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Martin, Allen win multiple gold medals at USATF Hershey Youth Outdoor Championships


MILLERSVILLE, Pennsylvania-- The sixth and final day of the Hershey Youth Championships provided an action-packed day of event finals, and a series of National Youth Champions. Stream all of the action in its entirety, and more on USATF.TV.

Championship Sunday began with the fastest athletes on the track with the finals of the 100m. Anthony Schwartz marked the fastest time in any age division in the boy’s 15-16 finals. Schwartz was able to spring out of the blocks to gain a large advantage on the rest of the field, marking the winning time of 10.68. Meanwhile, Jordan Sales took the fastest 100m time of any girl’s age group in the 13-14 age division, with a time of 12.18. Sales also captured the championship for the 200m in her age division.

Later on in the day athletes ran amazing 1500m races. Nicholas Mejia made a smooth dash in the boy’s (11-12 age division) to cross in 4:46.27. Amelia Kang set the pace for the race early, as a sixth way fight for second place followed in the girl’s 11-12 age division.

One of the most decorated athletes of the weekend, Clare Martin took home her third gold medal on Sunday in the girl’s 17-18 1500m, with a time of 4:31.43. The top of the podium was a familiar sight for Martin this weekend, earning the gold medal in three events, including the 2000m steeplechase, 800m and 1500m.

The day continued to the 400m finals, Mykala Perry clearly took the win in the girl’s 13-14 age division with a big gap between competitors. Perry from Tnt Express made a photo finish in 57.76. Erick Steward had a superior run to bring home a title in 49.93, after he dashed out of the blocks taking control of the race. Steward was DQ at the start of the 400m (13-14) race, following a second DQ which allowed him to compete.

Closing out the afternoon was the 110m, 100m, and 80m hurdles followed by the 4x400 relay finals. Anjoli Mathew improved her former seed time in the girl’s (13-14) 100m hurdles in 14.80. Mathew had a good start in the race coming out the blocks quickly to position herself perfectly in the race. Ashton Allen was a familiar name in this year championships, after winning the gold in the 100m hurdles and 200m prelims. His strong stride gave him the win in the boy’s 100m (13-14 age division) hurdles in 13.21.

In the boy’s (11-12) 80m hurdles Gregory Foster Jr ran to near perfection. Foster was super clean over the hurdles to finish in 11.78, nearing the national record of 11.74. Full Speed Athletics took the lead in an interesting race between Camden Clock Chasers in the girl’s 4x400m relay (8-9 age division). Both teams were neck in neck, still Full Speed Athletics gain an extreme edge going into the final leg and made a fight to the finish line.

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Contributed by Maya Allen & Andrew Eisch, USATF Communications

July 3, 2016 Finals

Girl’s Long Jump (13-14 age division) Finals

Jada Peoples, 4.90m/16-01

Boy’s Long Jump (13-14 age division) Finals

Peyton Forbes, 5.94m/19-06.00

Girl’s High Jump (11-12 age division) Finals

Selah Dungey, 1:45m/4-09.00

Men’s High Jump (17-18 age division) Finals

Christian Goines, 1.85m/6-00.75

Girl’s Shot Put (9-10 age division) Finals

Hadley Lucas, 8.23m/27-00.00

Boy’s Shot Put (7-8 age division) Finals

Leo Cauble, 5.74m/18-10.00

Boy’s Shot Put (9-10 age division) Finals

Jayden Milfort, 10:05m/ 32-11.75

Girl’s Javelin (15-16 age division) Finals

Skylar Ciccolini, 41.13m/134-11

Boy’s Javelin (13-14 age division) Finals

Alexander Richlin, 44.44m/145-10

Boy’s Javelin (15-16 age division) Finals

Joshua Eidemiller, 53.62m/175-11

Women’s Hammer Throw (17-18 age division) Finals

Carrol Pauley, 45.07m/147-10.00

Boy’s Hammer Throw (15-16 age division) Finals

Myles Schreck, 47.01m/154-03

Men’s Hammer Throw (17-18 age division) Finals

Robert Colantonio Jr, 72.15m/236-08

Men’s Pole Vault (17-18 age division) Finals

Griffin Thompson, 4.70m/15-5.00

Girl’s/Women’s 100m Finals

Sianni Wynn, 14.64 (7-8 age division)

