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Athlete Quotes - USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships - Friday, June 21

USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
Athlete quotes will be updated after each event.

Geena Gall, Women’s Senior Women’s 800 Meters, Winner, Heat 2.
On the race: “It was basically an all or nothing race. It played out the way I wanted it to. I wanted to be near the front, but not in the lead. I knew it was going to be kind of a race the last hundred meters. I was glad I was able to pull through. I worked on my form and kept driving my arms and run straight through the finish line. Hopefully will make standard, but definitely want to make top three.”
Nicholas Symmonds, Men’s Senior 800 Meters, Winner, Heat 2.
On the race: “Tyler (Mulder) said he was going to take the lead if it was slow and so my goal was just be on his shoulder. I wanted to stay shoulder to shoulder with him and it worked out that way. The race played out just way we planned it right down to the tenth of a second. Sunday and obviously it is going to be a nightmare personally. I am hoping for blustery, hot conditions like 2010. If it does, it will play well for me.”
Barbara Pierre, Women’s Senior Women’s 100 Meters, 5th place.
On the race: “I was a little off. I didn’t run the race I was supposed to. It wasn’t like the semis, easy and controlled. It wasn’t like that and it caused me to tense up. I am not really mad. I ran a 10.94 and that’s a PB. I have come a very, very long way. Am I mad? No, I’m not. I am just really blessed to be here in the finals. I can’t complain.”

Lance Brooks, Men’s Senior Discus, Winner.
On the win: “It was a repeat of the Olympic Trials last year. I fouled my first throw and my second was 56 or 57 meters. I needed one more throw to make finals. My last throw in preliminaries was 62.29 and that held up to win it. I thought I was going to throw a lot farther so it was good all around. You always want to throw farther, but I will spend the next couple weeks chasing the standard.”
Russ Winger, Men’s Senior Discus, 2nd place.
On his finish: “That’s my best finish at USAs ever. After the Trials last year I was very disappointed. It didn’t unfold the way I would have liked. Such is life. I made a few changes in my life. I am working with a new coach. I moved to Colorado Springs and made some good changes in my life. My technique is coming along. This season has been kind of up and down, but that is to be expected when making so many changes. All in all I am pleased with today.”
James Plummer, Senior Men’s Discus, 3rd Place.
On the competition: “It was really good competition. I have never really thrown against big names like that before. I just made it to finals. I was seventh when I got to finals I threw 203 and that got me to third. That was a PR for me. My best was 201.”

Alexandria Anderson, Women’s Senior 100, Third place.
On making the team: "I am very, very happy to be on the team. I’m excited to go to Russia. I definitely have a lot to work on when I get back to Claremont, otherwise I couldn’t be happier. There is nothing wrong with just being on the relay, no one just goes out there to compete on the relay. You want to go out there and represent your country the best that you can, it takes time, you enjoy the journey but I am super excited.”

Tyson Gay, Men’s 100M, Champion
On the qualifiers: “They went good. I was a little big sluggish the second round. I think the heat got to me a little bit. But I tried to put it together in the finals. I could have got a better start. But it still worked out okay.”
On possibly running the 200: “I'm going to see how I feel in the morning, base it off that. That's the plan. I was trying to get a good start in the finals. That's probably why I didn't, because I was trying. I can put together a better race at the start. But semifinal start was a lot better.”
On being at peak performance level: “I think I’m getting there. My semifinal was a lot more relaxed. I got out a lot better. But that's not bad, two 9.7s in one day. That's pretty tough on the body.”
On his status now v. at London Olympics: “I'm feeling a lot better. I feel a lot stronger. My finish is a lot stronger. I have a good base under my belt. My coach says don't run fast in the semis, you can come back in the finals, so I felt confidence in him saying that. That gave me a little confidence going into the finals even though I was a little tired. Emotionally I feel good. I got to see my Mom in the stands. That always feels good. It feels pretty good with the victory. It always feels good to get a win.”
On winning U.S. Championships five years apart: “It feels good. It just shows when you're healthy, there's an even playing field.”
On running south to north:  “Indoors you run into a mat, you're running a lot faster outdoors, running into a mat. It was a little bit scary. It was just the whole thing in your mind. You're running a lot faster than the 60.”

