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Four trifectas completed at USATF Youth Outdoor Championships


ROCHESTER, New York -- On the final day of the USATF Youth Outdoor Championships 73 national champions were crowned with four athletes - Rhoan Kaulder II, Arielle Mckenzie, Mikeisha Covington and Anaya Dees - taking home their third national title of the week at Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium.

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Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field) won his third title of the meet on Sunday in the boy’s 9-10 division 100m dash clocking 13.16. Earlier in the week Kaulder won the 200m in 26.79 and the long jump with a massive personal best by 18 inches with a leap of 4.74 m/15-6.75.

Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), won the 11-12 division 1500m in 4:43.01 on Sunday after winning the 800m in 2:17.39 and the 3000m in 10:26.17 earlier this week.

In the 17-18 division, Mikeisha Covington (USATF Indiana), also claimed three USATF Youth titles winning the 100m dash in 12.26, the 200m in 24.66 and the 400m in the 54.77.

In the 15-16 division, Anaya Dees (Maximum Velocity Track & Field) took home three gold medals winning the triple and long jump with leaps of 11.76m/38-7 and 5.58m/18-3.75, and a dominating victory in the 100m hurdles, crossing the line in 14.73.

Aisha Wajid (VO2Max Track Club) won her second title of the meet in the 8 & under division after commanding a leading 1500m during the final stretch and  finishing in a time of 5:45.82. On Saturday, she was also crowned the 800m champion. Her winning time in the 800m was 2:46.26.

Paris Baker (USATF Florida) broke a Eunice Shriver Stadium record in the girl’s 13-14 division’s 200m hurdles clocking 28.48. She later went on to take gold in the 400m with a winning time of 59.17.

Branson Ellis (USATF Southwestern) was the last man standing in the 17-18 division pole vault after being the only competitor to clear above five meters. His winning clearance was 5.15/16-10.75. He went on to attempt to clear 5.36/17-7 which would best the national record height of 5.31/17-4.25. Ellis was unsuccessful on all three attempts

Amari Gardner (EYT Spartans) swept the boy’s 11-12 division 100m and 200m races winning the 100m in 12.80 and the 200m in 25.45

Katherine Beachler (Cornhusker Flyers), won both the 11-12 division javelin and discuss with throws of 28.89m/94-9. and 24.67m/80-11, respectively.

2018 USATF Youth Outdoor Champions


Girls 200m, 8 & Under, Wynter Winston (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 30.99

Boy’s 200m, 8 & Under, Daranee Roberts (Mercurey San Diego), 31.97

Girl’s 200m, 9-10, Amya Standard (Mercury San Diego), 29.35

Boy’s 200m, 9-10, Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 26.79

Boy’s 200m, 11-12, Amari Gardner (EYT Spartans), 25.45

Girl’s 200m, 11-12, Jada Kenner (Just Blaze), 26.01

Boy’s 200m, 13-14, John Ruvo IV (Phoenix Bobcats), 22.76

Girl’s 200m, 13-14 Tori Daniels (New York Novas TC), 25.57

Boy’s 200m, 15-16, Colson Nile ( Flower City TC), 22.91

Girl’s 200m, 15-16, Kahniya James (God's Speed Track), 24.63

Women’s 200m, 17-18, Mikeisha Covington (USATF Indiana), 24.66

Men’s 200m, 17-18, Dominic Bentil (Lone Peak Track), 21.96


Girls 400m, 8 & Under, Anaiya Bell (Steel City Express), 1:12.79

Boy’s 400m, 8 & Under, Christian Miller (Haverhill Elite Track Club), 1:12.00

Girl’s 400m, 9-10, Mikiah Turner (Mercury Track of Utah), 1:06.04

Boy’s 400m, 9-10, Zamar Smith (USATF Florida), 1:04.20

Girl’s 400m, 11-12, Kcaysha Medas-King (Midas touch), 1:00.12

Boy’s 400m, 11-12, Zechariah Fort (Long Beach Sprinters), 58.88

Girl’s 400m, 13-14, Paris Baker (USATF Florida), 59.17

Boy’s 400m, 13-14, Korede Otusao (Elite Track), 51.19

Girl’s 400m, 15-16, Alison Richter (Lone Peak Track), 56.30

Boy’s 400m, 15-16, Zachary DeCarmine (Nittany Track and Field), 50.03

Women’s 400m, 17-18, Mikeisha Covington (USATF Indiana), 54.77

Men’s 400m, 17-18, Dominic Bentil (Lone Peak Track), 48.57


Girls 800m, 8 & Under, Aisha Wajid (VO2 Max Track Club), 2:46.26

Boy’s 800m, 8 & Under, Christian Miller (Haverhill Elite Track Club), 2:42.00

Girl’s 800m, 9-10, Kate Barber (Jenks American Track), 2:37.47

Boy’s 800m, 9-10, Bradley Quezada (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 2:24.00

