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Eight national records set on day 6 at USATF Hershey National Junior Olympics


GREENSBORO, North Carolina -- Day 6 at the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Championships turned into super Saturday as eight new national records were set, six of which came in the 200m finals. Highlighting the day was Sean Burrell, Kharisma Watkins and Rhoan Kaulder II posting their second national record setting performance of the week.

Find the full competition schedule here and live results here.

Sean Burrell (Greater King David Track Club) broke his own 200m national record with a time 20.85 to win the national title. Burrell was one of three athletes in the 200m finals to break his own record set earlier this week. His time record time of 20.90 on Thursday put him into Saturday’s final as the favorite. Barely 20 minutes after he won the 200m, Burrell returned to the track to win his 110m hurdles heat in 14.28 to advance to Sunday’s final. He is also scheduled to compete in Sunday’s 400m.

In the girls 8 & under 200m, Kharisma Watkins (Watkins Family United) battled through the finish line clocking a new age group national record of 28.21. Enroute to taking home the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic gold medal, Watkins broke her own national record that she set on Thursday when she finished in 28.86. Bella-Marie Black (Charlotte Heat Track) finished second with a time of 29.13, the third fastest time ever in the girl’s 8 & under division.

Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field) broke is own 200m record in the boy’s 9-10 division. Kaulder crossed the line in 25.64 Saturday afternoon after setting a new division record of 25.69 on Thursday. Jalen Aguilar-Carnes (Plyometric Fusion) finished in 26.09 for second place.

A 26-year-old American record fell in the girls 11-12 200m dash. Adaejah Hodge (Legacy Athletics), shot through the line in 24.37, shattering the previous time of 24.47. Second place finisher Payton Payne (Glenarden Track) also fell under the old national record clocking 24.43.

Another American record fell in the girls 15-16 4x100m relay. The Jackrabbit Track & Field Club (USATF Georgia) flew through three smooth exchanges to knock down the 2006 record of 45.45 with a blistering 45.14.

Morgan Smalls (Carolina All Stars Track & Field) bested the field in the girls 15-16 high jump by 10 centimeters with her 1.75m/5-8.75 clearance. Smalls confidently entered competition with a 1.60m/5-3 jump and kept her momentum going as she cleared the following heights with ease.

Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), dominated the whole race in the girls 11-12 3000m. Mckenzie led from the gun and never looked back, winning the race by 30 seconds with a 10:18.11.

The 2018 USATF Hershey Junior Olympic Championships is USATF’s single largest event and will be broadcast live on Sunday, July 29. The broadcast will begin at 9:00am ET with the first scheduled running event. Click here for live coverage on USATF.TV+.

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National Records (13)

200m, Men’s 15-16, Sean Burrell (Greater King David Track Club), 20.90

200m, Girl’s 8 & Under, Kharisma Watkins (Watkins Family United), 28.86

Triathlon, Girl’s 9-10, Ashlyn Hudson (Bull City Express), 1,212 pts.

200m, Boy’s 9-10, Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 25.69

Pole Vault, Women’s 17-18, Chloe Cunliffe (Seattle Speed Track), 4.25m/13-11

200m, Girl’s 8 & Under, Kharisma Watkins (Watkins Family United), 28.21

200m, Boy’s 8 & Under, Aiden Opore (Jackrabbit Track & Field Club), 27.32

200m, Boy’s 9-10, Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 25.64

200m, Girl’s 11-12, Adaejah Hodge (Legacy Athletics), 24.37

200m, Girl’s 15-16, Tamari Davis (Empire Athletics), 22.55

200m, Boy’s 15-16, Sean Burrell (Greater King David Track Club), 20.85

100m Hurdles, Women’s 17-18, Alia Armstrong (Future Track), 13.33

4x100m, Girls 15-16, Jackrabbit Track & Field Club, 45.14

USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Champions

Day 1

Hammer Throw

Boys Hammer, 15-16, Logan Coles (Ocean State Hammerheads), 58.35m/191-5

Women’s Hammer, 17-18, Monique Hardy (Forza Athletics), 50.89m/166-11

Men’s Hammer, 17-18, Jacob Furland (USATF New England), 63.27m/207-7


Girls Pentathlon, 13-14, DeShanae Norman (USATF Oregon), 3,163 pts.

Boys Pentathlon, 13-14, Gary Moore Jr. (Connecticut Hawks Track), 3,190 pts.


