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Champions and record breakers on Day 1 at USATF Hershey Youth Indoors


STATEN ISLAND -- Sprint prelims, field event champions, distance finals and 12 new records brought the 2016 USATF Hershey Youth Indoors to a celebratory start Friday, March 11 as more than 2,400 athletes ages 8-18 began contesting national titles at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex on Staten Island.

USATF.TV is hosting live coverage of the three-day event, spanning Friday through Sunday, with on-demand videos also available.

Xavier Adkins (Durham, North Carolina) was the day’s first champion, long jumping his way to 3.91m/12-10 and an 9-10-year-old boys age-group title. Alexander Chapman-Evans (Raleigh, North Carolina) took the silver medal with his 3.88m/12-08.75 leap and Ja'Mari Manson’s (Vernon, Connecticut) mark of 3.88m/12-08.75 was good for the bronze.

The 13-14 girls high jump cleared higher heights with Brianna Smith (Elkins Park, Pennsylvania) claiming her crown at 1.67m/5-05.75 to break the 1.65 m/5-5 previous standard. Daniella Munoz (Katy, Texas) went over 1.55m/5-01 for second place and Nia Christie (Monroe, Connecticut) jumped 1.55m/5-01.00 for third.

Three records went down in 3,000m finals as Lauryn Heskin (Floral Park, New Jersey) coasted to the first one in 10:18.21 for gold-medal finish in the 13-14 girls age group. Heskin improved the 10:24.00 record by more than four seconds. Camille Napier (Richmond, Texas) was the age group’s second finisher in 10:45.09 and Lily Cohen (New York City) was third in 10:46.81.

In boys distance action, Jonah Gorevic (Rye, New York) had the fastest 3K time among 13-14 boys as he made a final 200-meter sprint to finish in a record-breaking 9:22.96 for the title. The silver medal went to Ben McKenna ( Laguna Niguel, California), who made his finish in 9:25.37, and Edwin Klanke III (Mahwah, New Jersey) won the bronze in 9:36.67.

All three medalists in the 15-16 boys 3,000m outran the 9:19.11 record when Tyler Sennal (Fairport) garnered his gold in 9:09.38 with Noah Eskew (Jessieville, Arkansas) winning silver in 9:11.13, and Justin Diehl (Port Republic, Maryland) claiming the bronze in 9:12.54.

Egypt Park (Bronx, New York) broke the 17-18 girls shot put record of 12.35 m/40-6.25, when she tossed 13.93m/  45-08.50 to become a champion. Courtney Murph (Raleigh, North Carolina) was second after throwing 10.69m/35-01 and Antoinette Gyles (Marlboro, New Jersey) was third at 10.64m/34-11.00.

Jaida Smith (Frederick, Maryland) in the 15-16 girls age group got the meet off to a blazing fast start as she broke the first 55m record, clocking 7.19 to take down the 7.27 set in 2015. Alivia Scott (Joint Base Mdl, New Jersey) also outran the 15-16 girls’ record with her finish in 7.25. Among 17-18-year-old girls, Najiya Cornish (Elsmere, Delaware) ran 7.02, improving the 7.14 age group time .


In the 15-16 boys 55m races, Senaca Millege Jr. (ran 6.34 to improve the 6.63 record as he finished with the ninth best time in the country this year. Nyckoles Harbor (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) in the 11-12 boys category, ran 7.31 - just .01 seconds shy of his age group’s record.

Back-to-back age-group records went down in the 400m as Da'mira Allen (Chester, Pennsylvania) broke the 8 & under girls standard of 1:12.40 when she clocked 1:10.81 before Kanai Bey-English finished in 1:04.04 as the fastest of three 9-10 girls competitors under the 1:06.58 record. Nyla Liburd (Brooklyn, New York) ran 1:05.76 and Alissa Graham (Brooklyn, New York) finished in 1:06.14. Two athletes broke the 13-14 girls 400m record of 58.58, when Brianna Brown (Bronx, New York) ran 57.67 in heat 1 and Mykala Perry (Paulsboro, New Jersey) came cruising even quicker at 56.82 in heat 2. Paris Perkins (Memphis, Tennessee) finished in 57.28 to lower the 57.73 set in 2014.