Boy’s 800m, 11-12, Aiden Ke (TSC Track Club of New York), 2:20.32

Girl’s 800m, 11-12, Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 2:17.39

Boy’s 800m, 13-14, Emory Clemons (Miami Northwest Express Track), 2:02.13

Girl’s 800m, 13-14, Juliette Salazar (New York Starz Track), 2:19.11

Boy’s 800m, 15-16, Zachary DeCarmine (Nittany Track), 1:59.17

Girl’s 800m, 15-16, Adia Palmer (Metrpolis Track), 2:18.86

Women’s 800m, 17-18, Maliyah Paynter (Hershey Blaze), 2:24.18

Men’s 800m, 17-18, Hudson Mazzei (Jenks America Track), 1:58.67


Girls 1500m, 8 & Under, Aisha Waid (VO2Max Track Club), 5:45.82

Boy’s 1500m, 8 & Under, Jacoby Woolever (Fishers Fire), 5:57.73

Girl’s 1500m, 9-10, Lenna Birchard (Penn Hills Eagles Track), 5:21.36

Boy’s 1500m, 9-10, Bradley Quenzada (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 4:51.47

Girl’s 1500m, 11-12, Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 4:43.01

Boy’s 1500m, 11-12, Everett Capelle (South Orange County Wildcats), 4:41.82

Girl’s 1500m, 13-14, Juliette Salazar (New York Starz Track), 4:49.94

Boy’s 1500m, 13-14, Michael Rodriguez-King (Island Express), 4:22.16

Girl’s 1500m, 15-16, Payton Hinkle (Jenks America Track), 4:55.08

Boy’s 1500m, 15-16, Evan Gonzalez (Salem Track), 4:12.89

Women’s 1500m, 17-18, Brooklyn Doorey (Franklin Elite Athletics Track), 5:35.93

Men’s 1500m, 17-18, Hudson Mazzei (Jenks America Track), 4:10.93


Girl’s 3000m, 11-12, Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 10:26.17

Boy’s 3000m, 11-12, Everett Capelle (South Orange County Wildcats), 10:11.35

Girl’s 3000m, 13-14, Riley Chamberlain (Buffalo Chips Running Club), 10:17.90

Boy’s 3000m, 13-14, Brody Jones (Southern Erie Running Club), 9:39.73

Girl’s 3000m, 15-16, Payton Hinkle (Jenks America Track), 10:41.96

Boys 3000m, 15-16, Dylan Khalil (Haverhill Elite Track Club), 9:17.19

Girl’s 3000m, 17-18, Brooklyn Doorey (Franklin Elite Athletics Track), 12:25.86

Men’s 3000m 17-18, Peter Kostarellis (USATF Niagara), 9:04.64

400m Hurdles

Boy’s 400m, 15-16, Zachary DeCarmine (Nittany Track and Field), 54.77

Girl’s 400m, 15-16, Samantha Thomas (Oberlin Spikes), 1:03.63

Women’s 400m, 17-18, Karyn Best (Trackmyspeed), 1:03.06

Men’s 400m, 17-18, James Smith (Arizona Flames Track Club), 52.04

200m Hurdles

Girl’s 200m Hurdles, 13-14, Paris Baker (USATF Florida), 28.48

Boy’s 200m Hurdles, 13-14, Quelek Shelton (Dayton Wolverine Track), 25.77


Girls 100m, 8 & Under, Ja’Miya Howard (Miami Northwest Express Track), 15.42

Boy’s 100m, 8 & Under, Daranee Roberts (Mercury San Diego), 15.51

Girl’s 100m, 9-10, Kennedy Coles (Hershey Blaze), 14.511

Boy’s 100m, 9-10, Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 13.16

Boy’s 100m, 11-12, Amari Gardner (EYT Spartans), 12.80

Girl’s 100m, 11-12, Jada Kenner (Just Blaze), 12.58

Boy’s 100m, 13-14, John Ruvo IV (Phoenix Bobcats)

