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Field event national records fall at Sacramento State


SACRAMENTO -- Adding two centimeters to the national youth record set in 2008 by Natalie Willer of the Cornhusker Flyers, Alina McDonald (Pacolet, South Carolina; USATF South Carolina) won the women’s 17-18 pole vault with her clearance at 4.23m/13-10.5. McDonald won the USATF Hershey Youth title in June, and also took gold at the USATF Hershey Youth indoor championships in March.

Kori Martin (South Pasadena, California; USATF Southern California) broke the girls’ 9-10 shot put national youth record on her final attempt of the competition, throwing 10.53m/34-6.75.

In the girls’ 15-16 discus, Oregon 6A state champ Shelby Moran (Sherwood, Oregon; USATF Oregon) missed the JO meet record by only six inches, winning with a toss of 46.45m/152-5.

First-place finisher in the men’s 17-18 3000m Hunter Lucas (Fargo, North Dakota; USATF Dakotas) ran just four seconds shy of the national record 8:41.25 set by Jacob Smith in 2011. His 8:45.23 was a personal best, shedding 10 seconds off his previous time at USATF Region 8 Junior Olympic Championships .

On her final attempt in the women’s 17-18 triple jump, Harleigh White (Huntingtown, Maryland; USATF Potomac Valley) set a lifetime best to win with her leap of 12.61m/41-4.5. White won the Maryland 3A state championship in May, her second in a row.

In the men’s 17-18 110m hurdles, Matthew Moore (McDonough, Georgia; USATF Georgia) earned the top spot in tomorrow’s finals with a 13.69. His run was 0.31 off the national record set by Wayne Davis in 2009. Moore already has a position on the University of Tennessee track team in the fall.

The current best U.S. 800m runner in his age division, Erick Steward (Compton, California; USATF Southern California) maintained the title in his semi-final heat with a 1:59.62. The 13-14 boys’ 800m will conclude tomorrow with a tight battle for gold. Steward also finished second in the 400m prelims in 50.59.


Saturday’s events begin at 8:00 a.m. PT with the final round of 11-12G and 11-12B 3000 meters and wrap up the 4x100m relays for all age groups. Follow along with the action on and join the conversation by following USATF on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #JOTF and #USATFuturestars.

A total of 7,524 athletes will compete this week at Sacramento State, making the 50th anniversary event the largest USATF Junior Olympics ever west of the Mississippi.

For more information on the 2016 USATF Junior Olympics National Championships, visit:


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3000M (15-16B) Finals

Graydon Morris, 8:51.95

3000M (17-18M) Finals

Hunter Lucas, 8:45.23

400M (8 & under G) Prelims

Olivia Harris, 1:08.22

Mayen Usoro, 1:09.66

Londyn Atkinson, 1:10.05

400M (8 & under B) Prelims

Braylon Thomas, 1:05.71

Rhoan Kaulder II, 1:07.09

Zachary Jackson Jr, 1:09.47

400M (9-10G) Prelims

Naia Carter, 1:01.92

Jayla Cigar-Dingle, 1:03.15

Kcaysha Medas-King, 1:04.02

400M (9-10B) Prelims

Amar Williams, 1:01.13

Jaiden Patterson, 1:01.73

Brendan Johnson, 1:02.43

400M (11-12G) Prelims

JaMeesia Ford, 58.65

Paris Baker, 59.37

Trinity Henderson, 59.39

400M (11-12B) Prelims

Nathan Leacock, 56.51

Brandon Arzabal, 57.32

Brian Fair Jr, 57.58

400M (13-14G) Prelims

Kayla Davis, 54.99

Ashton Lindley, 56.57

JaEra Griffin, 56.93

400M (13-14B) Prelims

Sean Burrell, 49.29

Erick Steward, 50.59

Ashton Allen, 50.90

400M (15-16G) Prelims

Sterling Lester, 54.76

Whitney Williams, 54.98

Brooke Jaworski, 55.24

400M (15-16B) Prelims

Chris DuPree, 49.32

Brian Herron, 49.39

Miles Duncan, 49.85

400M (17-18W) Prelims

Maya Singletary, 55.66

Tashee Hargrave, 55.90

Mikayla Nolen-Revera, 56.02

400M (17-18M) Prelims

Jandon Briscoe, 47.86

Jordan Hollis, 47.92

Bradford Garron, 48.33

100M (8 & under G) Semi-Finals

Ahniyah Bennett, 14.51

Noelle Allen, 14.52

Mayen Usoro, 14.54

100M (8 & under B) Semi-Finals

Braylon Thomas, 13.72

Rhoan Kaulder II, 14.00

Bryson Flynn, 14.18

100M (9-10G) Semi-Finals

Tarrianna Jackson, 13.47

Mikaela Warr, 13.57

Grace Smith, 13.85

100M (9-10B) Semi-Finals

Orlando Thompson, 13.12

Mark Fyffe, 13.24

Jaren Blankenship, 13.50

100M (11-12G) Semi-Finals

Jazlynn Gibbs, 12.78

Chardai Victorian, 12.91

Shawnti Jackson, 13.07

100M (11-12B) Semi-Finals

Xavier Simpson, 11.86

Tyrone Taylor II, 12.23

Nyckoles Harbor, 12.41

100M (13-14G) Semi-Finals

Kennedi Sanders, 11.94

Tionna Brown, 12.11

Diandrenique Gaines, 12.18

100M (13-14B) Semi-Finals

Ashton Allen, 11.12

Isaiah Gadson, 11.39

Kelee Ringo, 11.52

100M (15-16G) Semi-Finals

Lanae-Tava Thomas, 11.91

Kailei Collins, 12.03

Kelcie Simmons, 12.11

100M (15-16B) Semi-Finals

Declan Rustay, 10.86

Cameron Council, 10.86

Khafre Brown, 10.90

100M (17-18G) Semi-Finals

Wurrie Njadoe, 11.90

Ashley Seymour, 11.91

Charminiqu Hackney, 12.08

100M (17-18B) Semi-Finals

Evan McClellon, 10.62

Joe Williams, 10.66

Brandon Taylor, 10.70

110M Hurdles (17-18M) Semi-Finals

Keiron Hunter, 14.59

Jamar Marshall Jr, 14.72

Tai Brown, 14.73

100M Hurdles (13-14G) Semi-Finals

Matthew Moore, 13.51

Bryce Douglass, 13.84

Asa Allen, 14.21

100M Hurdles (13-14B) Semi-Finals

Jevan Terry, 13.78

Brandon Lewis, 13.94

Anthony Taylor, 13.97

100M Hurdles (15-16G) Semi-Finals

Darci Khan, 14.15

Sierra Fletcher, 14.44

Justice McCullum, 14.61

100M Hurdles (17-18W) Semi-Finals

Reonna Collier, 13.64

Destinee Rocker, 14.02

Javlyn Cameron, 14.29

80M Hurdles (11-12G) Semi-Finals

Taylor McKinnon, 12.71

Tairah Johnson, 12.80

Riley Newkirk, 12.83

4X400M Relays (8 & under B) Prelims

Massey Miracle Run, 4:49.97

Dave Bethany T.C., 4:52.09

Valley United Track Club, 4:57.62

4X400M Relays (9-10G) Prelims

Los Angeles Jets, 4:24.02

Top Speed Track, 4:33.21

Drive Phase Inc., 4:34.71

4X400M Relays (9-10B) Prelims

Jackrabbit Track & Field Club, 4:14.84

Track Houston Youth Track, 4:20.12

Drive Phase Inc., 4:24.69

4X400M Relays (11-12G) Prelims

Drive Phase Inc., 4:10.61

Glenarden Track, 4:10.85

North Texas Cheetahs Track, 4:13.09

4X400M Relays (11-12B) Prelims

Track Houston, 4:08.61

Hallmark TC, 4:09.76

Rancho, 4:10.45

4X400M Relays (13-14G) Prelims

Track Houston, 3:56.15

North Texas Cheetahs, 3:58.23

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 3:58.25

4X400M Relays (13-14B) Prelims

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 3:29.59

Track Houston, 3:32.60

Imani Speed City Compton, 3:35.58

4X400M Relays (15-16G) Prelims

Glenarden TC, 3:51.79

Firebirds Athletics, 3:52.33

Code Black Elite, 3:53.39

4X400M Relays (15-16B) Prelims

A Running Start TC, 3:21.11

Track Houston, 3:21.66

Team Quest, 3:22.94

4X400M Relays (17-18G) Prelims

Albina Roadrunners, 3:48.14

Glenarden TC, 3:49.40

Track Houston, 3:49.49

4X400M Relays (17-18B) Prelims

Sprint Athletics TC, 3:12.18

Track Houston, 3:15.56

Charlotte Flights, 3:16.31

Track Houston Youth TC, 3:17.38

Triple Jump (17-18W) Finals

Harleigh White, 12.61m/41-4.5

High Jump (15-16B) Finals

Walter Ikner Jr, 1.91m/6-3.25

Javelin Throw (13-14B) Finals

Joseph Nizich, 56.46m/185-3

Discus Throw (15-16G) Finals

Shelby Moran, 46.45m/152-5

Shot Put (9-10G) Finals

Kori Martin, 10.53m/34-6.75 (National Record)

Pole Vault (17-18W) Finals

Alina McDonald, 4.23m/13-10.5 (National Record)

Triple Jump (17-18M) Finals

Isaiah Holmes, 15.21m/49-11

High Jump (11-12B) Finals

Koby Kessler, 1.60m/5-3

Shot Put (11-12G) Finals

Laila Guy, 11.85m/38-10.5

Javelin Throw (13-14G) Finals

Maya Rush, 37.42m/122-9

Discus Throw (15-16B) Finals

Brian Keyes, 48.98m/160-8

Long Jump (8 & under G) Finals

Syah Cuff, 3.68m/12-1

Long Jump (13-14G) Finals

Kamiya Dendy, 5.61m/18-5

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