Matt McClintock, Junior Men’s 10,000, Champion.
On the race: “I didn’t want to get out and get stuck in the lead. There were a lot of guys who were expecting me to do something after world cross so I just sat in the back and waited. I moved my way up around 800 meters and just sat in with the guys through the first 5K, then put down a surge with 11 or 10 to go and just started trying to pull away from there.”

English Gardner, Women’s 100 meter, winner.
On the race: “This has been a great opportunity. God has blessed me with so much this year. It is hard to do three seasons of track with NCAA indoor and outdoor track. They have rough on me. With the pros, it is their first season. Their legs are fresher than mine. Throughout all the obstacles I have overcome the past two or three weeks, I really came out and performed well today. I cannot really say more that I am blessed and God has me in his favor.”
On overcoming an ankle injury from the NCAA meet: “My ankle is still bothering me now. I am going nurse it till Moscow. It is going to be a long haul and emotional battle. I have been trying not worry about things I cannot control and perform the best that I can.”
On her feelings: “I am not going to say I shocked the world, but I definitely shocked myself.”
Octavious Freeman, Women’s 100, Second Place.
On making the team: “You had to give it my all or go home. I gave it my all and made the team.
This year, I was making up for lost times. Last year I did not do as well as I wanted. This year I wanted to prove my point and that is what I did.”
On the Race: “From the semi finals to the finals, my start got better. My transition, as far as being in the race was way better. Overall, it was a good performance for me. I here now and I want to show everybody.”
Justin Gatlin, Men’s 100, 2nd place.
On the race: “I felt good running 9.98 with an Ace bandage on.  I strained my hamstring a week before getting here.  I had to rest the whole weekend before I got here. It felt good getting through the rounds and making it to the finals. I made to the finish line and I am still healthy. I am going to make sure my right hamstring is healthy. I am going to go home and re-tweak some things and get ready.”
On Tyson Gay: “Tyson runs great from the middle part, then all the way to the end. That is what you expect from Tyson, with a healthy Tyson.”
On Jamaica’s team: “They have been working collectively as a team. That is how they have been able to beat the U.S. the last couple years. Now, if we work together as a team, with our speed and dynamic we can bring back the title as the World’s Fastest Man and the World’s Fastest Team."
On facing Ussain Bolt at World Championships: “I know it’s going to sound really patriotic, but it’s not about one person. It’s about a team collectively. That’s what they (the Jamaicans) have done these past few years, they’ve worked as a team.”
Charles Silman, Men’s 100, 3rd place.
On the race: “I got off to a great start, and then I panicked a little and regained my composure. I tried to finish strong. In the middle of the race, I realized that I was in fifth or sixth place. I said forget my hamstring, if I hurt it, I hurt it. My hamstring was good until the semi finals today. Once I got to the finals, I just wanted to get through the race. I am at a loss for words right now getting third place. Waiting to find out if I got third place was crazy. I feel like I am just blessed to make it and I have a lot in front of me. I will be ready by the time Moscow comes.”
Brenda Martinez, Women’s Senior 800, Heat 2 winner
On the race: “The plan was to go in, not do any work for 600 meters, we tapped into that system where I can take off at the last 200 so I felt good. I have done it in practice so can do it in a race as well. You don’t win it (race) in the first lap. I worked on my kick, the past two years, doing those tags, took me a while to adapt to those, think I have worked on it better this year. It was a lot of sacrifice in the training and its finally paying off.”
On the final: “Pretty fast, try to stay as relaxed as I can, progressively get faster at the end and try and go all out the last 100 meters. I try to race to win, I don’t want to just qualify, it’s kind of risky, someone could snatch that place so I would rather just race to win.”