Girl’s 100m, 13-14, Caelyn Harris (California Rising Stars), 12.61

Boy’s 100m, 15-16, Breez Wigfield (USATF Potomac Valley), 11.45

Girl’s 100m, 15-16, Katinka Louw (USATF Georgia), 12.29

Women’s 100m, 17-18, Mikeisha Covington (USATF Indiana), 12.26

Men’s 100m, 17-18, Dominic Bentill (Lone Peak Track), 10.89


Boy’s 80m Hurdles, 11-12, Chase Burns (New York Novas TC), 13.01

Girl’s 80m Hurdles, 11-12, Alexus Roberts (Dayton Wolverine Track), 13.50

Boy’s 100m Hurdles, 13-14, Shamali-kalil Whittle (MySpringClub), 13.52

Girl’s 100m Hurdles, 13-14, Caelyn Harris (California Rising Stars), 14.86

Boy’s 110m Hurdles, 15-16, Qadiir Wad (Trailblazers Youth Athletic), 14.52

Girl’s 100m Hurdles, 15-16, Anaya Dees (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 14.73

Men’s 110m Hurdles, 17-18, Michael Warren Jr (Rochester Running Rebels), 14.76

Women’s 100m Hurdles, 17-18, Indya Richards (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 14.43

4x400m Relay

Girl’s 4x400m, 8 & Under, Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 5:19.18

Girl’s 4x400m, 9-10, Sapphire Ruff Riders Track, 4:49.82

Boy’s 4x400m, 9-10, Pacific Coast Shockwaves, 4:42.25

Girl’s 4x400m, 11-12, New York Novas Track Club, 4:22.55

Boy’s 4x400m, 11-12, Generation Youth of America, 5:56.68

Girl’s 4x400m, 13-14, Dayton Wolverine Track, 4:14.79

Boy’s 4x400m, 13-14, Miami Northwest Express, 2:50.06

Men’s 4x400m, 15-16, Pacific Coast Shockwaves, 3:32.44

Women’s 4x400m, 17-18, Dayton Wolverine Track, 4:15.81

Men’s 4x400m, 17-18, Maximum Velocity, 3:26.19

Long Jump

Girls Long Jump, 8 & Under, Ja’Miya Howard (Miami Northwest Express Track Club), 3.42m/11-2.75

Boy’s Long Jump, 8 & Under, Jacoby Woolever (Fishers Fire), 3.50m/11-5.75

Girl’s Long Jump, 9-10, Kennedy Coles (Hershey Blaze), 4.11m/13-6

Boy’s Long Jump, 9-10, Rohan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track and Field), 4.74 m/15-6.75

Boy’s Long Jump, 11-12, Jerald Evangelista (Bay Cities Unleashed), 4.99m/16-4.50

Girl’s Long Jump, 11-12, Zamaria Mack (Mercury San Diego), 4.47 m/14-8

Girl’s Long Jump, 13-14, Caelyn Harris (California Rising Stars), 5.64m/18-6

Boy’s Long Jump, 13-14, Daniel Harper Jr (EYT Spartans), 5.96m/19-6.75

Girl’s Long Jump, 15-16, Anaya Dees (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 5.58m/18-3.75

Boy’s Long Jump, 15-16, Benjamin Gambrell IV (USATF Mid-Atlantic), 6.28m/20-7.25

Women’s Long Jump, 17-18, Indya Richards (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 5.41m/17-9

Men’s Long Jump, 17-18, Fonati Merriam (Rochester Running Rebels), 6.33m/20- 9.25

Triple Jump

Boy’s Triple Jump, 13-14, Gregory Foster Jr. (Willis/Camden PAL), 12.11m/39-8.75

Girl’s Triple Jump, 13-14, Morgan Brown, (Sapphire - Ruff Riders Track), 10.34m/33-11.25

Girl’s Triple Jump, 15-16, Anaya Dees (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 11.76m/38-7

Boy’s Triple Jump, 15-16, Isaiah Cash (USATF South Texas), 13.62 m/44-8.25

Women’s Triple Jump, 17-18, Jayda Singleton (Maximum Velocity Track & Field Club), 11.46 m/37-7.25

Men’s Triple Jump, 17-18, Stan Hamilton (Nittany Track and Field), 13.96m/45-9.75

Shot Put

Girl’s Shot Put, 8 & Under, Journey Scott (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 5.81 m/19-0.75

Boy’s Shot Put, 8 & Under, Millen Dhiman (Westfield Area Y Flyers), 5.77m/18-11.25

