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Sydney McLaughlin Teleconference Quotes


Sydney McLaughlin Teleconference Quotes

July 20, 2016


Sydney McLaughlin on having Allyson Felix’s support:

"I've talked to [Allyson Felix] a lot, asked her questions about how to deal with the pressure and how to deal with all this. She's kind of like a big sister, someone I look up to. Not only is she a great athlete but she's also a great person to talk to about things besides track."


Sydney McLaughlin on mentally overcoming adversity:

"Earlier in the season I had shin splints which added some adversity. I think just overcoming something like that was a lot of mental [work] but at the same time just realizing that my training had to change, my focus about track and taking care of myself had to change as well. It came to the point where I just realized I wasn't where I wanted to be and I needed to make a change to be able to get to where I wanted to be."


Sydney McLaughlin on advice that calms her nerves for Rio:

"It's in a different location but, it's the same thing I've been doing all season."


Sydney McLaughlin on other Olympians who are young and from New Jersey:

“There's a lot of young Olympians going. It's just showing the youth is definitely stepping up, and I'm excited that there are so many people from Jersey representing. I think it's going to be fun.”


Sydney McLaughlin on growing up watching the Olympics:

“I did grow up watching it. I think my favorite one to watch would be the diving. Probably because I could never do it. That was my favorite. It's great to see that over the years I've watched it so much and now that I'll be able to be at it in person.”


Coach Mike McCabe on McLaughlin's physical and mental qualities:

“Physically, she comes from a pretty nice gene pool. Really good characteristics about her. She's smart. She's very much humble, probably too humble if there's such a thing. Very disciplined, persistent, willing to work hard.”


“I worked with her in the fall of her freshman year. It took me 15 minutes to realize that she definitely wasn't the average athlete. She's mature, physically and mentally through it all.”


“She doesn't tend to make mistakes more than once. She listens well. We ask her to get over the hurdle one way or get her toe up a little higher or get her arm back a little further, she can do it. She wants to make that adjustment and that's a special skill as well.”


Father, Willie McLaughlin, on competing in 1984 Olympic Trials:

“Running the Olympic Trials is the single most stressful thing I've ever done in my life. You really can't understand the level of stress that any of these athletes go through.”


Willie McLaughlin on his daughter qualifying for the Olympics:

“We always talk about it happening, but not so soon. We knew there was an outside chance of her making it. Things happening the way they did, she ended up getting on the team.”



The full audio file will be available soon.


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