Brad Walker, Men’s Senior Pole Vault, Champion.
On his vaults: “It’s a little lower than I would have liked. It was a little bit harder today to jump than I thought it was going to be. It was a good wind, but it was hard to gauge like a repeatable easy run. I was under I was out trying to gauge that. I made 5.65 meters, first attempt, when nobody made the next bars, they just went up to 5.8 meters to try and get a good bar. I made a team, relief that I did, but not so pumped about it. I would have liked to have gotten the next bar (5.8 meters) and taken shots at 6.0 meters and so.”
Jeremy Scott, Men’s Senior Pole Vault, second place.
On his vaults: “Great conditions, it really was, it certainly helped me out where it this is only my second meet and it kind of helped me run, it was hot, by the end I was really, really tired and that was probably by limiting factor. When you get a nice tail wind like that on a nice track, you just worry about running, that’s easy, and then the technique part comes into it. It was a season best; I thought I was going to jump 18-8, which would have been the next bar. It was pretty much right on schedule, I had three really good jumps on it, just kind of got rob; I am really happy with the results.”
Jack Whitt, Men’s Senior Pole Vault, third place
On his vaults: “I didn’t really expect to get third; I wanted to, there were a couple of other really good jumpers. I guess I had a little bit better day. Struggled on a couple of bars, third attempts, came back and made 16 on my first attempt. Getting third is a lot higher then I really expected, it’s just a bonus. It was pretty consistent on our backs, it wasn’t too bad, I have jumped in a lot worse. I just couldn’t really get in a rhythm. I think I expended a little more energy at NCAA’s two weeks ago than I thought I would have.”
Olicia Williams, Women’s Junior 800, Champion.
On the run: “It was a nice experience, it wasn’t that hard. Was just trying to go in there and win it. Coach told me to take the lead from the beginning and follow through. So that’s what I did, it was windy so it was a good race. It’s okay time, it’s not that great. I just wanted to win it, hopefully when I go down to Columbia do 2:05 or better so that’s what I am looking forward too.”

Josh Mance, Men’s 400M, Winner, Heat 2.
On his race: “I just wanted to get top 4. I wasn’t running to get first. I’ve got one more day to go. Just take it one day at a time and hopefully it’s a good day.”
On the high-caliber competition: “I came in with high standards, I’m in a good position. Two of my losses this year were to LaShawn (Merritt). Hopefully I can keep it up and make the team again. I have to keep digging and prove myself. I can’t count anyone out. Tony (McQuay) is a beast, James Harris is a monster, Mike Berry is a beast. It’s going to be a fun race. I’m cool with all these guys. I love to go race with my friends and make the best of it.

LaShawn Merritt, Men’s 400M, Winner, Heat 1.
On what was different between prelims and semis: “I think today I used my strength. My strength is speed and I actually used some of that today. I didn’t run to get tired, I used my strong point. It felt good. It wasn’t as windy today. You take the rounds, put the races together, and you look towards the next race.”
On tomorrow’s race: “I will be ready. I’m going to go cool down, get my mind right, talk to some people back home in Virginia who will keep my mind where it needs to be and get some rest and get ready for tomorrow.”
On high-caliber competition: “It’s an individual sport. I don’t know how hard the next guy is training, I don’t know what’s going on in the next guy’s brain, and I try to focus on myself.”

Nicholas Rivera, Men’s Junior 800m, Champion.
On his victory: “This whole time all I wanted to do was break 1:50. That’s all I wanted to do this whole season. I really didn’t want to win anymore, I just wanted to run fast. I did both, and I got a national title with it. You just have to thank God. I put this race in his hands and he did it.”

