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Day Six Quotes -- IAAF World Junior Championships

Men’s 4x400m Relay Team, gold medal
“My strategy was just to get out as hard as I can to get my teammate the lead. I tried to push really hard on the first 200 meters. And then coming down the home stretch, I just let my legs do what they know to do.” - Josephus Lyles

“There was some added pressure because we had run with two who were originally alternates, and they had run an extremely, extremely good race with little competition. Right there it showed that we didn’t exactly need the people that the alternates were alternating for. I knew in order for me to improve upon what had already been done yesterday, I really had to go and show out. yes, there was pressure, but I was also just extremely motivated. For Joe [Josephus Lyles] to come throught he straightaway like that, giving it his all, it really let me get out the turn as fast as I could so that I could get the baton around as soon as I could.” -- Tyler Brown

“My leg, it’s was tight. Tyler gave it to me in first but I knew the guy was coming and coming, but I just had to keep going around as fast as I could - just push. I knew I had to improve upon my split, and just get the baton around as fast as I could to [Michael] Cherry to finish the race. It was about just being able to get my knees up, just pump and give it my all. When you’ve got USA on your shirt, you can’t just give up.” -- Ricky Morgan

“I really just had to do the same thing I’ve been doing all year, just execute. I knew if I executed and could just keep the lead that my team gave me, I would be okay and we would come to victory. It was giving me a lot of motivation because I had seen them all race before me. Josephus [Lyles] came out and popped off; Tyler [Brown] came at the end strong to pull away, and Ricky got out really good and just held the lead, so I was thinking it would look bad if I got walked down.  I’m really confident in myself to know that if I’m out in front, I won’t get walked down. I know my race plan, and only I can run my race.” -- Michael Cherry 

Women’s 4x400m Relay Team, gold medal
“Leading off the race, I wanted to kind of repeat what I’ve been doing my whole entire season this year, which is basically just a good lead to run my race in hard and give it my all.” -- Shamier Little

“I wanted to come home with that double because I knew it would be a great feeling, so that would give me more juice to bring it in" -- Shamier Little

“Shamier [Little] got me a great lead, and I knew that to keep it I had to get to that break first, which I did, and that put us in good position because at the half-point I knew everyone else would have to go around me. I had to just bring it in and hold on to that lead I got Shakima [Wimbley].” --Olivia Baker

“I wanted to be on that podium again and get to do a victory lap around the podium was really a magical feeling.” -- Oliva Baker

“It was a very good race. The first 200, I gave myself a nice lead. I just wanted to make sure I got out and kept a relaxed form going down that stretch and bring it home for Kendall [Baisden ]." -- Shakima Wimbley

“I saw Great Britain coming behind me, and that really just gave me a burst of energy to finish and bring it home for USA. I did not want to let these girls down at all, so I knew I had to dig down deep and really kick it at the end.” -- Kendall Baisden

“My strategy was to run smart. I knew that the girls behind me would want to catch me and they would expend a lot of energy because I have been in that position before. I knew it was important for us. I knew that these girls were going to put us in the lead from the beginning. I knew it depended on me if I was going to go out crazy and try to just run like a 49 or something. I had to run smart and maintain our lead.”  --Kendall Baisden

“I was thinking about winning two medals, and that would be just great.” -- Kendall Baisden

Kendell Williams, 100mH gold medalist
“I was nervous because I knew that I had good starters next to me - good runners in general next to me. I knew Dior [Hall] was going to get out, so I knew that my start had to come together. I knew everybody was going to bring their A game, plug game. This is the finals. I got out and of course I was behind, but I knew it. I’m a strong finisher, so  knew if I kept my technique together I could hopefully pull away, and the finish was close because I got to about hurdle eight and nine and could still see Dior in my peripheral, so I knew I had to sprint. I knew I had to remember to not lean because whenever I lean, I end up losing. I just tried to run through the finish line, and I’m happy that we both got in the 12s. it’s a really good feeling.”

“We knew that we wanted to sweep it. I think that we are more excited about just the time. I know that she has PR’d, and I’ve watched her try to get into the 12s multiple times. The fact that she was able to do that and I was able to get back in the 12.8s, I was just glad. And then, it was my last Juniors. I have been trying to get a gold. I finally, finally did, and I ran my victory lap in tears. It’s just the greatest way to end Juniors.”

Dior Hall, 100mH silver medalist
“I just knew that I needed to have a better start in order to be ahead of everybody because I tend to kind of slack at the end. I told myself that I needed to have a good start, get into my rhythm fast, and I’ll be able to run a good time.”

“I think at one point I realized I was ahead, but I knew that I need to keep focussing on your race and just getting through it. You can worry about whatever else is happening later.”

“It feels amazing, and the U.S. swept the podium. That’s an amazing feeling too. We both did good, and I am really proud of myself. I don’t think I’ve ever said that I was proud of myself. This is the first time. I’m just happy that I ended the season with at 12.”

Elise Cranny, 1,500m, fourth place
“I just wanted to stay towards the front, like third or fourth. I wanted to just stay relaxed. I anticipated that they just would just kind of hang back and then just make a strong move, so I just wanted to be ready. I think I don’t really know when in the race, but I somehow ended up kind of towards the back I had to make up a lot of ground. Then when they made that pace change, it was really difficult to make that up.”

“I’m happy. Fourth is like so close to the podium, so I’m kind of disappointed. I want to keep coming to meets like this and maybe to even some senior meets to just get more experience in racing different races in different ways.”

Alexa Efraimson, 1500m, sixth place
“With one lap left, I was up there. I tried to cover all the surges, and I really gave it all I had the last lap before the wheels just fell off the last 100. I think the fact I gave it all I got this race was really big for me. I mean I covered all the surges and really when I sell out, I think that shows that I just gave it everything I had. “

“I want to do this forever. It’s so much fun! I love racing and continuing to develop on an international scale.”

Rachel McCoy, High Jump, fourth place
“It was very exhilarating. My adrenaline was pumping with kind of affected me negatively at times because it was so pumping. I couldn’t even be mad at myself. I was just smiling all day. It means the world to me. I wouldn’t trade competing at this level for anything. To represent my country coming in fourth, I had it in my head like, ‘Wow, Rachel. You’re the fourth greatest jumper in the world in your age group. I can’t be mad at that. I wish I had medaled, but it’s still an achievement that only certain people can say they have had.”

“It makes me feel very confident in my future. I knew I was going to PR, but when I did and had so much room over the bar going up, it made me feel really confident about my future. I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Bailey Roth, 3,000m Steeplechase, 10th place
“I wanted to come out and be patient through the first mile because I knew the second half was going to be tough. Coming into the second half, I just knew I had to be mentally sharp and ready for each barrier to come. Towards the end it got tough, but I felt better than I did in the prelims, so that’s really awesome to be able to come back so well. That was promising. My main goal was to get up there and compete and let the time fall where it may.”

“I actually thought I would be a little bit faster. I’ll take it. I’m happy, and I’m satisfied. My goal was to beat the time, and I did. It’s encouraging.”

“I think when I get more experience and more training for this event, I will be able to compete with those guys. For now, I just have to present myself how I am and do the best that I can.”

Tre’tez Kinnaird, 800m, sixth place
“I knew they were going to come out fast. I just didn’t know it was going to be that blazing fast. I mean 49.4 [seconds] is no slack at all. That’s what the professional guys go out at, so just coming through in like 51 or 52, I felt somewhat comfortable but not all the way comfortable because I am still not used to going out that fast. Getting a PR just capped off my season with confidence. I’m going to come into next year and just have a big year.” 

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