Girl’s Shot Put, 9-10, Cyan Scott (Haverhill Elite Track Club), 7.87m/25-10

Boy’s Shot Put, 9-10, Darriell Williams (Nadia Track), 7.85m/25-9.25

Girl’s Shot Put, 11-12, Hadley Lucas (Indiana Track Club), 11.47m/37-7.75

Boy’s Shot Put, 11-12, Vincenzo Rapacciuolo (USATF New York), 9.90m/32-5-75

Boy’s Shot Put, 13-14, Jeremiah Fort (Long Beach Sprinters), 14.48 m/47-6.25

Girl’s Shot Put, 13-14, Melissa Aymil (USATF New Jersey), 14.49m/47-6.50

Boy’s Shot Put, 15-16, Parker Lucas (Indiana Track Club), 14.15m/46-5.25

Girl’s Shot Put, 15-16, Eliana Akough (Cornhuskers Flyers), 12.03m/39-5.75

Women’s Shot Put, 17-18, Sarah George (USATF Potomac Valley), 11.84m/38-10.25

Men’s Shot Put, 17-18, Vishal Turna (Let It Fly Throwing, LLC), 14.80m/48-6.75


Boy’s Discus, 11-12, Frederick LeVinus (Phoenix Bobcasts), 21.09m/69-2

Girl’s Discus, 11-12, Katharine Beachler (Cornhusker Flyers), 24.67m/80-11

Girl’s Discus, 13-14, Melissa Aymil (USATF New Jersey), 33.30m/109-3

Boy’s Discus, 13-14, Jeremiah Fort (Long Beach Sprinters), 43.64 m/143-2

Girl’s Discus, 15-16, Abigail Nonnenberg (USATF New Jersey), 38.14 m/125-1

Boy’s Discus, 15-16, Haden Karshner (USATF Ohio), 44.34 m/145-5

Men’s Discus, 17-18, Jake McPherson (USATF Niagara), 47.24m/155-0

Women’s Discus, 17-18, Brynn Torok (USATF Lake Erie), 30.87m/101-3


Boy’s Javelin, 8 & Under, Eli Lesnet (Body in Training), 20.97m/68-9

Girl’s Javelin, 8 & Under, Jana Alhagiko (Ocean Breeze Wave Runners), 13.18 m/43-3

Girl’s Javelin, 9-10, Ashley Aguilar (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 27.81m/91-3

Boy’s Javelin, 9-10, Dylan Bonifield (Phoenix Bobcats), 35.01m/114-10

Girl’s Javelin, 11-12, Katherine Beachler (Cornhusker Flyers), 28.89m/94-9

Boy’s Javelin, 11-12, Mark Barajas (El Paso Wings Track Club), 37.62m/123-5

Girl’s Javelin, 13-14, Aries Mendez (El Paso Wings Track Club), 25.10m/82-4

Boy’s Javelin, 13-14, Tobias Jeralds (Chatham Gold/Morris Association), 41.16m/135-0

Girl’s Javelin 15-16, Brianna Thomas (In Motion), 32.94m/108-1

Boy’s Javelin, 15-16, Ian Hall (USATF New England), 50.32m/165-1

Women’s Javelin, 17-18, Chloe Cahill (USATF Lake Erie), 32.25 m/105-9

Men’s Javelin, 17-18, Peter Seymour (USATF New York), 51.19 m/167-11

High Jump

Girl’s High Jump, 9-10, Kianna Noyd (Arizona Flames Track Club), 1.15m/3-9.25

Boy’s High Jump, 9-10, Leton Washington (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 1.30m/4-3.25

Girl’s High Jump, 11-12, Jada Lujan (USATF New Mexico), 1.40m/4-7

Boy’s High Jump, 11-12, Neil Howard III (In a New York Minute), 1.50m/4'-11

Girl’s High Jump, 13-14, Olivia Muse (Triple Cities Runners), 1.50m/4-11

Boy’s High Jump, 13-14, Brandon Pottinger (South Dade Express Track), 1.73 m/5-8

Girl’s High Jump, 15-16, Charlize Slusser (Southern Tier Soar), 1.65m/5-5

Boy’s High Jump, 15-16, Conrad Moore (Nittany Track and Field), 1.85m/6-0.75

Men’s High Jump 17-18, Courtney Harris Jr (Boynton Beach Track Club), 1.81m/5-11.25

Pole Vault

Boy’s Pole Vault, 13-14, Matti Levasalmi (Delmar Track and Field), 3.10m/10-2

Girl’s Pole Vault, 13-14, Laura Reigle (USATF Niagara), 3.40m/11-1.75

Girl’s Pole Vault, 15-16, Kate Doherty (USATF Niagara), 2.95m/9-8

Boy’s Pole Vault, 15-16, Kegan Mancabelli (Mac’s Track), 3.90m/12-9.50

Women Pole Vault, 17-18, Nastassja Campbell (USATF Gulf), 4.00m/13-1.50

Men’s Pole Vault, 17-18, Branson Ellis (USATF Southwestern), 5.15m/16-10.75

4x100m Relay

Girls 4x100m Relay, 8 & Under, Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 1:02.18