3,000m (11-12 Girls) -  Lucason, Elizabeth (Unattached) 10:42.70

3,000m (11-12 Boys) - Paragas, Parker (New Haven Age Group) 10:11.44

* 3,000m (13-14 Girls) - Heskin, Lauryn (Tsc Track Club) 10:18.21

* 3,000m (13-14 Boys) -  Gorevic, Jonah (Tailwind) 9:22.96

3,000m (15-16 Girls) - Willis, Tori (Triple Threa) 10:28.52

*3,000m (15-16 Boys) - Senall, Tyler  (Penfield Athletic) 9:09.38

3,000m (17-18 Girls) - Cole, Elsa (Unattached) 10:28.68

3,000m (17-18 Boys) - Smith, Jamison (Unattached) 9:07.61

High Jump (9-10 Girls) - Hawkins, Kashya (Foundation T) 1.15m/3-09.25

High Jump (9-10 Boys) - Harrison, Aaron (Hackensack J) 1.15m/3-09.25

*High Jump (13-14 Girls) - Smith, Brianna (Infinity Track) 1.67m/5-05.75

High Jump (13-14 Boys) -  Jenkins, Connor (Unattached) 1.70m/5-07.00

Long Jump (17-18 Girls) - Harris, Pleasant (Wee Sports) 5.44m/17-10.25

Long Jump (17-18 Boys) - Barry, Alpha (Unattached) 6.87m/22-06.50

*Shot Put (17-18 Girls) - Parker, Egypt (Eclipse Track) 13.93m/45-08.50

Shot Put (17-18 Boys) - Agwu, Noah (Above Xpectations) 15.91m/52-02.50

USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Record Breakers

55m (15-16 Girls) - Smith, Jaida (Vector Elite) 7.19  

55m (15-16 Boys) - Milledge Jr, Senaca  (Olympia Track) 6.34

55m (17-18 Women) - Cornish, Najiya (Above Xpectations) 7.02  

400m (8 & Under Boys) -  Allen, Da'mira (chester chee) 1:10.81

400m (9-10 Girls) - Bey-English, Kanai (Infinity Track) 1:04.04

400m (13-14 Girls) - Perry, Mykala (Tnt Express) 56.82
400m (17-18 Women) - Perkins, Paris (Fast and Fur) 57.28

3,000m (13-14 Girls) - Heskin, Lauryn (Tsc Track Club) 10:18.21

3,000m (13-14 Boys) - Gorevic, Jonah (Tailwind) 9:22.96

3,000m (15-16 Boys) - Senall, Tyler  (Penfield Athletic) 9:09.38

High Jump (13-14 Girls) - Smith, Brianna (Infinity Track) 1.67m/5-05.75

Shot Put (17-18 Girls) - Parker, Egypt (Eclipse Track) 13.93m/45-08.50

55m Qualifiers

8 & Under Girls

Wynn, Sianni (Willis/Camden Pal) 8.61

Atkinson, Londyn (Track Xplosion)  8.77

Turner, Kyra (Unattached) 8.94

Montgomery, Arianna (Delaware Eli) 9.00

Burrell, Brianna (Velocity Track) 9.08

Lawson, Jahda (Vector Elite) 9.23

Cooper, Khamiya (Young Phenom) 9.34

Jackson, Shari (Run U Xpress) 9.36

8 & Under Boys (Record - 8.47)

Redden, Avion (Vector Elite) 8.84     

Whitfield, Julian (East Coast T) 8.94      

Walker, Amir (Capital City) 9.02      

McCormick, Daniel (Woodlawn Track Pack) 9.15

Grannum, Michael (Explosion Tr) 9.15

Bryan, Kenneth (New York Novas TC) 9.16      

Smith, Austin  (Unattached) 9.37      

Ferguson, Joseph (Usa-Ja) 9.50

9-10 Girls (Record - 7.97)

Daley, Logan (Explosion Tr) 8.02     

Wright, Ronniah (Sapphire - R) 8.10    

Estes, Tali Rose (Sewell Insti) 8.11     

Fulton, Ashley (Metro Eagles) 8.26      

Crews, Kailah (Delaware Eli) 8.34

Medas-King, Kcaysha (Unattached) 8.34

Williams, Chelsea (Aurora Flyers Track) 8.36     

Burrell, Olyvia (Velocity Track) 8.37q

9-10 Boys (Record - 7.53)

Wreh II, James (Metropolis-B) 7.95      

Barrows, Walter (New York Novas TC) 8.02      

Walker, Christian (Metro Eagles) 8.03     

Truitt, Jasyn (Delaware Eli) 8.05    

Williams, Dylan (Jaguar Track) 8.06     

Deas, Bryce (Full Speed A) 8.08q    

Dillard, Drew (Usa-Ja) 8.24

11-12 Girls (Record - 7.53)