Tiffany Williams, Women’s Senior 400 Meter Hurdles, Winner, Heat 1.
On the race: “I thought it was really windy coming home. I was just trying to focus to get through. I feel good. I just need to work on my alternate leg hurdling. Overall, I felt pretty good. I won here a few years ago at the Drake Relays. I love the place, I love the crowd. It is just a great atmosphere.”
T’Erea Brown, Women’s Senior 400 Meter, Winner, Heat 2.
On the race: “The race went perfect. Tomorrow is really the day we want to run for position for going to the finals. I didn’t really feel like pushing it coming home. Today was to feel good on the track and get the first race out of the way. I love this track. I pretty much know it. You have to take one run at a time. I changed up my whole race pattern. I have to black out the first 200, then get put and go.”
Dalilah Muhammad, Women’s Senior 400 Meters, Winner, Heat 3.
On her race: “I felt good. I wanted to go out and have an easy first round, make it back to the finals and win. I felt good. The wind was blowing and in the last 200 I just did what I had to do. I have had a good season so far. The finals is when the real show begins”
Barbara Pierre, Women’s Senior 100 Meters, Winner, Heat 1.
On her race: “You run each race, nothing more. I will go back, relax, and get ready to run tonight. I stumbled a little bit. I was worried about my calves tightening up and cramping up. I am just trying to make the team. I don’t care if it is first, second or third, but if I can win that would make me happy.”
Sharon Day, Senior Women’s Heptathlon, Champion. Day’s third consecutive national title, she is the current world leader with 6550 points.
On the competition: “Everything was working today. I just focused in and tried to keep it light and fun. I want to score just as high or higher there (World Championships). I want to do the same thing there, let come and let it flow.”
On being world leader: “It feels pretty darn good. It will be really good momentum heading into the end of summer, and into August. I need to keep working on the little things, perfecting my technique and being consistent with all those things.”
On the high jump: “This was the first time I have jumped higher than my high school jump in three years. I have been working on it and it is good to be jumping at a good height now.

Bershawn Jackson, Men’s 400M Hurdles, Winner, Heat 1.
On the race: “Johnny Dutch goes out so fast that it seemed like I was going out slow, but I was not. He much faster over his first five hurdles. My strength is my last five hurdles. I just tried to keep in striking distance.”
On the 2013 season: “I ran a season best. I have been injured all year. I have ran two races prior to this. I did run the last two weeks because I re -injured my hamstring. I am in so much joy and relief. Today was confidence booster.”
Michael Tinsley, Men’s 400M hurdles, Winner, Heat 2.
On the race: “I wanted to set myself up on the back stretch and come home strong. I felt really comfortable.”
On not making the last two world teams: “The goal is to get on the team no matter if it is first, second or third. I have gotten fourth the last two times trying to make the world championship team. I am ready to make the team this year.”

Justin Fondren, Junior Men’s High Jump, Champion.
On winning the championship: “This is like the payback for my senior year. I had some struggles, but this makes it much better. I had been slacking off, now I’m back in the track mindset and the dedication is paying off.”
On his winning jump: “That jump tied my PR, but I know I have another one in me. I feel pretty good.”

Georganne Moline, Women’s 400 Hurdles, Winner, Heat 2.
On The Win:  “The objective I always saw is to win. I just wanted to win and that’s what I did.”
On the rounds: “I try not to think about. Either way I have to do it. I am used to it. It was like that at Olympics. It is pretty much like that at every meet. I am not too tired.”
On the Blue Oval: “I love it. It is a really fast track. I love how the track is in the center of a huge stadium.”
Bettie Wade, Heptathlon, 2nd Place Finisher.
On her performance: “I’m glad I pulled it off and got second. I hurt my Achilles last Monday, so I’m just very happy I was able to get through the meet injury-half free, so now the plan is just to get healthy and go big in Moscow.”
On her 800 meters: “It was very important (to close strong). Coach was like, ‘What are you going to run?’ And I thought 2:18 or 2:19. Then, I saw the scores and then I’m like, “I’m going to run my butt off.” I’ve come this far. I’ve completed six events. I’m going to finish this. I am controlling my destiny. I’m not going to see what Bougard is going to run, I’m going to run my hardest.
On what has been different this year: “I’m enjoying every day. It’s just like 2012, I was just making sure every day I work my butt off. I can put a check mark next to the day to say I gave 100 percent, regardless of if it was a great day or not, I just give it 100 percent and pray everything comes together in the meet.”

