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Krah, Ervin win big on final day of USATF Youth Indoor Championships

LANDOVER, Md. - Marcus Krah and Gabriel Ervin were among the top athletes to win national titles on the final day of competition at the USATF Youth Indoor Track & Field National Championships at the Prince George’s County Sports and Learning Complex on Saturday.

Athletes qualified to compete at the third annual Youth Indoor Championships by qualifying through one of five zone championships.

Some of the top performers of the day included:

Marcus Krah (Durham, N.C.) of the Durham Striders added to the long jump title he won yesterday with wins in the 55m hurdles and triple jump. Krah landed a hop, skip and jump of 12.55m/41-02.25  to win his age group by nearly a foot. He was equally dominant in the 55m hurdles as he crossed the finish line in a meet record of 7.82 seconds, to finish half a second before his competitors.

Gabriel Ervin (Lawrenceville, Ga.) had a busy morning as he won both the 55m and the 400m in back-to back events on the track. It was a close finish in the 55m as Ervin won by one-hudredth of a second in a meet record of 7.74. Ervin dominated in the 400m, as he won by two and a half seconds in a meet record time of 1:03.84.

In the 1500m, several athletes picked up their second title of the weekend. Caleb Levy (8-U boys) won in 5:38.67 after winning the 800. Lauryn Heskin (8-U girls) won in 5:11.54 after winning the 800. Myles Plummer (9-10 boys) won in 5:04.65 after winning the 800. Sarah Flynn (11-12 girls) won in 5:07.02 after winning the 3,000m. Gabrielle Wilkinson (13-14 girls) won in 4:47.89 after winning the 800m. Colby Clark (13-14 boys) won in 4:36.10 after winning the 800m, while Claire Graves (15-16 girls) won in 4:54.73 after her win in the 3,000m and Adam Petti (15-16 boys) won in 4:33.35 after winning the 3,000m.

The hometown favorite Glenarden Track Club dominated the relays as they won seven of the 4x400m age-groups. They took top honors in the 8-U boys, 9-10 boys, 11-12 girls, 13-14 boys, 13-14 girls, club boys and high school boys.

National Champions

Kendal Drewery, 11-12 girls 55mH, 8.85
Jessie Parson, 11-12 boys 55mH, 9.21
Sophia Myers, 13-14 girls 55mH, 8.54
Eric Allen, 13-14 boys 55mH, 8.15
Alexus Pyles, 15-16 girls 55mH, 8.68
Marcus Krah, 15-16 boys 55mH, 7.82
Natalia Hinton, 17-18 girls 55mH, 8.52
Todd Sampson, 17-18 boys 55mH, 7.95

Adaria Reaves, 8-U girls 55m, 8.72
Brendon Wyatt, 8-U boys 55m, 8.87
Kayla Davis, 9-10 girls 55m, 8.18
Gabriel Ervin, 9-10 boys 55m, 7.74
Jordan Sales, 11-12 girls 55m, 7.57
William Jones, 11-12 boys 55m, 7.43
Stephanie Davis, 13-14 girls 55m, 7.43
Dysaun Razzak, 13-14 boys 55m, 6.84
Isis Brooks, 15-16 girls 55m, 7.41
Demarcus Berry, 15-16 boys 55m, 6.75
DeAndra Greer, 17-18 girls 55m, 7.24
James Adegbite, 17-18 boys 55m, 6.74

Adaria Reaves, 8-U girls 200m, 31.58
Donte Howard, 8-U boys 200m, 32.28
Kayla Davis, 9-10 girls 200m, 28.53
Malcolm Beckford, 9-10 boys 200m, 27.07
Sierra Leonard, 11-12 girls 200m, 26.75
William Jones, 11-12 boys 200m, 26.47
Stephanie Davis, 13-14 girls 200m, 25.70
Denzell Brown, 13-14 boys 200m, 24.18
Tajah Walston, 15-16 girls 200m, 26.20
Mark Doyley, 15-16 boys 200m, 22.72
Megan Linder, 17-18 girls 200m, 25.89
James Adegbite, 17-18 boys 200m, 23.12