Women’s 2000m Steeplechase, 15-16, Kevriana Scott (Katy Express Track Club), 7:18.58

Men’s 2000m Steeplechase, 15-16, River Hill (Texas Titans Track) 6:19.64

Men’s 2000m Steeplechase, 17-18, Sadio Fenner (USATF Colorado) 6:13.48

Women’s 2000m Steeplechase, 17-18 Janette Schraft (USATF Iowa), 7:03.82

Race Walk

Girls 1500m race walk, 9-10, Noemi Chavez (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 8:05.65

Boys 1500m race walk, 9-10, Prince Watkins (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 8:38.09

Girls 1500m race walk, 11-12, Reese Gentry (Valley United Track Club), 7:22.51

Boys 1500m race walk, 11-12, Joel Mendoza (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 8:31.15

Girls 3000m race walk, 13-14, Angelica Harris (Elgin Sharks Track), 16:09.44

Boys 3000m race walk, 13-14, Christopher Renn (New Jersey Striders), 16:29.28

Day 2


Boys Decathlon, 15-16, Arthur Katahdin (Mustang Track), 6,060 pts.

Men’s Decathlon, 17-18, Peyton Davis (USATF Missouri Valley), 6,918


Girls Heptathlon, 15-16, Alaina Brady (Tahoma Track Club), 4,694 pts.

Women’s Heptathlon, 17-18, Valerie Schmidt (USATF Pacific Northwest), 4,544 pts.


Girls Pentathlon, 11-12, Kayleigh Stargell (Full Throttle Elite), 2,971 pts.

Boys Pentathlon, 11-12, Neil Howard III (In A New York Minute), 2,453 pts.

Race Walk

Girls 3000m Race Walk, 15-16, Grace Endy (Westfield Area Y Flyers), 15:20.60

Women’s 3000m Race Walk, 17-18, Victoria Heiser-Whatley (Warriors Track Club), 15:40.67

Boys 3000m Race Walk, 15-16, Joseph Moran (Mission Valley Track & Field), 15:37.94

Men’s 3000m Race Walk, 17-18, Jordan Crawford (Legacy Athletics), 14:16.63


Girls 4x800m, 11-12, (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 9:53.24

Girls 4x800m, 13-14, (Drive Phase Track Club), 9:41.36

Girls 4x800m, 15-16, (Menlo i Greyhounds Track), 9:23.89

Women’s 4x800m, 17-18, (Track Houston Youth Track), 9:27.86

Boys 4x800m, 11-12, (Drive Phase Track Club), 9:28.27

Boys 4x800m, 13-14, (Los Gatos) 8:30.60

Boys 4x800m, 15-16, (Track Houston Youth Track), 8:09.42

Men’s 4x800m, 17-18, (River Cities Track), 8:05.58


Girls Triathlon, 9-10, Ashlyn Hudson (Bull City Express), 1,212 pts.

Boys Triathlon, 9-10, Kenyon Andrews (South Central Athletic Association), 905 pts.


Girls Hammer, 15-16, Markayla Billings (Golden State Throwers), 51.13m/167-9

Day 3

Triple Jump

Boys Triple Jump, 13-14, Christopher Preddie (Jump Corps), 13.37m/43-10.5

Boys Triple Jump, 15-16, Elliot Barner (Youth Track and Field of Memphis), 14.37m/47-1.75

High Jump

Girls High Jump, 9-10, Sydney Harris (i5 Elite), 1.35m/4-5

Women’s High Jump, 17-18, Jelena Rowe (Nevada Gazzelles), 1.80m/5-10.75

Shot Put

Men’s Shot Put, 17-18, Tanner Duffin (Throw 1 Deep), 18.60m/61-0.25

Girls Shot Put, 15-16, Christalee Kirby (USATF Southwestern), 13.09m/42-11.5

Women’s Shot Put, 17-18, Kathleen Young (USATF Illinois), 15.24m/50-0


Boys Mini Javelin, 7-8, Daniel Frederick (Mainland Jaguars Track), 25.63m/84-1

Boys Aero Javelin, 11-12, Maximus Mancilla (El Paso Wings Track Club), 39.43m/129-4