A.G. Kruger, Men’s Hammer throw, Champion.
On waiting to see if he won: “I get nervous about all the guys in the final making a throw. There was Jake Freeman and Kimbwe Johnson who have both won before. Chris Cralle beat me at the Trials last year. You have to try and keep that edge.”
Erica Bougard, Women’s Heptathlon, 3rd place finisher.
On her finish: “I am very excited. I am only 19-years old. All the other competitors are so much older and experienced then me. I look up to them. They are all great competitors. I want to be as good as they are one day.”

Dawn Harper, Women’s Senior 100 hurdles, Winner, Heat 1.
On the race: “It felt pretty good, I clipped a hurdle. I felt really good, I was excited. I have been dealing with a little bit of a hip flexor issue. I came out and didn’t feel it. Really for me, the later part of it was stay clean, stay clean. It’s going to be an amazing final, but you have to make it to the final to get into the heat of the race. I love being in the heat of the battle knowing that eyes are on me as well.”
Lolo Jones, Women’s 100 M Hurdles, Winner, Heat 2.
On the race: “I am not worried so much about the time; I’m just worried about the place. I just think it’s going to be an amazing, competitive final. This one’s special for me.”
On returning to her home track:
“I remember walking to this track for meets with a cooler in my hand. I used to live four blocks away. I was practicing everyday on this track for Junior Olympics in middle school. I never would have known that I would return as a professional athlete. This place is near and dear to my heart and this crowd and their energy really helped me out today.”
On the race: “I’ve been trying to get in the 12.60’s all year and then I blew right past the 60’s and into the 50’s, low 50’s nonetheless. Every race I was just plugging away trying to break through. Coach has been really good at timing me and getting me to peak at the right time.”
On the crowd: “I love it. I love it. Competitors are like ‘could you please tell them to be quiet, I’m trying to focus.’ But it really fuels me. Today was weird because I did all my visualization the other way and to turn it around was kind of crazy.”
Brianna Rollins, Women’s Senior 100 hurdles, Winner, Heat 3.
On the race: “I was so focused on not jumping the gun. I was focused on what I have to do. It feels good to run a good time with the wind. Sounds amazing, I’m thankful and I feel blessed to be out here competing at Drake Stadium. It feels great (to be a professional), I worked so hard to get here, and it’s so exciting I’m looking forward to the future ahead of me. I’m focused and relaxed; just telling myself to stay focused and relaxed. I’m excited its going to be a really good one.”
Queen Harrison, Women’s Senior 100 hurdles, Winner, Heat 4.
On the race: “It was a good race; the wind was really heavy behind our backs. Most people think that’s an advantage but it makes you get up on the hurdles really close, so I hit my knee on about three hurdles. Other than that I feel like I stayed calm, cool, and I executed the race really, really well.”
On the caliber of competition: “America has the best 100 hurdlers. I say that a lot of times, and it’s the truth. I had the Olympic bronze medalist in my heat. Of course you want to win your heat and have a great preferred lane in the next round so I had to go out there and do the best I could. I feel great; I want to do the same thing in the next round.”

Ashton Eaton, Decathlon, Leader, Day 1.
On hamstring issue: “I have a little tendonitis in left leg, which is my jumping leg. I was trying to take it easy in the high jump. High jump is the only thing it affects because it’s an awkward motion. I was trying to play it safe rather than increase the irritation. Everything else went well besides the high jump.”
On Gunnar Nixon: “I figured that he would probably have the lead today. Gunner has had a great year. He is an exuberant 20- year old. He has a lot he wants to prove and show.”

