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Live Quotes Day 1 (Friday, June 22) - U.S. Olympic Team Trials


Tony McQuay, 1st place, Heat 2

On the race…
“I ran long and hard. The competition is fun. This is a dream of mine. My parents are here so I want to make them proud.”

“I know myself as an athlete and as a runner.”

“I love it. It’s wonderful. It’s track city. There is great competition and great people here.”

“My main goal was to qualify. I got going well, and worked the turn well.”

On running in the rain…
“It doesn’t matter.  I train in cold weather, and train in heat.”


Josh Mance, 1st place, Heat 4

On his performance…
“It was tough running in the rain, but with the adrenaline, being in the trials, it makes it that much easier. This pressure feels good.”

On qualifying…
“It was a good way to start the first day of the trials.”


Manteo Mitchell, 1st place, Heat 3

On how he feels about the results…

“I feel okay; I didn’t get out too well. I felt like it took longer to warm up but that is mother nature and you can’t control that.”


Brady Gehret, 3rd place, Heat 2

On the race…
“I just come out here and try and perform my best.”

“I saw I got passed so I just went off of him. It looked like we all just relaxed at the end.”

On the event…
“I am extremely excited that this is what we get to work for. So I am just going to keep it going all week and weekend.”


Gil Roberts, 3rd place, Heat 4

On the weather…
“Running in college, you’re used to running in all types of weather, so it wasn’t too bad.”

On his race…
“I got out okay. I didn’t realize I would run that fast, so I had to pick it up and luckily I made it to third.”


Torrin Lawrence, 2nd place, Heat 3

In his race…
“I feel good. There was a lot of competition to get me through the race.”

On the weather…
“My coach wanted me to train in all conditions so it wasn’t too difficult. Not as difficult as you would think.”


Jessica Beard, 2nd place, Heat 1

On her attempt...

“I just wanted to set a good tempo. I just wanted to get out there and get top two.”

“I think it is going well. I’ve never ran a first round this fast so I’m happy.”

On Hayward Field…
“I really like it, I feel like there aren’t any better fans who know track like this.”


Keisha Baker, 2nd place, Heat 3

On the weather…

“I feel great with the rain and everything. I was prepared for the rain.”

“You’ve got to run a little bit differently with the rain and based on what heat it is. It is easier to run when your muscles are warm.”

Mary Wineberg, 2nd place, Heat 4

On her time at Hayward…

“This is my fourth time here. I love the crowd because they know track and they know who we are.”

On her preparations…
“Having a child, injuries, and mental injuries I had to prepare myself to think that when things get tough that I can’t quit, I just have to keep pushing through.”


Phyllis Francis, 3rd place, Heat 1

On her race…

“All I wanted to do was qualify. I was a little nervous, but I tried not to stress too much. I could have run faster, but I’m proud of myself.”

On preparing for the next race…
“I need to stretch more because my muscles were a little sore. I tensed up a bit, but I started breathing through it. I’m ready for the next race.”

Joanna Atkins, 3rd place, Heat 3

On the weather…

“It’s my first time running in hard rain, but I did the best I could.”

On running…
“The most important thing is to run smart and keep going. The girls are great, but I just focus on my race in my lane.”


Francena McCorory, 1st place, Heat 1

On race outcome…
“It’s a little wet, but it’s ok. I just need to stay relaxed and stay under control. I’m happy to go on to the next round, and I just want to advance to the final round.” 

Sanya Richards-Ross, 1st place, Heat 2

On the win…
“I feel good; I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to start the journey to my third Olympic games.”

On the race…
“I got out hard and made it easy coming home.”

On the rain…
“Referring to what Ashton Eaton said, we all have to compete in it. When you’re ready you’re ready.”

On the semifinals…
“I will turn it up another notch and push it for the last 300, so then I can coast it up.”


Natasha Hastings, 1st place, Heat 3

On the first round win…
“The key is to get to the next round without using a ton of energy.”

On the rain affecting her personal performance…
“It does, but it rains in every lane.”

On her confidence…
“I have great shot at making the team. Training has been going well. I train in Austin, Texas.”


Dee Dee Trotter, 1st place, Heat 4

On looking forward…
“Tomorrow I’m looking for a better race.  I have lots more. It was a warm up today. I’m getting into race mode. But you have to be aggressive, because the weather slows you down, so you definitely have to put the effort in.”

