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Press Conference Quotes - U.S. Olympic Team Head Coaches Price-Smith & Lananna


On overall impressions of the team so far:

Vin Lananna: "For me and for the rest of the men's staff, I couldn't be more happy with the athletes that we have. Good mixture of the veterans and youngsters and they're all hungry, excited and ready to go."

“When we get to Rio, I think this is going to be one of the stronger men's teams, but also a very exciting men's team because there are so many newcomers.”

Connie Price-Smith: “It's been a great meet so far. We've had a lot of great performances out there. This is one of the toughest teams to make and rightly so because we're one of the best teams. We have a lot of young athletes, but I think we have a good mixture of veterans as well that will pull the young athletes along. It's going to be a great, exciting competition when we get to Rio."

On women's shot put at Trials:

Price-Smith: I thought I was going to throw up watching it. Not only did I have the girl who got second place in there (Raven Saunders), but just the competition itself was absolutely wonderful. To be able to witness a competition like that, you don't see it very often, so I was extremely excited."

On the state of high school running and young athletes:

Lananna: "What more can you say than taking a look at that 200, pretty impressive. I think you take a look both on the men's side and the women's side, so many high school kids, just the fact that they can get to the Olympic Trials is pretty impressive."

"This is a heck of a team to make, the greatest team in the world and the high school kids and the youngsters that have participated are pretty impressive."

“One of the exciting things is the fact that they are excited and it is their first time. I think all of them have come through the season, competition throughout the year and I believe whether they are first-timers or if they're not, I think our veterans will help them along the way. I'm excited to see. Who knows what could happen? Our expectations are high on them. I'm sure there will be pressure on them just as there is on every other athlete that competes.”

Price-Smith: "Track and field is not going away. We are strong and we just continue to keep getting stronger. They keep getting better and the older athletes keep lasting longer in the sport."

On the success of Oregon athletes at Trials:

Lananna: "I think we have a vibrant collegiate program and you have them going into these great post-collegiate clubs, whether they're in Portland or Eugene or LA. We obviously expect and hope that those athletes continue the sport, and they've certainly done a great job."

On Bernard Lagat's win in the 5000m:

Lananna: “I was standing near the finish line. That whole last 30 minutes of the Trials last night was unbelievable, whether it was the hurdles or whether it was the 200 or the 5000. Lagat has been so great for the sport of track and field. He's embraced every moment of it. For me, pretty emotional type of fantastic performance.”

Amanda Brooks
Marketing and Communications Manager
USA Track & Field

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