Craig Forys, Men’s 3000M Steeplechase, Winner, Heat 1.
On his heat: “It was as difficult as anticipated due to the conditions. I think we all came into this knowing that it was going to be a tough effort and there was no getting by it. It hurt all of us. We were complaining about it. Competition wise, it was a strong group of guys. I think the top guys did what they were supposed to and the people who should have been around me were.”
On his plans for the final: “For the final, if the heat and conditions are the same, I need to be thinking place and time. I’m just going to compete and hope that we can do what I need to do to make it to the next meet.”
Evan Jagar, Men’s 3000M Steeplechase, Winner, Heat 2.
On his race: “I’m hoping this race will wake my legs up. I’ve been working to improve my times and place on the world level. I think with this being early in the year, I’m okay with my time today. If I can improve my place on the world stage from last year, I will be very happy.”
Just'N Thymes, Junior Men's 200, Champion.
"It went good, beside my hamstring is really bugging me right now, I’m just looking to get it healthy. The wind was good, it was better than a negative wind. I got a lot of treatment and massage, stretched out after the prelim this morning. I think I could have had a better time if it wasn't for this hamstring."
Riak Reese, Junior Men's 200, Third Place.
"Coming in I was sitting in like fifth place. I've been trying so hard to make the USA team so all my practices and workouts were with USA qualifying in mind. I just had to focus on getting a really good start. On the straightaway, run like there's no tomorrow. My No. 1 goal was to make the Pan Am team, I did that, so I'm happy."
Scottie Hearns, Junior Men’s 400 Hurdles, Winner, Heat 1.
On his race and strategy: “I was worried about the win. I know I have more kick. I just tried to push it. I just pushed forward and ended up winning. I have never experienced anything like this. This is great for me. The more experience you get the better you are. Right now, my coach and I have been working on my first three hurdles. I felt very comfortable. It was like an open 400. The hurdles weren’t even there. Right now, I have to focus on my start and my finish. I am not too worried about the middle of my race.”
Timothy Holmes, Junior Men’s 400 Hurdles, Winner, Heat 2.
On his race: “I had a pretty good race. I didn’t try to go out and kill myself because it was just prelims, but I’ve got to fix my steps a bit. Other than my steps, I felt pretty good. I will fix that before finals tomorrow.”
On several meets in successive weeks: “It’s tiring, but I do it because I want it so bad. I know I have been away from home every week and will leave again when I get back. I have done a good job with it (time management) so far.”
Aaron Mallett, Junior Men’s 400 Hurdles, Winner, Heat 3.
On his race: “It was a big win. This was only my second time running the hurdles this year. So, a 53.6 I can’t complain about that. I plan to have the wind at my back and use it to my advantage. I just have to speed it up between the hurdles. Not many runners come out of St. Louis so it’s great to be up here with these collegiate, the pros and some of the best high school kids. I just graduated high school and will be going up to Iowa next year. I’m looking forward to that (Drake Relays) because it is not too far from here so I will be coming back to this track.”
Ana Holland, Junior Women’s 200 meters, Champion.
On her race: “I didn’t have a 200 prelim, but coming into the 200 I knew my race plan. I knew what I had to do and I executed it. It felt great. Compared to the 100, I felt better going into the 200. I do run the 200 and 400 more than I do the 100. I wanted a PR in the 200 because I am used to running a 400 before the 200. I did that. Honestly, I just ran my race and didn’t know what time I was running. I will be competing at Pan Am Juniors.”