“You want to win the heat to get a good lane. I’m working on the last 200, and I have that speed right, so I’m ready to roll. Once you have the speed, use it.”



Laura Roesler, 3rd place, Heat 2

On her running strategy…
“I was running in lane two the whole time so that I could stay out of the traffic zone. I just kept fighting there.”

On her feeling after finishing third…
“I felt really good. I definitely had a smile on my face and I came here to do what I did, so I am happy.”

On her attitude…
“That is the most relaxed I have been and most fun I have had at a race before.”


Geena Gall, 1st place, Heat 1

On her race…
“Just wanted to get toward the front smoothly. I qualified and that’s all that matters.”

On racing…
“I know where I’m at and what I can run. I know what to expect of all the girls. I just have to trust myself.”

On the preliminaries…
“It’s a little tough starting up your legs again. I’m glad I got the nerves out of the way and it feels good to get that momentum going.” 


Shannon Leinert, 3rd place, Heat 2

On next race…
“This is why I run the races, to see if  I can be an Olympian.”


Molly Beckwith, 1st place, Heat 3

On her pace…
“At two minutes I was super relaxed, I’m such an even runner. I felt like I was running a 2:02 time. I wanted to win the heat and go in confidenty to the next round.”

On the competition’s perception of her…
“There is no reason to overestimate myself. I like keeping a low profile. Like my dad says, 'quiet confidence goes a long way.' ”


Katie Palmer, 3rd place, Heat 4

On the race…
“It feels good. It is different competition, the girls are really experienced, but once you get out there in the conference everyone is equal.”



Nicholas Symmonds, 1st place, Heat 1

On the race…
“It felt really good. Classic Eugene weather, classic London weather too.

“I moved up steadily. I don’t feel like I invested too much energy. I use rounds to get sharper.”


Tyler Mulder, 1st place, Heat 2

On the win…
“It felt easy, that was good. I was back in the pack and had to slow it down to get out in front. I wasn’t sure how this race was going to go. These conditions are perfect, it’s what we train in.”

On working toward the trials…
“For awhile I was playing catch-up.  I was behind, but it’s the perfect time to peak. My hamstring is not an issue anymore. I’m happy with where I’m at.”


Charles Jock, 1st place, Heat 3

On the heats…
“The first two heats were faster than expected.”

On physical and mental fitness levels…
“I feel a lot better. My legs don’t feel as tired. My nerves have taken a back seat.”


Elijah Greer, 2nd place, Heat 4

On his performance…
“At 300 meters I made a move and finished second. I made a lot of bad moves, accelerations weren’t needed. Tomorrow, I don’t want to make the same mistakes. The last 200 meters was perfect energy for that round.”


Khadevis Robinson, 1st place, Heat 4

On the Olympic trials…
“I’m 35. I’m married with two kids and have a full-time job. Send me some energy tomorrow. I’m going to need it. At the end of the day I’m blessed. It’s win or lose. I run for first.”



Bruce Jenner, 1972 Decathlon

On winning the gold medal…
“When I won in 70s it was very inspirational to a lot of people. I was a part of the baby boomer generation; they grew up with me.”

On Olympic Trials…
“I know how difficult the trials are. Anything can happen. I hope all their dreams can come true. It is not the case for all of themr, only three can go, but still you want them to have their dreams fulfilled.”

On rooming with Steve Prefontaine…
“He was bigger than life. (Entering the field) There was nothing going on, but the crowd exploaded and it was because Pre walked in. We need personalities like that.”



Lolo Jones, 3rd Place, Heat 2

On her race…
“It felt really good, but it was a bad race. It was a bad start. I relaxed after the false start.”


Danielle Carruthers, 2nd Place, Heat 2

On getting to the top…
“Be positive and be happy with yourself and that will show in your sport. The biggest thing is getting over yourself. You are your own worst enemy and you just have to be top 3. Bottom line.”


Christina Manning, 1st Place, Heat 4

On her race…
“I just had to get out there and do what my coach told me. I was anxious and ready to race.”

On preparing for the race…
“I need to focus on running my own race and not on other people. My coach says to run it like every other race…Different people, same hurdles.”


Brianna Rollins, 1st Place, Heat 5

On her race…
“I felt good. Be it the weather bad…I just wanted to run a good, clean race, and I did.”