Kcaysha Medas-King, 14.17 (9-10 age division)

Cameron Walker, 13.20 (11-12 age division)

Jordan Sales, 12.18 (13-14 age division)

Taylor Wright, 12.30 (15-16 age division)

Imani Clark, 12.30 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 100m Finals

Isaiah Bynum, 14.80 (7-8 age division)

Malachi James, 13.37 (9-10 age division)

Nyckoles Harbor, 12.30 (11-12 age division)

Ashton Allen, 11.18 (13-14 age division)

Anthony Schwartz, 10.68 (15-16 age division)

Eric Allen Jr., 10.93 (17-18 age division)

Girl’s 200m Hurdles (13-14 age division) Finals

Felicia Quaindo, 28.56

Boy’s 200m Hurdles (13-14 age division) Finals

Anthony Taylor, 26.12

Girl’s 400m Hurdles (15-16 age division) Finals

Jessica Wright, 1:02.57

Women’s 400m Hurdles, (17-18 age division) Finals

Taliah Cintron, 1:02.10

Boy’s 400m Hurdles (15-16 age division) Finals

Ayden Owens, 54.60

Men’s 400m Hurdles (17-18 age division) Finals

Eddy Ongwenyi, 55.39

Girl’s/Women’s 1500m Finals

Katherine Shaw, 5:42.47 (7-8 age division)

Alissa Graham, 5:06.61 (9-10 age division)

Amelia Kang, 5:00.52  (11-12 age division)

Lauryn Heskin, 5:33.39(13-14 age division)

Emily Sienna, 4:56.24 (15-16 age division)

Clare Martin, 4:31.43 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 1500m Finals

Malachi Lesnet, 5:33.59 (7-8 age division)

Everett Capelle, 4:51.14 (9-10 age division)

Nicholas Mejia, 4:46.27 (11-12 age division)

Garrett Suhr, 4:30.31(13-14 age division)

Mark Brown, 4:12.48 (15-16 age division)

Zack Black, 3:56.27 (17-18 age division)

Girl’s/Women’s 400m Finals

Ariana Montgomery, 1:14.47 (7-8 age division)

Kcaysha Medas-King, 1:04.45(9-10 age division)

Paris Baker, 58.87(11-12 age division)

Mykala Perry, 57.76 (13-14 age division)

Mikeisha Covington, 55.48(15-16 age division)

Emily Ellis, 54.97 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 400m Finals

Myles Dixon, 1:12.12(7-8 age division)

Julian McFadden 1:02.68(9-10 age division)

Claude Shepherd Jr, 57.51 (11-12 age division)

Erick Steward, 49.93 (13-14 age division)

Nathaniel Davis, 48.78 (15-16 age division)

Gabriel Navarro, 48.03(17-18 age division)

Girl’s 80m Hurdles (11-12 age division) Finals

Paris Baker, 12.79

Boy’s 80m Hurdles (11-12 age division) Finals

Gregory Foster Jr, 11.78

Girl’s/Women’s 100m Hurdles Finals

Anjoli Mathew, 14.80 (13-14 age division)

Darci Khan, 14.12 (15-16 age division)

Kayla Moore, 14.22 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 100m Hurdles Finals

Ashton Allen, 13.21 (13-14 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 110m Hurdles Finals

Tai Brown, 14.60 (15-16 age division)

Callan Davies, 15.05 (17-18 age division)

Girl’s/Women’s 4x400m Relay Finals

Full Speed Athletic, 5:50.46 (7-8 age division)

Willis/Camden Pal, 4:36.79 (9-10 age division)

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 4:17.99 (11-12 age division)

Willis/Camden Pal, 3:56.64 (13-14 age division)

Firebirds Athletic, 3:54. 27 (15-16 age division)

Willingboro Track, 4:00.81 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 4x400m Relay Finals

Durham Striders Track, 5:20.58 (7-8 age division)

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 4:24.81 (9-10 age division)

Metro Eagles, 4:09.47 (11-12 age division)

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 3:35.97 (13-14 age division)

Durham Striders Track, 3:25.75 (15-16 age division)

Full Stride Track Club, 3:19.21 (17-18 age division)


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