Girls Aero Javelin, 11-12, Elle Heckenlively (Cornhusker Flyers), 33.71m/110-7

Pole Vault

Girls Pole Vault, 13-14, Allison Neiders (Northwest Pole Vault), 3.25m/10-8

Boys Pole Vault, 13-14, Caleb Fuller (Vaulter Club), 3.85m/12-7.5


Boys Discus, 15-16, Tyler Brown (Lincoln Youth Track), 48.65m/159-7

Long Jump

Girls Long Jump, 15-16, Hannah Ganashamoorthy (Speed Unlimited), 5.92m/19-5.25

Men’s Long Jump, 17-18, Jayhlen Washington (Cape Fear Flyers), 7.29m/23-11

Day 4

Long Jump

Women’s Long Jump 17-18, Prommyse Hoosier (USATF Indiana), 6.02m/19-9

Boys Long Jump, 15-16, Curtis Williams (Tallahassee Zoom Track), 6.96m/22-10

High Jump

Boys High Jump, 9-10, Donte Dent Jr (Transitions Academy), 1.40m/4-7

Boys High Jump, 13-14, Ray Zhao (Flippen Flyers), 1.95m/6-4.75

Shot Put

Girls Shot Put, 11-12, Layla McGee (East Palo Alto Greyhounds), 12.97m/42-6.75

Boys Shot Put, 7-8, Tyse Todorovich (Helena Vigilante Runners), 8.56m/28-1

Boys Shot Put, 15-16, Mason Ellis (USATF North Carolina), 17.15m/56-3.25


Girls Mini Javelin, 7-8, Elle Cocco (Mt. Pleasant Track Club), 22.98m/75-4

Girls Mini Javelin, 9-10, Jada Lubin (USATF Georgia), 32.39m/106-3

Boys Mini Javelin, 9-10, Tyson Price (USATF Southwestern), 37.79m/123-11

Pole Vault

Girls Pole Vault, 15-16, Rachel Maciejeski (USATF Gulf), 3.70m/12-1.5


Men’s Discus, 17-18, Anthony Harrison (In Motion), 51.76m/169-9

Triple Jump

Girls Triple Jump, 13-14, Curtis Williams (Tallahassee Zoom Track), 6.96m/22-10

Girls Triple Jump, 15-16, Morgan Smalls (Carolina All Stars Track & Field) 12.74m/41-9.75

Day 5


Boys 3000m, 15-16, Ishaan Singh (Menlo i Greyhounds Track), 9:01.61

Men’s 3000m, 17-18, Tobias Wolfson (MHC Track Club), 8:50.26

Triple Jump

Men’s Triple Jump, 17-18, Jayhlen Washington (Cape Fear Flyers) 15.53m/50-11.5

Women’s Triple Jump, 17-18, Serena Bolden (Springfield Striders Track), 12.67m/41-7

High Jump

Boys High Jump, 15-16, Trey Tintinger (Helena Vigilante Runners), 2.10m/6-10.75

Boys High Jump, 11-12, Tyson Turner (USATF Gulf) 1.65m/5-5


Girls Javelin, 13-14, Hailey Romero (New Jersey Striders), 38.45m/126-1

Boys Javelin, 13-14, Richard Seymour (USATF Southern), 54.25m/178-0


Girls Discus, 15-16, Shelby Frank (Ragnarok Athletic Club) 48.06m/157-8

Women’s Discus, 17-18, Karlee Freeman (Team Evolution), 48.38m/158-8

Shot Put

Girls Shot Put, 9-10, Leilani McGee (East Palo Alto Greyhounds), 9.03m/29-7.50

Boys Shot Put, 11-12, Eugene Brooks IV (Las Vegas Blazin One’z), 15.20m/49-10.5

Pole Vault

Women’s Pole Vault, 17-18, Chloe Cunliffe (Seattle Speed Track), 4.24m/13-11

Long Jump

Girls Long Jump, 8 & under, Nia Faulknor (So Cal Running Cougars), 3.86m/12-8

Girls Long Jump, 13-14, Tairah Johnson (Texas Storm Track), 5.56m/18-3

Day 6


Girls 3000m, 11-12, Arielle Mckenzie (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 10:18.11

Boys 3000m, 11-12, Jason Parra (Lightning Youth Running Club), 9:55.67

Girls 3000m, 13-14, Sofia Abrego (Plyometric Fusion), 10:15.58

Boys 3000m, 13-14, Micah Wilson (Accelerator Running Club), 9:11.12

Girls 3000m, 15-16, Carmen Alder (Franklin Elite Athletics), 10:06.93

Women’s 3000m, 17-18, Jackie Addy (USATF Georgia), 10:20.34

Long Jump

Boys Long Jump, 8 & Under, Prentice Jones Jr. (Tri City Jaguars), 4.30m/14-1.25

Boys Long Jump, 11-12, Destin Jones (Power Forward Athletics), 5.36m/17-7

Girls Long Jump, 11-12, Elizabeth Deen (Greensboro Champions), 5.31m/17-5.25

Boys Long Jump, 13-14, Zachariah Branch (Vegas Lightning Track), 6.30m/20-8

High Jump

Girls High Jump, 13-14, Emma Gates (Salem Track), 1.65m/5-5

Girls High Jump, 15-16, Morgan Smalls (Carolina All Stars Track & Field), 1.75m/5-8.75