Jenkins, Olivia (Michigan All Stars) 7.58        

Outlaw, Tia (Run U Xpress) 7.59q    

Freeman, Nyjai (Above Xpectations) 7.61      

Sampson, River (Bronx Tigers TC) 7.67     

Lewis, Avery  (Infinity Track) 7.69      

Jackson, Shawnti (Run U Xpress) 7.72      

Fort, Cidney (Run U Xpress) 7.81  

Ferrell, Anaeja  (Above Xpectations) 7.81

11-12 Boys (Record - 7.30)

Harbor, Nyckoles (Full Speed A) 7.31

Bond, Isaiah (Jackrabbit T) 7.35

Branch, Zachariah (Vegas Lightn) 7.41

Foster Jr, Gregory (Willis/Camden Pal) 7.49

Denny, Davin-Wayne (New Horizon Track) 7.54

Eans, Coulaj (Young Phenom) 7.58

Perry, Kailen (Run U Xpress) 7.63

Bukoye, Oluwashemilore (Full Speed A) 7.67

13-14 Girls (Record - 7.15)

Sales, Jordan (7.30)     

Brown, Brianna (Team Dynasty) 7.44    

Epps, Sabria (Infinity Track) 7.46      

Perry, Mykala (Tnt Express) 7.50     

Morgan, Nya (Full Speed A) 7.52     

White, Brianna (Chelsea Greyhounds) 7.54     

Cooper, Kamia (Hershey Blaze) 7.67

Janes, Whitney (Metropolis-B) 7.67

13-14 Boys (6.84)

O'Brien, Jack (Westchester) 7.03

Harris, DaJuan (Usa-Ja) 7.03

Brassfield, Sterling (MACKTRACK EL) 7.05   

Davis, Quinsean (Gadsden Burners)  7.13     

Nunley, Alexander (Run U Xpress) 7.19

Decoteau, Andrew (Explosion Tr) 7.19

Taffe, Adrian (MySprintClub) 7.21   

15-16 Girls (Record - 7.27)

*Smith, Jaida (Vector Elite) 7.19     

Scott, Alivia (Willis/Camden Pal) 7.25      

Wright, Iantha (Metro Eagles) 7.33      

Nicely, Otavia (Bronx Tigers TC) 7.41      

Lewis, Kai (V-Tesse Track Club) 7.47    

Givens, Taylor (Hershey Blaze) 7.52      

Avila, Ruby (Bronx Tigers TC) 7.53     

Mathis, Nariah (Velocity Track) 7.54

15-16 Boys (*Previous Record - 6.63)                                                      

*Milledge Jr, Senaca  (Olympia Track) 6.34 -  New Record

Roach, Ethan (Unattached) 6.66q

Kungu, Lewis (Delaware Eli) 6.74

Barriffe, D'Andre (Metro Eagles) 6.76

Cadet, Joshua (Roselle Rams) 6.83

Harris-brown, Barrington (Team Dynasty) 6.91

Cadet, Josiah (Roselle Rams) 6.92

Evans, Hakeem (Willis/Camden Pal) 6.94

17-18 Women (Previous Record - 7.14)

*Cornish, Najiya (Above Xpectations) 7.02    

Hamilton, Rebekah (Young Phenom) 7.28      

Henderson, Taylor (Unattached) 7.29      

Harris, Pleasant (Wee Sports) 7.40      

Straker, Zuri (Mhc Track Club) 7.41      

Randolph, Brianna (Rochester Ru) 7.44     

Wade, Sukanya (Mhc Track Club) 7.48     

Magassouba, Mariam (Harlem Child) 7.49

17-18 Men (6.48)

Vandergrift, Shaquawn (Unattached) 6.51     

Crosse, Clayton (Willis/Camden Pal) 6.53     

Frazier, David (Wee Sports) 6.65      

Amponsah, Kwaku (Unattached) 6.66     

Floyd Jr, Kamau (First State) 6.67

Hughes, Keegan (Unattached) 6.67

Robbins, Tramaine (Action Elite) 6.67

McCarthy, Justin (New York Novas TC) 6.69

400m Qualifiers

8 & Under Girls

Allen, Da'mira (chester chee) 1:10.81
Atkinson, Londyn (Track Xplosion) 1:15.30
McIntosh, Aarin (Infinity Track)  1:19.00
Lawson, Jahda (Vector Elite) 1:19.63
Montgomery, Arianna (Delaware Eli) 1:22.84
Thompson, Natalia (Jaguar Track) 1:23.18

