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IAAF World Juniors Press Conference Quotes

Stephanie Hightower, USATF President and Chairman
TrackTown and Hayward Field have some of the most acknowledgeable and appreciative fans in the world, and we look forward to having them support all of the world’s young athletes here at the IAAF World Junior Championships this week.

Vin Lananna, TrackTown USA President
With the different IAAF World Championships, it has long been a dream to host one of these world championships. We looked at what made the most sense on a college campus, and that was bringing young men and young women in the same age category, and bringing them to Hayward Field and Eugene.

We were able to seek out the support from USA Track & Field, and we went to Monaco, and presented a bid to President Diack and the rest of the IAAF Council, and we promised them that we would deliver one heck of a championships. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

Trayvon Bromell, 100m

On holding whether it crosses his mind that he holds the World Junior Record and is returning to where he’s already run a good time
“It does hit my mind because running a 9.97 was a big change in the history of my life, and getting a World Junior Record is a big thing. Coming back to this track, where I know I have support from the whole TrackTown USA, I feel like with God on my side and everybody supporting, I can come and make history again. Just to be back here is a blessing.”

On running at Hayward Field
“I feel like this track is a really fast track, and any sprinter would love it. When I got down in the blocks at NCAAs, it was just another feeling when I came up. I had seen myself ahead of the competition, and I was like, ‘Man, I really love Oregon’s track.’ ”

“I choose the right track to run fast at. The support from the crowd is not just given to Oregon athletes; they love everybody in the group. Whether you’re down and out or high up in the competition, they show a lot of love to any athlete who’s out there during the event.”

On setting a specific goal time to run
"In running a fast time, I really don’t like to set a time for myself because it can kind of throw you off focus. I feel like if God wants me to run that time, that time is going to come. I feel like it will throw me off if I think about it because maybe I won’t worry about my transition out the blocks, my drive or anything like that. I just try to stay focussed on executing and just knowing that whatever time comes on that board is what God wanted me to run."

On his condition and whether his body is tired
"With treatments I’ve been getting from staff at Baylor is keeping me recovered. Throughout the season, I know it was a really long season, running fast times. I just feel like with the heart that I have, I have a lot more to put up on the field. I don’t feel like I’m going to run any slower. My heart just won’t let me. We should see history made again."

Going back and just getting what  have a lot to put on the filed and th maintenance on my body. I feel like my heart wont let me, so we should see history again.

On lowering the record and competing at Hayward
"It’s are really fast track. I feel like any sprinter would love it. When I got in the blocks at NCAAs , I was just so far ahead of the competition. I dont like to set a time for myself. I feel like it will throw me off if I think about it. I try to stay focussed on executing."

Mary Cain, 3,000 meters

On already having experience competing in a World Championships final and in professional fields
I would definitely say that it does give me an edge. This past year has been amazing. It’s been a really great experience. I’ve learned to compete on an international level, and I think that definitely gives me an advantage. But, I do know there are a lot of talented girls, especially in my  3K field, who have run fast times as well in Diamond League Races, so I’m not completely alone in having some international competition experience. I’m just excited to see what I can do on Thursday night.

On switching to the 3,000
I chose the 3,000 because I just thought it would be fun to mix it up. I typically run more 8 and 15s, and I considered myself really to be a miler. But I thought it would be interesting to go up. There are a lot of really capable girls in this event, so I wanted to be challenged. I definitely think this is going to be a really awesome race. They have Diamond League 3Ks, but geez those races are fast, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a good 3K in.

On Oregon being a home crowd
"It makes me a little more excited to come out and represent the U.S. on home soil, and in that 100 meters, when I’m kicking in the end and battling with some kid, that will hopefully give me a little bit of an edge."

"Two years ago, when I was in Barcelona, it was such an amazing experience. It was cool being abroad, and I got that whole experience. But being able to be home in Eugene, I feel like this is kind of a second home to me - the whole Oregon area. I think as a whole, it’s just going to be a comfort level."

On Academics
"I graduated from high school this year, so I’m going to the University of Portland. Technically I’m coming in as undecided major, but I’m kind of leaning down a chemistry path. Luckily, I have a few credits coming in with APs. In the fall I will probably take a heavier class load - like this upcoming fall I’m taking 19 credits and then back off and maybe take more on the 12-15 side. I love chemistry. I love the sciences. 

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