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Day 3 of Hershey Youth showcases eventful 3000m finals and 800m prelims


MILLERSVILLE, Pennsylvania-- Day three of the USATF Hershey Youth Outdoor Championships drew large crowds on Thursday, in anticipation of the most competitive youth track and field championship of the year. Watch all the action at the USATF Hershey Youth Outdoor Championships live and on demand on USATF.TV.  

It was an intense start to the day with the men’s 17-18 age division 3000m finals, in a race that featured a back and forth affair between Isai Rodriguez and Daniel Mazzei of Jenks America Track and Field Club, until Rodriguez broke loose in the final lap with a split time of 1:05.88, taking a 10m lead on the Mazzei on the final stretch. Rodriguez’s last lap push was enough seal his victory with a time of 8:26.16.

The intensity continued in the preliminary rounds of the boy’s 800m, particularly in the boy’s 8 & under division, in which the two heats came down to the wire. In the first heat, Miles Cash and Trey Hopkins battled to the finish, with Cash out-dueling Hopkins down the final stretch with a time of 2:52.67. Similarly, the second heat followed suite, in a showdown between Dillon Hampton, Malchi Lesnet and Justin Lawrence for the lead qualifying time heading into finals. In the final 400 meters, Lesnet pulled away to mark the fastest boy’s 8 & under 800m time, with a time of 2:46.95. The finals for the 800m will begin on Saturday at 3:15 p.m.

In the boy’s 800m (13-14 age division), Erick Steward sped away from competitors to complete the race in 2:02.56.  Second place finalist was Krstorf Reid, who continued to keep his stride as his shoe came off while he proceed to the finish line in 2:13.77.

Fierce competition progressed in the first round of the 200m prelims. The girl’s 9-10 division last heats was a close call, Kcaysha Medas-King dashed to the finish line in 28.85 to take first. James Wreh II, a familiar name from last year’s championships, took second in the boy’s 9-10 division race and Everett Capelle finished strong in first place in 2:31.93. Anthony Schwartz, in the 200m 15-16 age division, made his race look effortless as he made headway to run the fastest time of the day in 21.60. The 200m top eight will proceed to the finals, which is also held on Saturday.

More action took place during the preliminary rounds of the 4x400m relay. The Firebirds Athletic Club gave the first hand off in the girl’s (13-14) 4x400m but Pacific Coast Shock Waves, continued their winning trend from yesterday’s 4x800, and made a big move around the curve to ensure their first place in 4.00.27. All of the remaining 4x400m relays have rolled over to the finals which will take place on Sunday.

Day four of the Hershey Youth Outdoor Championships begins on Friday at 8:00 a.m. ET. Follow along with the action with the live webcast on, and join the conversation by following USATF on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #HersheyYouth

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Contributed by Maya Allen & Andrew Eisch, USATF Communications

June 30, 2016 Results

Girl’s Long Jump (7-8 age division) Finals

Sianni Wynn, 3.83m/12-06.75

Boy’s Long Jump (7-8 age division) Finals

Liam Hamilton, 3.71m/12-02.25

Boy’s Long Jump (15-16 age division) Finals

Brendan Sparr, 6.84m/22-05.25

Girl’s Triple Jump (15-16 age division) Finals

Kelsia Moore, 11.54m/37-10.50

Boy’s Triple Jump (13-14 age division) Finals

Christian Hall, 11.93m/39-01.75

Men’s Triple Jump (17-18 age division) Finals

Donovan Beckett-Simms, 14.02m/46-00.00

Girls High Jump (9-10 age division) Finals

Brianna Lindo, Deja Brooks, Alicia Newell, 1.20m/3-11.25

Girl’s High Jump (13-14 age division) Finals

Tierra Hooker, 1.60m/5-03.00

Women’s High Jump (17-18 age division) Finals

Mecca Muamba, 1.65m/5-05.00

Boy’s High Jump (9-10 age division) Finals

Marcus Doukoure, 1.15m/3-09.25

Boy’s 3000m (15-16 age division) Finals

Acasio Pinheiro, 9:02.24

Men’s 3000m (17-18 age division) Finals

Isai Rodriguez, 8:26.16

Girl’s Discus (13-14 age division) Finals

Kirsten Clay, 34.21m/112-03

Women’s Shot put (17-18 age division) Finals

Nickolette DUnbar, 16.41m/53-10.25

Girl’s Shot Put (15-16 age division) Finals

Veronica Fraley, 12.63m/41-05.25

Boy’s Shot put (15-16 age division) Finals

Joshua Sobota, 16.21m/53-02.25

Boy’s Discus (11-12 age division) Finals

Angelo Allen, 25.22m/82-09

Men’s Discus (17-18 age division) Finals

Matthew Slagus, 52.87m/173-05

Girl’s Mini Javelin (9-10 age division) Finals

Coco Velasquez, 23.30m/75-05

Girl’s Mini Javelin (11-12 age division) Finals

Hailey Romero, 32.14m/105-05

Boy’s Mini Javelin (11-12 age division) Finals

Josiah Sechler, 41.91m/137-06

Girl’s Pole Vault (13-14 age division) Finals

Taylor Ciccolini, 1.90m/6-02.75

Boy’s Pole Vault (13-14 age division) Finals

Kegan Mancabelli, 2.65m/8-08.25

Girl’s/Women’s 800m (Preliminary)

Gabriela Grande Rosas, 2:52.31 (7-8 age division)

Alissa Graham, 2:31.76 (9-10 age division)

Amari Lallemand, 2:29.96 (11-12 age division)

Alana Yoder, 2:19.44 (13-14 age division)

Lauren Leatherman, 2:19.45 (15-16 age division)

Clare Martin, 2:11.01 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 800m (Preliminary)

Malachi Lesnet, 2:46.95 (7-8 age division)

Everett Capelle, 2:31.93 (9-10 age division)

Nicholas Mejia, 2:22.27 (11-12 age division)

Erick Steward, 2:02.56 (13-14 age division)

Jalen Jones, 2:00.54 (15-16 age division)

Thomas Mosley, 1:55.45 (17-18 age division)

Girl’s/Women’s 200m (Preliminary)

Sianni Wynn, 30.05 (7-8 age division)

Kcaysha Medas-King, 28.85 (9-10 age division)

Paris Baker, 26.70 (11-12 age division)

Jordan Sale, 25.32 (13-14 age division)

Taylor Wright, 24.62 (15-16 age division)

Stephanie Davis, 24.31 (17-18 age division)

Boy’s/Men’s 200m (Preliminary)

Isaiah Bynum, 30.42 (7-8 age division)

Christian Walker, 27.86 (9-10 age division)

Nyckoles Harbor, 25.59 (11-12 age division)

Ashton Allen, 22.35 (13-14 age division)

Anthony Schwartz, 21.60 (15-16 age division)

Eric Allen Jr, 21.52 (17-18 age division)

Girl’s/Women’s 4x400m relay (Finals)

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 4:00.27 (13-14 age division)

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