Boys Javelin, 15-16, Christopher White (Team Edge), 53.48m/175-5

Men’s Javelin, 17-18, Tzuriel Pedigo (USATF Southern), 69.32m/227-5


Girls Discus, 11-12, Layla Mcgee (East Palo Alto Greyhounds), 32.42m/106-4

Girls Discus, 13-14, Galadriel Mellion (USATF Pacific) 35.65m/116-11

Shot Put

Boys Shot Put, 9-10, Kayden Bennett (Capital City Track Club), 9.73m/31-11.25

Boys Shot Put, 13-14, Kevin Adams II (USATF South Texas), 18.12m/59-5.5

Pole Vault

Boys Pole Vault, 15-16, Dillon McCarthy (Mt. Pleasant Track Club), 4.45m/14-7.25


Girls 200m, 8 & Under, Kharisma Watkins (Watkins Family United), 28.21

Boys 200m, 8 & Under,  Aiden Opore (Jackrabbit Track & Field Club), 27.32

Girls 200m, 9-10, Sianni Wynn (Willis/Camden PAL), 26.11

Boys 200m, 9-10, Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity Track & Field), 25.64

Girls 200m, 11-12, Adaejah Hodge (Legacy Athletics), 24.37

Boys 200m, 11-12, Ta’jir Golden (High Speed), 24.17

Girls 200m, 13-14, Ramiah Elliot (Indiana Storm Track), 23.84

Boys 200m, 13-14, Tyrone Taylor (Rainer Beach Track Club), 22.02

Girls 200m, 15-16, Tamari Davis (Empire Athletics), 22.55

Boys 200m, 15-16, Sean Burrell (Greater King David Track Club), 20.85

Women’s 200m, 17-18, Alexa Rossum (ATL Zoom Athletics), 23.65

Men’s 200m, 17-18, Joseph Fahnbulleh (Park Flyers Track & Field), 20.69


Girls 800m, 8 & Under, Yasmin Lopez (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 2:41.77

Boys 800m, 8 & Under, J Hardaway Jr. (Hercules Running Rebels), 2:32.03

Girls 800m, 9-10, Anna Schneidler (Cascade Striders), 2:26.14

Boys 800m, 9-10, Grant Reynolds (Mark Trail Flying Eagles), 2:20.96

Girls 800m, 11-12, Grace Vest (Excelerate Phenoms), 2:15.68

Boys 800m, 11-12, Xavier Mitchell (Tigers Elite), 2:09.73

Girls 800m, 13-14, Cha’iel Johnson (Miami Gardens Xpress Track), 2:10.26

Boys 800m, 13-14, Saxon Brown (Greenville Jets), 1:59.87

Girls 800m, 15-16, Michaela Rose (Virginia Elite), 2:10.21

Boys 800m, 15-16, Jack Vincent (Oklahoma Jaguars Track), 1:55.86

Women’s 800m, 17-18, Emoni Coleman (Need 4 Speed), 2:14.21

Men’s 800m, 17-18, Jason Gomez (Menlo i Greyhounds Track), 1:53.34


Girls 4x100m, 8 & Under, Flo Jo International San Antonio, 1:00.64

Boys 4x100m, 8 & Under, Dave Bethany T.C., 57.22

Girls 4x100m, 9-10, Valley United Track Club, 54.08

Boys 4x100m, 9-10, M.A.D.E. Training, 51.89

Girls 4x100m, 11-12, Track Houston Youth Track Club, 49.53

Boys 4x100m, 11-12, Tallahassee Zoom Track, 49.27

Girls 4x100m, 13-14, Track Xplosion, 47.45

Boys 4x100m, 13-14, Valley United Track Club, 44.07

Girls 4x100m, 15-16, Jackrabbit Track & Field Club, 45.14

Boys 4x100m, 15-16, Charlotte Flights, 41.66

Women’s 4x100m, 17-18, ATL Zoom Athletics, 44.85

Men’s 4x100m, 17-18, CL Athletics Stars Track Club, 40.38

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