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Forty-three World and American records broken in three days at USATF Masters Indoor Championships

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ALBUQUERQUE -- Bill Collins was the symbol of the lifetime fitness in Masters track & field, when he became the first man over age 65 to break the 25-second barrier -- a major mark -- in the 200 meters on Sunday during the third and final day of competition at USATF Masters Indoor Championships at the Albuquerque Convention Center.
Collins, who recently recovered from Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, set an M65 World Masters record of 24.94, taking down Charlie Allie’s 25.41 set in 2013. Collins now owns age group, 200m WRs in four age categories and has American Masters 200m records in six age groups, spanning six decades.
During the three-day meet, Masters athletes combined for a total of 43 records, including 13 World age group marks and 30 American Masters records.
A repeat record breaker on Day 3, Joy Upshaw broke the world record in a second event for  W55 record, on Sunday running 27.51 in the 200m for an age group AR. M70 TY Brown had his second record sprint performance of the meet, when he ran a 27.03 age group AR in the 200m.
In field events, David Montieth broke the M70 high jump mark when he cleared 1.50m, and M55 Anthony Bailey broke the triple jump AR after leaping 12.81 and hitting 12.90 on his best attempt. The previous AR was 11.68 set by Donald Watson in ABQ in 2011.
The rerun of 4x200m relays (the previous day had mismarked the passing zone) produced two World and one American record. The M50 Southwest Sprinters Track Club team of James Lawson, Marcus Shute, Sr., Francois Boda and David James finished with an age group WR of 1:34.64, and the M55 unattached team of Don McGee, James Chinn, Ben James and William Yelverton combined efforts for a 1:40.22 best in the world finish. An AR in the women’s 4x200 went down after Susan Lloyd, Lesley Chaplin, Julie Hayden and Vicki Fox finished in 2:07.91
In the 4x400m relays, the W40 unattached team of Sonja Friend-Uhl, Christine Gentile, Maurelhena Walles and Emma McGowan broke an age group WR of 4:04.72 before the W35 HD Masters team of Julian Reynolds, Katrina DeBoer, Nickay Penado and Tyrona Heath also accomplished the same feat in 4:05.13.
In the men’s 4x400, the M50 Southwest Sprinters Track Club team of James Lawson, Francois Boda, Marcus Shute, Sr., and David Jones ran a world record-breaking 3:39.27.
On the final day of competition SoCal Track Club won the team award, followed by Southwest Sprinters Track Club in second, and the Potomac Valley Track Club in third. The top-three teams won trophies.
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View results here.
World Records (13)
Burke, Ed M75 Weight Throw 19.38
Bergen, Kathy W75 60 9.49
Collins, Bill M65 60 7.69
Rogers, Orville M95 1500 16:32.19
Bergen, Kathy W75 High Jump 1.25
Brown, Ty M70 60 8.11
Upshaw, Joy W55 60 Hurdles 9.71
Collins, Bill M65 200 24.94
Non-Club M55 4x200 1:40.22
Southwest Sprinters M50 4x200 1:34.64
Non-Club W40 4x400 4:03.72
HD Masters W35 4x400 4:05.13
Southwest Sprinters M50 4x400 3:39.27
American Records (30)
(*) Indicates American records that also serve as World records.
Burke, Ed M75 Weight Throw 19.38*
Bergen, Kathy W75 60 9.49*
Collins, Bill M65 60 7.69*
Rogers, Orville M95 1500 16:32.19*
Bergen, Kathy W75 High Jump 1.25*
Brown, Ty M70 60 8.11*
Upshaw, Joy W55 60 Hurdles 9.71*
Collins, Bill M65 200 24.94*
Non-Club M55 4x200 1:40.22*
Southwest Sprinters M50 4x200 1:34.64*
Non-Club W40 4x400 4:03.72*
HD Masters W35 4x400 4:05.13*
Southwest Sprinters M50 4x400 3:39.27*
Burke, Ed M75 Superweight 10.59
Guest, Rachel W40 Pentathlon 3737
Dussett, Antwon M40 400 49.32
Roman, Mary W80 Shot Put 7.84
Mensey, Myrle W65 Superweight 11.06
Upshaw, Joy W55 60 8.48
Mensey, Myrle W65 Shot Put 9.36
Marriott, Joanne W75 Weight Throw 11.77
Marriott, Joanne W75 Superweight 7.72
Roman, Mary W80 Superweight 6.38
Torbert, Quenton M60 Shot Put 15.94
Pye, Derek M45 60 Hurdles 8.16
Brown, Ty M70 200 27.03
Upshaw, Joy W55 200 27.51
Bailey, Anthony M55 Triple Jump 12.90
Montieth, David M70 High Jump 1.50
Non-Club W55 4x200 2:07.91
Non-Club W70 4x200 3:09.45
Non-Club M65 4x200 2:03.61
Southwest Sprinters W40 4x400 4:04.97
Bill Collins
“I owe a lot to my teammate Charles Allie. I wasn’t feeling well this morning and he told me to just relax and run, and I was really nervous getting on the track because I really wasn’t feeling well. He took off so well, and with me reacting to him, it just put me in speed mode and I just ran really well. It’s an honor. It really is. Sometime you think you’re just doing it by yourself, but it takes other people in the race sometimes to help you.”
“It’s a means a lot. It’s contributed to a lot of hard work, a lot of perseverance and I thank God everyday for waking me up and giving me the ability. I’m hoping I can inspire people to come on and do this.”
Anthony Bailey
“It went very well. I didn’t come here to break the record. I just came to jump well. On my first jump, I guess I broke it and that was good.”
“That wasn’t the goal. I didn’t have the record in mind. That was just something that happened. Because when you come in thinking record, sometimes you don’t do well.”
“It feels good. The record has been there for awhile. So to break it, for me, it’s an honor.” 

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