Jerome, M45, 6.27m

M50 LJ
1st  Hankerson, Brian, M54, 6.13m 
2nd  Blakemore, Damon, M51, 5.84m 

M55 LJ
1st  Thomas, Kenneth, M56, 5.78m

M60 Long Jump
1st  Kuechle, John, M61, 5.24m
2nd Wilson, Thaddeus, M62, 5.20m 
M60 Shot Put
1st  Torbert, Quenton, M61, 16.29m 

M40 Discus Throw
1st  Wirtz, John, M44,51.35m 

M45 Discus Throw
1st  Bolles, Cameron, M49, 49.86m

M70 Hammer Throw
3rd  Cahners, Robert, M71, 44.71m 

M80 Hammer Throw
2nd  Douglass, Dave, M82, 29.66m 

M85 Javelin Throw
3rd  3760 Daprano, William, M86, 17.00m 

M35 Decathlon
1st  3914 Souza, Jeferson, M39, 6421 

M45 Decathlon
2nd  Faulkner, Lee, M45, 6036

M50 Decathlon
3rd   Berle, Dolf, M50, 6601 

M55 Decathlon
3rd  Janusey, Michael, M56, 6451

M60 Decathlon
3rd  Kemp, Steve, M60 5628 

M50 5000 Meter Race Walk
3rd  Sadlej, Zbigniew, M51,23:34.55 

M85 5000 Meter Race Walk
1st Moremen, William, M85, 37:13.78 

M85-89 10KM Race Walk
1st  Moremen, William,  01:18:56 

W35 100 Meter Dash
1st  Bernert, Brandi, W35,12.33

W40 100 Meter Dash
2nd  Brant, Monica, W42, 12.78, 0.2

W50 100 Meter Dash
1st Upshaw, Joy, W52, 13.24

W85 100 Meter Dash
2nd  Valien, Johnnye, W88, 25.66

W50 800 Meter Run
3rd  Jasper, Lorraine, W52, 2:27.10

W70 800 Meter Run
3rd  Wills, Beverley, W71, 3:13.27 

W75 800 Meter Run
1st  Daprano, Jeanne, W77, 3:28.76

W80 800 Meter Run
2nd  Wilson, Thelma, W83, 4:13.39 

W40 5000 Meter Run
2nd  Henkiel, Cassandra, W43, 18:14.80 

W45 5000 Meter Run
3rd  Hegarty, Jennifer, W48, 20:22.83

W55 5000 Meter Run
3rd   Lee, Debbie, W56, 20:39.80

W45 10000 Meter Run
2nd   Vollweiler, Jill, W45, 42:42.11

W65 300 Long Hurdles
3rd  Raschker, Phil, W66, 1:00.58

W40 400 Long Hurdles
2nd   Dendy, LaTrica, W40, 1:05.73 

W65 High Jump
1st  Raschker, Phil, W66, 1.23m 

W75 High Jump
1st Donley, Christel, W78, 1.05m 

W85 High Jump
1st  Valien, Johnnye, W88, 0.76m 

W45 Long Jump
2nd   Scott, Menka, W47, 5.03m  -0.5

W50 Long Jump
2nd  Upshaw, Joy,  W52,  5.11m   NWI
W65 Long Jump
1st   Raschker, Phil, W66, 4.15m   NWI

W65 Triple Jump
1st  Raschker, Phil, W66,  8.57m   2.4

W55 Hammer Throw
2nd   Finsrud, Carol, W56, 38.34m 

W85 Javelin Throw
1st  Valien, Johnnye, W88, 13.94m 

W55 Weight Throw
1st   Finsrud, Carol, W56, 13.54m 

W50 Heptathlon
3rd   Shook, Kathleen, W52, 2961

W75 Heptathlon
2nd   Donley, Christel, W78, 4695

W35 5000 Meter Race Walk
1st Taylor-Talcott, Er ,W35, 26:05.76 

W80 5000 Meter Race Walk
2nd  Moremen, Grace, W83, 44:17.99

W80-84 10KM Race Walk
2nd  Moremen, Grace, 01:34:45 

W45 Cross Country
3rd  Vollweiller, Jill  0:34:23

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