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Day Five Quotes - IAAF World Juniors

4x100m Men’s Relay Team
“The first leg, it felt good. I knew getting out was the first priority and to try to catch the person in front of me. I think I did a pretty good job to help my team get out a little early. Me and Trayvon have good chemistry throughout the week, so I knew it was going to be a good exchange.” -- Jalen Miller

“When I saw Jalen come in, I knew I had to go get Jamaica. That was my main thing. I knew I had to catch the person in front of me, and I got next to him so I knew we were in the lead. Then, I saw Kendal get out, he grabbed the baton and I knew he was gone. He did his thing on the curve.” -- Trayvon Bromell

On watching the women’s relay first
“It was a great feeling. We came out from under the bleachers and we watched them finish. It was like, man they just ran a fast time so we’ve got to go out and do the same. --Trayvon Bromell

“It was a really hype feeling just watching them get that first exchange and then watching Trayvon just gunning at me full speed. As soon as I got out, I knew I had to get this baton and I had to move around this curve. I said, ‘I’m going to devour this curve.’ It’s crazy. I saw Jamaica right in front of me, and I knew I had to go catch them. I did, and I passed them, and I kept going. I passed it off to Trent and let him take it home to the finish.” -- Kendal Williams

“Yesterday had nothing to do with today. That was the past, and I never dwell on the past. It’s a new day; it’s a new event, and I knew I had great guys with me. I knew just watching these three just do their jobs and with a great handoff to me, I knew it was up to me to go across the finish line strong, and that’s what I did.” -- Trentavious Friday

It started off with Jalen. Jalen is by far the best starter that I know right now. Trayvon being the king of the 100 at NCAA level right now is amazing, and then my teammate Kendal who won the 100 out here was definitely motivation too. Then watching them all come together and combine with teamwork, it was really just up to me to finish strong because I knew that’s what I had to do.” --Trentavious Friday

On sharing the moment with the women’s relay team
“It was great sharing this moment with the ladies. I know they’re the ones who called it. They told us once they won it, it was our turn. I know these guys really, really well and I’m friendly with them, so I’m going to remember this forever. --Trentavious Friday

4x100m Women’s Relay Team
“ I just make sure that I push out and that I stay in my lane. I don’t really worry about anyone else and just try to get the stick to Ari and in the zone. My start was a little shaky, but once I got out and got into it. I knew I had it. She’s going to get it, and she’s going to get to Jada and Kaylin to take it home. It’s a great feeling to win World Juniors.” -- Teahna Daniels

“I was focussed on just passing everybody on the right of me to just break the stagger, and they said I did. That’s my job - just break the stagger and get it to Jada no matter what. After Kaylin’s third step, I knew we got it.” --Ariana Washington

“I mean my job basically is to just try to stretch it out and give Kaylin as much room as possible and be the first person to hand off the stick. That’s biggest job for third leg - hand off the stick first. I felt like the beginning of my run was very sketchy, but once I got going, I really got going. It’s the end that counts. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. All I could do when Kaylin got it was smile because I knew it was over. I knew we had won.”  -- Jada Martin

“I was so excited! I was like, ‘C’mon and give me that stick. I’m ready to finish this race and get the gold again.’ It was really exciting. This is my most fun event this week. I was looking forwad to this day all week. The relay is so fun. It’s crazy because usually I don’t really hear things when I run because I just have a tunnel vision , but this time I heard the crowd roar as soon as I got the stick. I was like, ‘Oh man, we must be in the lead. I just kept running and it felt so good to come across that line. It felt so good, and everyone cheered again. It was great. I loved it!” -- Kaylin Whitney

“At the beginning of the season, my goal was to maybe make the team or maybe make the alternate on the relay to get the good experience. Coming home with three medals with my first time on this stage is crazy.” -- Kaylin Whitney

Devin King, Pole Vault
“It was a lot of great vaulting. I wound up in fourth place at 18 [feet]. It would have been nice to medal here at Hayward. It’s a great thing to be on the USA Team representing America is a great feeling to have. Hopefully, I can clear higher heights in the future.”

Kord Ferguson, Discus
“I did exactly what I wanted to do yesterday, go one and done and I made it. I made the final of World Junior Championships. Super excited to make the final and I can walk away happy with that. Granted my performance wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be, at the same time I’m happy to be here. I definitely want to have a future in track & field. I definitely want to throw in college and post collegiately, so this is just hopefully a stepping stone to what could be in the future. I learned a lot from this experience. Being here and being with the team, the whole experience has been really awesome and I really changed my outlook on a lot of things. I couldn't be happier.”
Ryan Njegovan, Discus
“My throws weren’t the best, but I would say I was definitely not connecting as well as in my technique. But I’m satisfied. I ended off my season here, and I ended on a highlight to say the least.” 

