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Records continue to fall at USA Masters Outdoor Championships


OLATHE, KAN. – Two of the older competitors in the meet, William Bell, Sr., (M91, Jonesboro, Ark.) and Orville Rogers (M95, Dallas, Texas) each set world age-group records in the men’s pole vault and 400m, respectively, as the USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships continued with its second day Friday at the Olathe District Activity Center.

Encompassing the true spirit of lifetime fitness, a total of five Olympians and 30 reigning world masters indoor and outdoor champions are among the more than 1,000 athletes ages 30-95+ competing in Olathe for the 2013 USA Maters Outdoor Track & Field Championships. More information on the meet including complete results can be found here.

Find race videos and interviews from the first two days of competition in Olathe on by clicking the link here.

In addition to the world records from Bell and Rogers, there were two American records that also fell Friday.

Bell arrived at the USA Masters Outdoor Championships with the intention of competing in a single event and leaving with the world record. He left little doubt as he shattered the age-group world record by more than two feet with his clearance of 2.05m/6-08.75. The record bettered Ralph Maxwell’s mark of 1.43m/4-8.25 that he set in 2011.

The hero of the USA Masters Indoor Championships earlier this year where he set five world records, Rogers added another world record to his credit with his winning time of 2:21.82 in the men’s 400m. Like Bell, Rogers left little to question by shattering the listed age-group world record of 2:38.64 by more than 16 seconds.

The pair of American records set Friday in Olathe included: Charles Allie (M65, Pittsburgh, Penn.), who added another record to his credit with his American record of 56.90 to win the men’s 400m, and Don Isett (M74, Dallas, Texas), who set a record in the men’s pole vault at 3.24m/10-7.5.

A full summary of the world and American records set in Olathe along with a full listing of Friday’s winners can be found below.

Bell enjoys the moment as a world-record holder
William Bell, Sr., sat in a chair along a line of people near the pole vault pit Friday during the USA Masters Outdoor Championships. He smiled as people he had never met before came up and shook his hand and passed along their congratulations. His shoes were off. He was enjoying the moment. This was his moment. No one his age had ever done what he had just accomplished.

At 91-years-old, Bell is among the oldest of the more than 1,000 competitors this week at the masters outdoor championships. Bell arrived in Olathe with one goal on his mind – the 90-94 age-group world record in the men’s pole vault, which he reached with room to spare. He called it a “soft record,” but with no other competitors in his age group he took achieving the mark as his own form of competition.

As he sat and watched other younger competitors in the pole vault, he smiled and continued to shake hands and enjoy the moment. Comparing himself to Clint Eastwood, where a man needs to know him limitations, Bell will compete in only the pole vault during his time in Olathe.

Bell and competitors such as Orville Rogers, who, at 95 years old, set a world age-group record in the 400m Friday, are the epitome of masters track and field, which celebrates lifetime fitness as the most extreme of levels.

World and American records set in Olathe
WR – Orville Rogers (M95, Dallas, Texas), men’s 400m, 2:21.82
WR – William Bell, Sr. (M91), men’s pole vault, 2.05m/6-8.75
AR – Kathryn Martin (W61, Northport, N.Y.), 10,000m, 41:10.57
AR – Charles Allie (M65, Pittsburgh, Penn.), men’s 400m, 56.90
AR – Don Isett (M74, Dallas, Texas), men’s pole vault, 3.24m/10-7.5

Friday’s Champions
Men’s Track Events
– Ruben Henderson, Jr. (M51), 36:11.36; Basil Scott II (M58), 38:49.00

5,000m race walk – David Swarts (M48), 23:49.61; Mark Young (M53), 33:51.48; David Couts (M57), 24:53.27; Michael Wiggins (M64), 28:24.50; Max Walker (M66), 29:54.88; Joel Dubow (M70), 34:16.70

1,500m – David Cooke (M32), 4:19.87; Randy Wasinger (M37), 4:12.42; Chad Newton (M43), 4:12.12; Landen Summay (M47), 4:27.81; Nolan Shaheed (M63), 5:14.31; Garry Patton (M67), 5:10.04

2,000m steeplechase – Brian Tomanek (M32), 11:48.93; Eric Hunt (M35), 10:27.00; Liam Collins (M42), 10:15.26; Christian Tregillis (M45), 11:44.28; Steven Kollars (M54), 12:03.23; Michael Fussell (M55), 13:01.57; Nolan Shaheed (M63), 8:23.35; Ross Bolding (M67), 8:46.68; Roland Cormier (M73), 9:54.30; Joe Cordero (M75), 10:57.88; Robert Culling (M81), 11:51.15; George Roudebush (M88), 22:03.03

400m – Benjamin Nguyen (M31), 51.54; Antwon Dussett (M37), 49.80; Allen Wodard (M44), 50.44; Lee Bridges (M46), 51.14; Corey Moody (M52), 54.09; Ben James (M56), 55.46; Bill Collins (M62), 58.12; Charles Allie (M65), 56.90; Winston Laing (M70), 1:04.64; Robert Lida (M76), 1:06.03; Charles Rose (M80), 1:18.10; Jack Greenwald (M85), 1:49.00; Orville Rogers (M95), 2:21.82

80m hurdles – Randall Olson (M65), 19.27; William Angus (M70), 15.30; Richard McKisson (M76), 15.48; Paul Lehmkuhl (M80), 19.76; George Roudebush (M88), 44.76; Charles Ross (M90), 49.97