On being at Hayward Field…
“It’s a wonderful feeling being out here with the best in the nation.”

On preparing for her race…
“I try and stay relaxed and not think about anything except executing a clean race.”


English Garder, 3rd Place, Heat 2

On her race…
“I just wanted to get out there and qualify. I leaned in at the end so I was pretty confident I got third.”

On Hayward Field…
“I love my home crowd. They keep me going. I thank God every day for my fan base at University of Oregon.”


Allyson Felix, 1st Place, Heat 5

On her approach…
“It went okay. I wanted to make it to the next round. But it is definitely nice to get it out of the way.

On her overall feeling…
“I always get nervous! It never gets old.”



William Clay, 1st Place

On the weather…
“We don’t get weather like this in San Diego. But seeing everyone compete and compete good, like Ashton Eaton breaking the world record, makes me think I can do anything.”

On Ashton Eaton…
“He definitely pushes me. I have competed with Ashton a few times and he is amazing.”

On how he feels after the meet…
“This isn’t a relief. This is just like a track meet, It’s like the same thing I did in the sixth grade - just run and jump.”

On how he feels…
“I feel good, my body feels good. I am looking forward to Thursday and Sunday.”


Christian Taylor, 3rd place

On the event…
“I’m very happy, healthy. I’m enjoying every moment. It’s my first Olympic Trials. There is a lot on the line for the triple jump.”

On Ashton Eaton…
“For him to jump farther than all the other long jumpers is incredible. He’s an animal. He’s very talented, and I wish him all the best of luck.”



Ashton Eaton

On why he competed so strongly today…
“What you’re seeing is a culmination of everyone who supported me. I just do not want to let anyone down.”


Trey Hardee

On today’s performance…
“I’m in one piece. I’m not hurt, just a little tired.”

“I’ll wind down each day and go through each event. Every scenario I prepare for. I’m excited to potentially represent the United States and looking forward running for a spot on the team.”



Galen Rupp, 1st Place

On his race…
“I’m really happy with it. It was my goal coming in to win. I feel lucky to run here at my home track. I had a rough lead coming into this race. It was every man for himself, but it worked out great that my teammate (Ritzenhein) were both able to make it.”

On the weather…
“I wasn’t worried about it. I grew up with it and I love running in it. Regardless of the weather, you have to go out and compete.”

On going to the Olympics…
“Anytime you make an Olympic team, you’re going to be ecstatic. Having that experience under my belt is good. You know what to expect and can relax more and focus on the race.”


Matt Tegenkamp, 2nd place

On race…
“It was quite an up and down year, the last three years for that matter. I had a purpose this year. When I saw it was raining I was not the most excited. I was prepared for this and I stayed relaxed.”

On making the U.S. Olympic Team…
“I have respect for these guys. It’s my second Olympic games and I’m super excited to represent Team USA.”


Dathan Ritzenheim, 3rd Place

Opening statement…
“It has been a really emotional evening for me. The last couple years have been really difficult for me. It was in my best interest to train with Galen [Rupp] and I owe him.”

On the environment…
“It was pouring rain, but it didn’t matter. I am ready for the next step after what I’ve been through. Hopefully there is more ahead but for now I am happy with this.”

On his plan…
“The plan is to get rid of as many people in the race as possible at the very beginning. I like being in control of the race.”

On past events…
“The marathon in January was heartbreaking for me, but I wasn’t defeated because I gave it everything I could. Here the last 100 meters I knew I was gonna make it; I knew I had it. That fourth place in the marathon made this so much better.”

“Train for the leads for first place and then grind it out.”



Janet Cherobon-Bawcon

On how she feels…
“I am just so excited that I can’t even express it. So happy to be here and to be a part of a great team.”


Lisa Uhl

On race…
“I am just glad I’m here. This is crazy. I’m speechless. I’m excited to be in the top three.”

On road to being an Olympian…
“In high school I was just trying to make the state meet. This is a dream come true. I was just seeing myself get better every day. Did I ever think I was going to be an Olympian? No way. It’s been a long, long process in the making.” 


Amy Hastings

On going to the Olympics…
“I’m so excited, I’m beside myself. I can’t believe we’re Olympians.”

On her race…
“Majority of the race it was all about being top three. At the end, it went back to every race I’ve ever run and getting to the Olympics.”

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