Rachel Wilson, 8-U girls 400m, 1:12.40
Anthony Valentine, 8-U boys 400m, 1:14.71
Arabella Einsmann, 9-10 girls 400m, 1:06.58
Gabriel Ervin, 9-10 boys 400m, 1:03.84
Sydney Robinson, 11-12 girls 400m, 1:03.00
Chayce Chalmers, 11-12 boys 400m, 1:01.13
Alexandria Kitchell, 13-14 girls 400m, 58.96
Malcolm Brunson, 13-14 boys 400m, 56.99
Tia Livingston, 15-16 girls 400m, 59.89
Isaiah Akil, 15-16 boys 400m, 52.68
Chelsea Caldwell, 17-18 girls, 58.03
Alex Merritt, 17-18 boys 400m, 52.51

Julia Plawiak, 8-U girls 1500m, 5:49.96
Caleb Levy, 8-U boys 1500m, 5:38.67
Lauryn Heskin, 9-10 girls 1500m, 5:11.54
Myles Plummer, 9-10 boys 1500m, 5:04.65
Sarah Flynn, 11-12 girls 1500m, 5:07.02
Bryce Derrick, 11-12 boys 1500m, 4:54.86
Gabrielle Wilkinson, 13-14 girls 1500m, 4:47.89
Colby Clark, 13-14 boys 1500m, 4:36.10
Claire Graves, 15-16 girls 1500m, 4:54.73
Adam Petti, 15-16 boys1500m, 4:33.35
Miranda Green, 17-18 girls1500m, 5:01.97
Benjamin Bosworth, 17-19 boys 1500m, 4:16.40

Julisa Juarez, 13-14 girls 3,000m RW, 16:43.91
Jonathan Aguilar, 13-14 boys 3,000m RW, 16:09.63
Amberly Melendez, 15-16 girls 3,000m RW, 16:14.09
Irene Fletemeyer, 17-18 girls 3,000m RW, 16:48.63
Geraldo Flores, 17-18 boys 3,000m RW, 14:53.38

Harford County TC, Club boys 4x800m, 9:10.41
Prospect Park Youth Running Club, 8-U girls 4x400m, 6:01.48
Glenarden TC, 8-U boys 4x400m, 5:38.54
Firebirds AC, 9-10 girls 4x400m, 4:54.34
Glenarden TC, 9-10 boys 4x400m, 4:57.87
Glenarden TC, 11-12 girls 4x400m, 4:18.55
I5 Elite, 11-12 boys 4x400m, 4:31.64
Glenarden TC 13-14 girls 4x400m, 4:14.21
Glenarden TC, 13-14 boys 4x400m, 3:58.51
Glenarden TC, Club boys 4x400m, 3:43.76

Kathleen Young, 13-14 girls shot put, 12.79m/41-11.50
Jabari Bennett, 13-14 boys shot put, 14.29m/46-10.75
Ashley Berry, 15-16 girls shot put, 10.26m/33-08.75
Raashad Manning, 15-16 boys shot put, 16.83m/55-02.75
Carrie Wasdyke, 17-18 girls shot put, 13.50m/44-03.50
Ellery Lassiter, 17-18 boys shot put, 15.99m/52-05.50

Janae Moffitt, 15-16 girls high jump, 1.65m/5-05.00
Qizeah Jackson, 17-18 girls high jump, 1.70m/5-07.00
Hunter Conley, 17-18 boys high jump, 1.85m/6-00.75
Max Gilbertson, 15-16 boys high jump, 1.60m/5-03.00

Kelsia Moore, 13-14 girls triple jump, 9.59m/31-05.75
Charles Gross, 13-14 boys triple jump, 10.65m/34-11.25
Elizabeth Shodiya, 15-16 girls triple jump, 10.56m/34-07.75
Marcus Krah, 15-16 boys triple jump, 12.55m/41-02.25
Jeida Robertson, 17-18 triple jump, 10.82m/35-06.00
Todd Sampson, 17-18 triple jump, 13.11m/43-00.25

Justin Richard, 15-16 boys pole vault, 3.85m/12-07.50
Jose Sanmiguel, 17-18 pole vault, 4.30m/14-01.25

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