8 & Under Boys

James, Zion (Prospect Par) 1:16.32

Dixon, Myles (Full Speed A) 1:16.33

Richard, Myles (Jaguar Track) 1:19.76

Dalieh, Gabriel (God's Speed Track) 1:20.43

Robinson, Jaidon (Haverhill El) 1:20.56

Jones, Arthur (Ebenezer A.M) 1:22.12

9-10 Girls (Previous Record - 1:06.58)

*Bey-English, Kanai (Infinity Track) 1:04.04
Liburd, Nyla (Prospect Par) 1:05.76
Graham, Alissa (Club44) 1:06.14
Lipscomb, Mia (Run U Xpress) 1:07.11
Harley, Nadiah (Willis/Camden Pal) 1:07.93
Stargell, Kayleigh (Unattached) 1:08.62
Hollis, Peyton (Jaguar Track) 1:08.76
Le'Lie, Kaylyn (Metro Eagles) 1:09.32

9-10 Boys (Record - 1:02.24)

Wreh II, James (Metropolis-B) 1:04.89

Johnson, Brendan (Baltimore Ci) 1:07.83

Muwwakkil, Jasir  (New York Novas TC) 1:07.96

Robinson, Maxwell (Tailwind) 1:08.30

Wilson, Amir (Capital City) 1:08.74

Walker, Christian (Metro Eagles) 1:09.20

11-12 Girls (Record - 1:00.01)

Willis, Roisin (Stevens Poin) 1:01.93

Jackson, Shawnti (Run U Xpress) 1:02.51

Cunningham, Sydney (Ann Arbor Track) 1:04.53

Jenkins, Olivia (Michigan All Stars) 1:04.92

Kuylen, Sania (Metro Eagles) 1:05.36

Berry, Jenai (Plainfield Tsunami) 1:05.89

11-12 Boys (Record - 56.35)

Perry, Kailen (Run U Xpress) 59.91

Pendarvis, Myles (Apex Track) 59.96

Collier, Malachi (Unattached) 1:01.28

Shepherd Jr, Claude (MySprintClub) 1:01.29

Cumberbatch, Nathan (Milwaukee Mustangs) 1:01.32

Cosby, Quamere (chester chee) 1:01.72

13-14 Girls (Record - 58.58)

*Perry, Mykala (Tnt Express) 56.82
Brown, Brianna (Team Dynasty) 57.67
Rose, Michaela  (Metropolis-B) 58.77
Morant, Leena (Jaguar Track) 59.49

13-14 Boys (Record - 54.59)

Flemming, Tahje (Prospect Par) 52.54
Turner, Jordyn (Unattached) 53.93
Langley, Malachi (chester chee) 54.07
Langley, Malik (chester chee) 55.17

Irving Jr, Stephen (Metropolis-B) 55.34

Law, Christian (Zephyrs Track) 56.35

15-16 Girls (58.24)

Wimbley, Sasha (Wee Sports) 59.75
Bradley, Antoinette (Ebenezer A.M) 1:00.04
Kwortnik, Natalie (Ambler Olympic) 1:00.18
Bethea, Zarria (Jaguar Track) 1:00.44
Goffe, Toshel (V-Tesse Track Club) 1:01.10
Whetstone, Shelby (Willis/Camden Pal) 1:01.48
Sargeant, Sinead (Unattached) 1:01.84
Peart, Shawnakay (V-Tesse Track Club) 1:01.92

15-16 Boys (Record - 51.16)

DuPree, Chris (Kansas City) 51.19
Kungu, Lewis (Delaware Eli) 51.85
Barriffe, D'Andre (Metro Eagles) 51.87
Brodie, Anthony (Bronx Tigers TC) 52.04
Pendarvis Jr, Jay (Apex Track) 52.92
Hernandez, Napoleon (Delaware Eli) 53.07

17-18 Girls (Record - 57.73)

*Perkins, Paris (Fast and Fur) 57.28
Whelan, Gracie (South Charlo) 59.00
Thompson, Jennifer (Rss Athletics) 59.40
Henderson, Taylor (Unattached) 59.63
White, Leah (Ebenezer A.M) 59.89
Miranda, Nioami (Polar Bears) 1:00.98

17-18 Boys (Record - 49.33)

Hill, Kobey (Fast and Fur) 49.71
Madeus, Boaz (Trenton Track)  49.75
Floyd, Tydarius (Emerald City)  49.76
Hughes, Keegan (Unattached) 50.18
Jean, James (Quiet Storm) 50.29
Smith, Anthony (Rochester Ru) 50.93
Jackson III, Freddie (Unattached) 51.18

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