Mellisa Gonzalez, Women’s 400m Hurdles, Winner, Heat 1.
On winning her heat and recovering for the final: “It’s definitely very important, especially with them only taking the first people in each heat, just to make sure I get to the next round and to do what I need there. That’s my season’s best so far. I need to do what I need to do to recover and go back out there and improve for tomorrow.”
Jade Miller, Women’s Junior 400m Hurdles, Winner, Heat 2.
On being told her time is No. 1 in the nation: “That’s national leading? That’s sweet!”
Evann Thompson, Women’s Junior 400m Hurdles, Winner, Heat 3.
On importance of winning her heat and advancing: “It was very important, and being in lane 8 I was basically running completely blind. So I had to concentrate on running my own race and getting out how comfortable I felt; and whenever I felt like I needed to go, just trust myself and go then instead of trying to go out as hard as I can, which I’ve done before, and it never really ended well. I just needed to trust myself and it helped me a lot.”
Tyler Brockington, Women’s Junior 400m Hurdles, Winner, Heat 4.
On the race and making adjustment from 300 meters to 400 meters this year: “It wasn’t my best time but the point was really not to PR in prelims. All you’re supposed to do is go ahead and get through the round, so I’m glad I made the final. That last 100 is a killer. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s not a bad adjustment as long as you put forth the effort to get through the race, it’s not that bad.”
Rudy Winkler, Junior Men’s Hammer Throw, Champion.
On his victory: “It felt pretty good. I felt like I could have gone bigger throwing if I had really connected on it, but I was really only here to compete. There are very few meets I just come to compete, and this is one of them.”
On competing against the best in the nation in his age group: “It was pretty nerve racking last night and today. I was thinking about what if I throw bad, what if I foul? I’ve been able to keep my composure throughout the day. It’s intimidating all these big guys and college throwers going up against them, but I think I did pretty good.”
Alexis Faulknor, UCF, Junior Women’s Long Jump Champion
On her victory: “It was good competition. I really didn’t jump that well, but I came out here and I won so I’m junior champion and I’m excited. There was competition so I knew they weren’t just going to give it to me easily, so I had to go out there and go for it.”
On her keys to improving this season: “It’s really helped my long jump that I’m faster and I’m stronger because I’ve been hitting the weight room more, in high school we really didn’t do weights. I’ve been concentrating more on speed since I got to Central Florida and it’s really impacted my long jump.”

Lamar Bruton, Junior Men's 400, Winner, Heat 1.
On his race: "It felt really good, I took it out pretty easy on the back stretch and I felt really strong coming up the home stretch. My coach says the race starts at the 200 mark.”
On having an inside lane: “I like it that way more, being able to see everybody, because I'm more of a chaser. Running from the front is kind of tough, because I like to chase people. I had a good lane. I was in lane three so everybody was outside me."
Marcus Chambers, Junior Men's 400, Winner, Heat 2.
On his race: "Being in the outside I just know that I have to get out strong, so I wanted to get out strong and try and make everybody try and catch me. Wanted to finish out strong but not give it my all because I have tomorrow's finals."
Juan Paul Green, Junior Men's 400, Winner, Heat 3.
On his race: "I just pushed it the first 200 meters made sure I got out, coming out of lane 8 you got to get out of the blocks real hard because you can't see anybody behind you. The last 100 my goal was to keep form and keep composure, not to get to wild or what not, keep maintaining."
Megan Clark, Junior Women's Pole Vault, Champion.
On the competition: “It was a great competition, everyone came out ready to win, and everyone was seeded pretty close. It was tough, we were evacuated from the stadium as soon as we came down to warm up because of lightning and thunder and everyone got back on top of their game and came out. It was a great competition."
Megan Glasmann, Junior Women's Javelin, Champion.
On the competition: "It was an amazing experience for me. I definitely was not coming in as the top thrower in this event, but I had it in mind that I wanted to come out here and win this event. It means a whole lot to me. I had three PR’s in this meet, three 160's, and I hadn't broken 160 prior to this.”
Andre Jefferson, Junior Men's Long Jump, Champion.
On his season: "I have been working really, really hard so I really was expecting to win. The winds were terrible. I jumped 25-4 at the New Balance last week, I thought I was going to at least get close to that again or even jump over it. But with the winds coming at me, jumping against it, I only jumped 24-1, but I tried as best as I could.”
On the wind: “You’ve got to stay focused; when the wind comes you can't do anything about it. You just adjust. With the wind coming into your face you step up a little bit and you go for it."

Brianna Nerud, Junior Women’s 3000M Steeplechase, Champion.
On being a two-time Junior Champion: “It’s really great. It’s been such a great experience to run with such awesome girls. I’ve enjoyed the whole experience.”
On the weather conditions: “It was pretty humid and warm but we all expected it to be worse, but I think the rain cooled it down, which was really nice.”

