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Day Two Morning Session Quotes - IAAF World Junior Championships

Katharine Newhoff, 10,000m Race Walk
On the race overall
“It was amazing. Every time someone would come near near me, I would try going with them, and kept trying to remain on my pace. I fell off for like two laps, but I kept bringing it back on.”

On how this race has prepared her for the future
“I need to get a little more distance under my belt, and I need to do a few more speed intervals in training, but I think I’m there and in the next 10K I’m going to get another PR. That’s my goal, and it’s working out for me right now.”

On competing for Team USA
“It’s really an honor to be able to wear the United States of America - USA! It’s your home, and the fans really bring you along. It’s amazing.”

Kendall Baisden, Women’s 400 Metres first round
On the race overall
“I felt it went pretty well. I just wanted to get out there and run the first 200 really strong because that’s monumental in your race in the 400. I think I did really well and had great competitors.”

On whether she realized she was pulling away
“I have a tendency to just look at the screen during the last stretch even if I am head to head with someone. It felt like there were people up against me, and I could kind of hear what the announcer was saying.“

Olivia Baker, Women's 800m
On the race overall
“I felt good coming through the rounds. I just wanted to get out there, execute my race plan the way I always do in any race, and get in one of those auto-qualifier spots. I was able to do that today, so I’m proud of that.”

On running on the inside in Lane 2
“It wasn’t bad. I mean the turns are a little bit tight, so in a sprint race running on this track in lane 2 it can be a little difficult. I would much rather have lane 2 than lane 8. I’d rather be on the inside and see the whole field than be on the outside.

On wearing the Team USA kit again
It’s an honor. I am so blessed to have this opportunity again, especially after last year going out and getting second in this event. I’m just so blessed to have the opportunity to race again and have another shot at getting a medal.  

TJ Holmes, 400m Hurdles
On the race overall
“I got out fast for the first 200 and then on the second curve I stuttered a little. It’s because I slowed down too much, so next round I’ll fix it and keep pushing through.”

On competing on the international scene
“For me, I tried not to think about it so much. I was just thinking like it was a regular race, and they all were from America. It wasn’t really bothering me.”

Kenny Selmon, 400m Hurdles
On how the race went
"I felt good. I mean it was a little nerve racking, coming out here and there was a downpour, but in Atlanta it’s the same thing. My past two state meets, have been in a lot, a lot of rain. I felt some kind of comfort with that. But like I said earlier, it’s raining in everybody else’s lane so you’ve just gotta do what you gotta do."

On competing internationally
"They’re just other people. They can run. They have to run their race, and I have to run my race. On the track, I have to focus in on me. Everywhere else is cool. In the call room, we’re all trying to communicate, and it’s fun."

On preparation for the next round
"When I come out, I’ll definitely go out a little harder in the second round. I was really comfortable in that race, so I’ll just go out harder and see what the race brings."

Sabrina Southerland, 800m women’s semifinal 
“It went okay despite the weather conditions. It was an interesting race. it was cold and wet, but we all had to face it. It was alright. I could have done better.”

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