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Day Two Evening Session Quotes - IAAF World Junior Championships

Kendal Williams, 100m gold medalist
On the race overall
“It was an amazing race. I think I executed it the best. It was the best race I have ever had in my life. I executed well; I came out of the blocks hard; I stayed down and stayed low and stayed patient through the drive phase. When I got up, I noticed myself next to Trayvon [Bromell], and I started to get a little bit excited but I knew I had to keep my composure.

On what it feels like to be a gold medalist
“It was my first international race, and I’m a gold medalist. It’s crazy, and that’s all I can say.

Trayvon Bromell, 100m silver medalist
On the race overall
It was a great race today. Everything was set up perfectly. We had some great competitors. I’m just happy for Kendal to be able to come out with the win, and I feel like we are both happy and blessed just to be able to bring back two medals not only to the USA but to our home state of Florida.

On what it’s like to be a medalist
“It feels good. It’s my first world team, and it just feels good to go out and place. Last year at Pan Ams I got third, so I’m happy to go up to the podium and it’s a blessing. I love the sport. I love speed, and I and hope to keep doing great things in the future. ”

Kaylin Whitney, 100m bronze medalist
On competing in her first international final
“I thought I ran phenomenal. I hit all my angles perfect, and I stayed in it. I wasn’t behind by very far, so I’m really glad that happened as well. For being on this stage the first time, I’ll take a bronze medal.”

On what could be next
“I’ve still got the 200 and the 4x100, so I’m really ready to get those too.” 

Tyler Brown, 400m
On the race overall 
“My first 200 was probably my typical 200 I guess, not as fast as I wanted it to be. I knew as soon as I had the 200 at that pace, I knew all I had to do was relax, don’t panic, focus, just keep it easy and only accelerate if you have to. I knew when it came down the stretch, that I could be able to pick my knees up again to see if I could pass anybody. Luckily, somehow I got the 45, but it wasn’t intention. I’ll take it.”

On the speed of the race
“I wasn’t expecting any 45s or anything under 46. It was kind of a surprise how hard everybody went. But I knew when I work up this morning that I was going to have to run fast. This isn’t a walk in the park anymore. 

Nick Anderson, 110m Hurdles
On the race overall
“My race went well. I go all the jitters out, all the nerves, and I was able to come out here and get a good start this time, which I was really happy about. I was able to close pretty well, and get that second position in the semifinal.My goal was to get in the top-two, which I did.”

On competing at this  level
“I think it’s awesome to see everyone from around the world. This is the first real international meet. Especially when they’re coming to your country, it’s like wow! You are coming to my country to compete. In prelims I was like okay I’m actually doing it, and I know I can do this. I’m just happy to be able to be here and compete with everybody else at this level.”

On looking forward to the final
“I just have to come back and get refocused and get on that podium for Team USA.” 

Lamar Bruton-Grinnage, 400m
“I tried to get out similar to yesterday, but not as much. I tried to get out well and tried to lead through the first 100 meter mark and just try to run my race from there. I knew there were some really good guys on the inside of me, so I knew that I had to get out well because I couldn’t see them. Once I got to the last 300 with 100 meters left to go, I knew I had to utilize my 100, which is my finish. My coach was there telling me to keep my head down, keep going, keep pumping, so I listened to my coach and trusted my training to get to the finish line so that I qualified for the final.”

Ashlee Moore, Heptathlon
On the experience overall
“It’s been awesome. It’s a little bittersweet.

On her best event
“Just coming out, I was excited for long jump. Even on Day One, I kept thinking about how I couldn’t wait for Day Two; I can’t wait for long jump. I’ve been on the board my last few practices, so I was just excited for that. I came out and my knee buckled on the first jump, so I kind of went into a little panic. I kind of just adjusted my mark and the coaches told me to just calm down and that it was just another  jump, so it’s definitely a process. My last jump was 19.2, which wasn’t my PR but it was a PR in the hept, so I’m happy for that. I made up a lot of points from the long jump.”

On performance in the javelin
“The javelin was fun. It’s been awhile since I’ve had fun in jav. I was just happy that things felt right for the first time in awhile. It was definitely a good second day, and I’m just happy and excited.”

On representing Team USA
“It’s been an ultimate dream. I’ve been trying out for world teams since my freshman year [in high school]. My first year at Juniors, I got fifth, which I wasn’t expecting to place high. Last year, I ended up getting fourth. This year I came back with the mentality that I am making the team. I didn’t really care what anyone had to tell me or say. I knew I was going to make the team.

"The whole time leading up from trials in Sacramento to now, it’s been kind of like it’s not real. I felt like I wasn’t really on the team; I just had all this USA stuff. I got to represent USA, and the little sign next to my name said USA, but it didn’t really have that feeling. Definitely now, it’s kind of sinking in like I did it. "

Gabe Moore, Decathlon
On the second day of the decathlon
“My second day was way better than my first day, comparatively speaking. I came out and hurdles weren’t great but they were a lot better than at trials. In discus, I got a PR. I PR’d in pole vault; I PR’d in javelin; I PR’d in the 1500, so my second day was just way better.  My coach talked about it, coming into my second day and we just wanted to have a better overall day than the first day, and we did that. I was able to get a personal best in total points, and I got eighth place overall, so I scored points for the team. That’s why I’m here, and it’s just amazing. It’s a great feeling to score points for the U.S.”

On being a part of Team USA
“We’re representing the best country in the world, and to be considered one of the best athletes in that country, it’s a great feeling.”

Harrison Williams, Decathlon
On Day Two
“It went pretty well. My hurdles were a lot better than at Junior Nationals. I had a terrible hurdle race there. Discus didn’t go very well. It was raining, and I threw five minutes under my PR. Pole vault went well. I actually got a season best of 16-8. I was really excited about that. I had a huge PR in javelin my last throw PR’d by over 60 meters, which is over 20 feet. Overall, it was a good day.”

Shaina Burns, Heptathlon
On her decision to compete today after being disqualified from competition on Day One
“It was hard. As soon as I heard the news, I couldn’t stand because I was crying so hard. After that, I got so many texts and phone calls and handwritten notes. So many people supporting me that I got hugs from strangers - just people who had been watching me and cheering for me that I didn’t even know about.

It was just showing that that many people were as invested into my dream as I was. That really inspired me.

This is something bigger than I am. I just decided at that point, what else do I have to lose? I can either let people down and let them think that I’m a quitter, or I can show that it takes a lot more to break me than just a stupid line foul.”

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