Courtney Okolo, Junior Women’s 400 Meter, Winner, Heat 1.
On her heat: “I thought I was running a 53. I really didn’t think it was that fast (51.89). When I saw the time I was really happy with it. That’s a PR for me.”
On her freshman season at Texas: “I was really happy with it. My main goal is to just keep dropping my times and improving. You really can’t ask for more than that.”
Kendall Baisden, Junior Women’s 400 Meter, Winner, Heat 2.
On her heat: “It felt pretty good. Preliminaries, I was just trying to get through the first round. It was nice to just get out and finish strong.”
On her health: “I had a hamstring injury during the indoor season. I’ve been coming back from that, but I feel good as new now.”
Robin  Reynolds, Junior Women’s 400 Meter, Winner, Heat 3.
On her heat: “I just got out and held my rhythm around the track and came through, did enough to make it to the finals.”
On her competition: “I feel really confident. I’ve been working hard and practicing all season. So I expect to go out there and do a good job. I just keep positive and expect a good show in the finals.”

Justin Brinkley, Junior Men’s 1500 Meters, Winner, Heat 1.
On his heat: “Coach said to relax. If you get off the line, you aren’t in too good a position. I was in lane one and kind of got boxed in. I said be patient and then move up. Coach had said with 500 to go make sure you are right there. I did that then I eased my way to the front.”
On teammates Kevin Bishop and Will Drinkwater: “It was great having them in the race. Will is a real tough guy and he isn’t afraid to mix it up with anyone. We train together every day.”
Samuel Prakel, Junior Men’s 1500 Meters, Winner, Heat 2.
On his season: “I think having a late state meet works to my advantage. I am in good condition for these later meets. This is my very first 1,500 so I didn’t know what to expect. I got first place and was controlling the pace, which I am not used to.”
On running a prelim in 1500: “This is the first time I have had to run a hard prelim. I just wanted to give it my all. Making the final is a huge accomplishment for me.”

Kendal Williams, Junior Men’s 200 meters, Winner, Heat 2.
On the weather and the race: “The weather delay was nothing. It slowed down my warm-up a bit, but I got warmed up properly. I wanted to get out and run my race. I planned on leading on the curve, which I did, and cruising on the back straight and not let them catch me. I will warm down first, then lie down and relax to get ready for my next race. Then I will be able to execute.”

Just'N Thymes, Junior Men's 200, Prelims, Winner, Heat 1.
On the rain delay affecting his race: "Yeah it did. On the last stretch I kind of got tight, my hamstring, that's about the only thing that was wrong, everything else felt smooth. I’m kind of used to it (weather). It was only a five minute delay wasn't too bad.”
On his race: “My transition off the curve, it feels kind of rusty, that’s probably the only thing I need to work on for finals."

Kelsey Margey, Junior Women's 1,500 Prelims, Winner, Heat 2.
On the pace of the race: "It was slow (pace), I got out fast, I was in the front, I wanted to conserve for tomorrow (final). An 85 (second lap) is pretty slow. It felt good and we really picked it up in the end.”
On her season: “My coaches said try to conserve as much as possible and try to really kick that last 200. The training has been going well and I have had a great freshman year so far. I'm just excited for one more race.”

Anna Holdiman, Women’s Junior 1500m, Winner, Heat 1.
On her run: “I like to gradually cut in so I got out in a good set and felt good and kept pushing and pushing. I ran that time and advanced to finals.”
On the hot, humid weather:It was pretty hot, but I’ve been training outside. I’m from Iowa so it’s pretty easy to simulate the weather. It stinks and it’s not that fun, but a race is a race whether you’re running cold or hot, you still have a competitive drive that gets to where you want to be in the race.”
On advancing: “This is my first prelim ever so it’s kind of fun. I’ve never ran at a race where they have prelims for this. I just wanted to move on and knew I came in seeded toward the bottom, so you always like to outperform your seed. It’s just fun getting out on the track and racing.”

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