100m hurdles – Jeferson Souza (M38), 15.52; Chris Cohen (M44), 18.59; Kip Janvrin (M48), 16.16; Kenneth Eaton (M54), 15.07; Eugene Anton (M55), 15.76; Thaddeus Wilson, Sr. (M62), 15.02

Men’s Field Events
Hammer throw
– John Edmonston (M60), 45.33m/148-8; Hank Konen (M66), 48.05m/157-7; Ed Burke (M73), 52.99m/173-10; William Gramley (M77), 32.53m/106-8; Pay Carstensen (M81), 33.11m/108-07; Phillip Brusca (M86), 25.84m/84-9; Charles Ross (M90), 6.59m/21-7

Weight Throw – Ryan Easley (M34), 14.87m/48-9; Eric Cole (M43), 15.90m/52-2; Greg Retzer (M49), 14.13m/46-4; Robert Jones (M51), 16.86m/55-3; Tim Morse (M56), 17.06m/55-11

High Jump – Greg Vidos (M52), 1.80m/5-10.75; Mark Williamson (M55), 1.75m/5-8.75; Dan Mehlbrech (M60), 1.55m/5-1; James Sauers (M65), 1.63m/5-4-.25

Pole Vault – Don Isett (M74), 3.24m/10-7.5; Gary Bane (M75), 2.20m/7-2.5; Tom Hinkes (M83), 2.20m/7-2.5; William Bell, Sr. (M91), 2.05m/6-8.75

Long Jump – Adriel Morgan (M30), 6.98m/22-10.75; Roger Hawkins (M38), 6.43m/21-1.25; Ovidiu Negoita (M41), 5.89m/19-4; Derek Pye (M45), 6.39m/20-11.75; William Angus (M70), 4.19m/13-9; Roger Vergin (M75), 3.72m/12-2.5; Paul Lehmkuhl (M80), 3.20m/10-6; Williams Platts (M85), 3.40m/11-2; Charles Ross (M90), 0.96m/3-1.75

Discus – Bruce Hendendal (M65), 38.57m/126-6; Roger Busch (M72), 44.22m/145-1; William Gramley (M77), 34.38m/112-9; David Douglass (M81), 22.39m/73-5; Williams Platts (M85), 27.83m/91-3; Charles Pistorino, Sr. (M90), 15.13m/49-7

Women’s Track Events
– Gloria Jackson (W30), 1:08.97; Maurelhena Walles (W38), 59.84; Latricia Dendy (W40), 58.66; Charmaine Roberts (W46), 1:00.97; Debra Hoffman (W53), 1:04.74; Lesley Chaplin (W55), 1:10.19; Coreen Steinbach (W62), 1:13.05; Laurie Rugenstein (W65), 1:18.95; Mary Robinson (W71), 1:31.54; Jeanne Daprano (W76), 1:26.98

2,000m steeplechase – Brandice Coleman (W30), 12:02.98; Debra Cane (W37), 8:35.74; Grace Padilla (W42), 7:27.87; Kristine Longshore (W45), 13:27.03; Cheryl Bellaire (W54), 9:01.87; Jan Tefft (W55), 10:19.57; Ashley Childs (W63), 11:31.72; Mary Trotto (W66), 14:05.26; Jane Simpson (W72), 15:23.00

80m hurdles – Anne Sluder (W40), 12,76; Menka Scott (W46), 12.72; Karen Maxwell (W54), 14.75; Shawn Hipp (W56), 17.17; Linda Lowery (W61), 17.52; Florence Meiler (W79), 21.70

100m hurdles – Latiffa Taylor (W30), 16.55

Women’s Field Events
Long jump
– Latiffia Taylor (W30), 4.50m/14-9.25; Rachel Guest (W38), 5.14m/16-10.5; Anne Sluder (W40), 5.25m/17-2.75; Menka Scott (W46), 5.06m/16-7.25; Kathleen Shook (W52), 3.41m/11-2.25; Rita Hanscom (W59), 3.92m/12-10.5; Linda Lowery (W61), 3.68m/12-1; Sharon Raham (W67), 2.69m/8-10; Ann Carter (W71), 2.39m/7-10-25; Florence Meiler (W79), 2.68m/8-9.5; Gloria Krug (W82), 1.55m/5-1

Javelin – Debra Cane (W37), 20.94m/68-8; Melissa Anderson (W40), 18.69m/61-4; Cindy Smith (W49), 31.02m/101-9; Caryl Senn-Griffiths (W51), 32.66m/107-2; Barbara Dabrowsky (M56), 34.36m/112-8; Linda Cohn (W60), 36.84m/120-10; Sharon Raham (W67), 24.04m/78-10; Kathy Bergen (W73), 19.90m/65-3; Christel Donley (W78), 15.03m/49-3; Gloria Krug (W82), 15.65m/51-4 

Pole Vault – Meg Teeple (W36), 2.05m/6-8.75; Helen Croskell (W40), 2.35m/7-8.50; Karen Rieger (W49), 2.35m/7-8.50; Brenda Babits (W53), 2.15m/7-0.50; Lydia Woods (W59), 1.15m/3-9.25; Kay Glynn (W60), 2.80m/9-2.25; Mary Trott (W66), 1.00m/3-3.25; Florence Meiler (W79), 1.83m/6-0

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