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Day Four Evening Session Quotes -- IAAF World Juniors


Trentavious Friday, 200m gold medalist
“Just getting - that’s that the 200 is all about. Whoever gets out the strongest and comes into transition into the 100 is going to be the winner, so I definitely felt like I executed in both of those stages and I got the win.”

“I was cold. I was ready to wrap it around me. I was just working hard for this and defending our turf against everybody else here is just a major feeling I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.”

Kaylin Whitney, 200m gold medalist
On feeling prepared to run a final after already experiencing it in the 100m
"The experience was there. Having that final a couple days back really helped and got me more comfortable in this position, so I was very thankful."

On final preparations in the moments before the race
I was focussed, and I was just doing what I did to get here. My coach, he was reassuring me of that the whole time we were in there. There is nothing different. You've been on this stage before. Show people what you were born to do.

On winning two medals at World Juniors
It feels amazing. Having one medal is really cool. But having two, and one of them being a gold, is amazing. 

Kendall Baisden, 400m gold medalist
“It’s just amazing. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been thinking about this medal since the beginning of collegiate season. I just wanted to win a World Junior medal, and just to have it is great. I really wanted to get out for my first 200. I’ve been working on my block start like crazy, and I knew that would be key in me getting out for the first 200. On the last curve, I just tried to keep it together composure-wise, and I knew that the second-place runner was going to come up. I saw her race before, and I knew Olivia [Baker] was going to come up. I knew I needed to keep my composure; remember what I have trained for; and when they come up, that’s when it’s time to kick.”

Olivia Baker, 400m bronze medalist
On medaling at IAAF World Junior Championships
“It’s such an honor to be able to medal in World Youth and then come here and medal at World Juniors, I feel great and so blessed and big things are ahead of me.”

On when she realized she could be top-three
“I knew at that point, I had to make the medal stand. I wanted to be there, get into it, and I just finished as hard as I could.”

Valarie Allman, discus silver medalist
“It’s unreal. Taking a victory lap, I think I was crawling out of my skin with excitement. It was so unbelievably cool.”

“I think that talking with my coach the idea was that because it was such a strong field I needed to come out setting the tone and think that I was the first thrower. So being able to come out and get a good one, I’m hoping it will raise the level of competition , which is really nice. It gave me a lot of confidence going into the later rounds.”

“It feels surreal. I think the medal represents how many people have believed in me along the way. There is no doubt in mind that I wouldn't be here if it hadn’t been for the people who first started believing in me back when I could barely throw 100 feet. It’s really nice to see how far I’ve come and how these people have rallied.”

Jade Martin
“I was use to it just kind of going from race to race, so it helped my race a little bit just because it gave me like a good warm-up coming into my 200. Me and my coach were working on my reaction time because it’s not the best reaction time and just trying to remember everything that we’ve rehearsed and still remember not to think and just race. It’s just a lot.”

Raven Saunders, women’s shot put bronze medalist
“I think it won’t all settle in until tonight when I get my wookie - soft cookies with ice cream on top. It probably won’t set in until then when I go back to everything that has happened my whole entire season. I don’t want to think about it right now because I don’t want to cry, so I’ll wait until later. 

TJ Holmes, 400mH bronze medalist
“Before the race started, I told myself that I know I’ve got to get out because the two other guys also have run 49s, and they’re just as quick as I am. I tried to lead to the 300, and I did that. But coming off the curve, I didn’t alternate like I was supposed to, so it helped a Jamaican kid catch up to me and then lactic acid set in with about 50 meters left after the last hurdle. I was trying to pump.”

“When I saw him ahead of me, he wasn’t too far in front of me. I thought I was going to

Jade Miller, 400mH
“It feels good. I came in confident from yesterday but knew I couldn’t be too confident. I went out a little slower than I wanted to, and I paid for that a little bit. I’m really trying to find my rhythm in this race. It’s a learning process, a learning curve. It’s a matter of being confident and knowing that my training has gotten me a spot on that podium but not feeling that anything is handed to me.”

Men’s 4x400m Relay Team, second place in heat
“Setting up, I just wanted to get a good push out the back, try to catch the person in front of me, and make sure I get the stick to Tray. He did a good job, I placed it there right and he received it. It was a good exchange from one to two.” - Jalen Miller

“I felt good when I saw Jalen got out well out of the blocks. I saw him catching people and I was like, yea we got this. I knew that when I got out, the only person I really had to catch was China. I just felt like with the great exchange that we had, I knew I was able to get it and go.”- Trayvon Bromell

“In the next round, we will focus on clean handoffs. Like I was telling these boys, the slowest group can become champions with the perfect handoff. I’ve seen it happen before, so I feel like we have the speed to break the record. If we get the clean exchanges with our handoffs, I feel like the world could see something great.” - Trayvon Bromell

“I knew Tray was coming in and he was coming in hot, so I was going to have to get out. It was a great exchange, and I just broke the stagger on him and we just held it from there. It was a good exchange from me to Mike, and we just held on to get into first or second place.” - Terry Jerrigan

“Me and Terry have been working on exchanges all week - in the room at night, before we came out here because we kind of struggled with it. That work showed out here today in the exchange from third to fourth, and we ended up being second.” - Michael Wells 

Women’s 4x100m Relay Team
“We’ve know each other, so the chemistry was already there. It was like, we’re cool. All we have to do is get the stick around, and that was it.”  - Teahna Bailey

“When I got the stick, I was just kind of just ready to go, but I was like, “Wait. I can’t just go because I have somebody else to pass off to, and then from two to three she moved me back a step, so we’re just going to go back to the way we used to be. I wasn’t really nervous at all. I was just kind of like let’s go out there and have fun and stick some things together.”
- Ariana Washington

“I was more excited than anything. I had some butterflies because it was my first time on the track so far, so I was really just excited about the whole thing. I feel like anchor leg is such an honor and to be out there with those other girls competing like that, it was so much fun. ”
- Ky Westbrook

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