Elinor Purrier, 3,000m Steeplechase
I tried to stick with the second group again - just let them pull me through, and it kind of went back and forth between the four of us for awhile. In the end, I just used my kick and passed them.”

Marshay Ryan, Triple Jump
"It was exciting, and I'm grateful. It's an honor. I mean there were a lot of things that I had to go through to get here - a whole lot."

"My goal was a 46, and that's still it. I'm gonna get it. By the end of this next season, I'm going to have a 46 under my belt. Just to jump my best, there is nothing more I can ask for. When you jump your best and you have fun with it, your experience is complete. Whether or not you lose, whether or not you win, as long as you do you best, I can't complain at all."

Tre’tez Kinnaird, 800m
“The plan was just to go out with the leaders, and if I had to set the pace myself, then I would just have to set it because I knew I trusted in my kick. The 800 is a really tactical race. I decided to to turn it on with about 200 to go. Honestly, I knew they were going to come, so I had a lot saved up and I think that helped me out a lot. Just being all alone in the front is a mental game. Either you have it or you don’t, and I’ve been working on it all year so I was really happy and excited.”

Shamier Little, 400mH gold medalist
“I wanted to get out how I would normally get out in a race and kind of not run off of Shonda (Richards of  Great Britain) because she was in the next lane but kind of run with her and make sure that she didn’t get too far off because then I would have to work even harder. Going around to the 150, that when I started kicking in. Having my coach on the mid-turn telling me I’ve got to go, that’s my motivation right there, and that’s when I knew. I kicked it in. I stutter stepped a few times, but I made it through and ran a good time.”

“I realized I was first coming off probably the seventh or eighth hurdle because the crowd started going wild. I didn’t know if they were going crazy for me or because I was about to get run down. I was just trying to keep my arms pumping and get my feet down and try to finish.”

Jade Miller, 400mH bronze medalist
“My race strategy was what my coach has been urging me to do all year, but I have never listened. It’s go out smart but not stupid and know what pace you’re supposed to be at. He really wanted me to find a rhythm of my race that I wasn’t finding. Before I would just go out stupid fast and just die a slow death at the end, so this time I really felt like I had something still at 150, which I never feel. I was so excited about that, and I just wanted to run my hardest and best as my last race of the season, and I just wanted to run as fast as I could to the finish line.”

Men's 4x400m Relay Team
“I was just trying to go out hard and put my team in a really good position. My first couple steps out of the blocks were really good. I felt him gaining on the outside, so I started to keep it strong. I didn’t want to push too hard or tire myself out. Coming out of the home stretch, I gave it to Myles in first place. I think that was a pretty good leg on my part, and they had extremely good legs on their parts.” -- Josephus Lyles

“When I got the handoff, we were a little bit ahead. I wanted to keep the lead and extend it, and I just wanted to push so that we could have opened the gap a lot more. I ended up doing it and keeping the time and everything - just doing what we had to do.” -- Miles Parish

“I was more the maintain guy. Lyles and Parish, they were able to get it off fast and give me the tone at first, which is what we were already talking about as a team, what we wanted. I had to take up my role and be able to maintain for Cherry so that he didn’t have to work too hard coming around the track.”  -- Ricky Morgan

“When we were in the team meeting, I just asked my team to just give me a lead to keep me in the race, and they did that so all I could do was do my part and try to make the lead bigger or hold it down. I feel like I did a good job with that.” -- Michael Cherry

Women’s 4x400m Relay Team
“My leg, it was pretty good. I got off to a good start; I was very focussed and just made sure that I put my team in a great position to make it to the next round.” - Shakima Wimbley

“It was good. I wanted to be the first to the break because I knew the girls were going to come. When one of them did, I didn’t panic. I waited and then at the end, I was able to move strong and keep my team in the lead.” - Felecia Majors

“My job was to keep the lead so that Oliva [Baker] could have an easier race.That was just my job - to keep us in first and as much in the lead as possible.” - Aaliyah Barnes

“I felt good. I knew the goal in mind was just to qualify and hold position. My team did a great job of putting me out there and really giving me a great lead. I felt good running a clean and safe race and getting the auto-qualifier.” - Olivia Baker

Kendell Williams, 100mH
“I felt good. I felt a lot better than yesterday. I felt like I was moving well over the top of the hurdle and in between, so that was good. I saw that Dior was obviously in the heat before me, and she did well. Then I was thinking that one of us is in the finals, so now it’s my job to get in the finals too. I’m really happy.”

Dior Hall, 100mH
“I felt way better than yesterday. I felt stronger, and I felt a lot faster and a lot more confident in what I was doing. Of course I am excited! Me and Kendell [Williams] are going to kill it!”

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