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 9-10, Panthers Track Club, 57.97

Boy’s 4x100m Relay, 9-10, Maximum Speed Track Club, 1:01.74

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 11-12,New York Novas TC, 53.24

Boy’s 4x100m Relay, 13-14, Ocean Breeze Wave Runners, 50.47

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 13-14, New York Novas TC, 52.35

Boy’s 4x100m Relay, 15-16, Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 44.99

Girl’s 4x100m Relay, 15-16, Maximum Velocity Track & Field, 49.51

Women’s 4x100m Relay, 17-18, Maximum Velocity Track & Field, 46.73

Men’s 4x100m Relay, 17-18, Maximum Velocity Track & Field, 45.13


Girl’s 4x800m Relay 11-12: SoCal Road Runners, 10:53.73

Girl’s 4x800m Relay 13-14: Chelsea Greyhounds, 10.26.16

Girl’s 4x800m Relay 15-16: Jenks America Track, 10:50.01

Boy’s 4x800m Relay 11-12: Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 12:01.25

Boy’s 4x800m Relay 13-14: Haverhill Elite Track Club, 9:02.53

Boy’s 4x800m Relay 15-16: Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 8:34.72


Women’s 2000m Steeple, 17-18, Jordyn Boyer (Calumet Region Striders), 7:25.60

Boy’s 2000m Steeple, 15-16, Dylan Nelson (Florida Track Club), 6:46.62

Men’s 2000m Steeple, 17-18, Dagon Bryant (Chautauqua Striders Inc.), 6:41.28

Girl’s 2000m Steeple, 15-16, Hannah Ielfield (USATF Adirondack), 7:45.08

Race Walk

Girl’s 3000m Race Walk, 13-14, Ainsley Adams (Napa Track), 17.50.39

Boy’s 3000m Race Walk, 13-14, Christopher Renn (New Jersey Striders), 15.57.19

Girl’s 3000m Race Walk, 15-16, Izabelle Trefts (Old Town Track Club), 17:28.45

Women’s 3000m Race Walk, 17-18, Jessica Heiser-Whatley (Warriors Track Club), 15:55.03

Men’s 3000m Race Walk, 17-18, Jadon Davis (USATF Potomac Valley), 15:59.17

Girl’s 1500m Race Walk, 9-10, Joslyn Stone (New Jersey Striders), 11:18.06

Boy’s 1500m Race Walk, 9-10, Ahris Maayorga (So Cal Roadrunners), 8:21.69

Girl’s 1500m Race Walk, 11-12, Desilets Dubois (Rochester Running Rebels), 8:08.35

Boy’s 1500m Race Walk, 11-12, Joel Mendoza (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 9:10.05

Hammer Throw

Women’s Hammer Throw 17-18, Shannah Mallett (Throw 1 Deep), 46.07m/151-1

Men’s hammer Throw 17-18, Ian Hammock (USATF Wisconsin), 51.83m/170-0

Boy’s Hammer Throw 15-16, Logan Coles (Ocean State Hammerheads), 55.06m/180-7

Girl’s Hammer Throw 15-16, Kira Lindner (USATF New York), 42.87m/140-7


Boy’s Decathlon 15-16, Daniel Norris (Greensburg YMCA), 4,312 points

Men’s Decathlon 17-18, Mitchell Conrad (Body In Training), 5,869 points


Girl’s Heptathlon 15-16, Brianna Smith (Infinity Track), 4082 points

Women’s Heptathlon 17-18, Kyndal Martian (JC Spirit Multi Event), 3659 points


Girl’s Pentathlon 13-14, Ryleigh Marks (Trojan Track), 2,307 points

Boy’s Pentathlon 13-14, Colby Miltenberger (Phoenix Bobcats), 2,757 points

Girl’s Pentathlon 11-12, Catherine Guifoyle (River City Elite Track), 2,491 points

Boy’s Pentathlon 11-12, Neil Howard III (In a New York Minute), 2,364 points


Girl’s Triathlon 9-10, Akari Marshall (Boynton Beach Track Club), 1,118 points

Boy’s Triathlon 9-10, Aaron Irish-Bramble (Notre Dame Track), 600 points


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