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26 records set to wrap-up USATF Junior Olympic Championships


SACRAMENTO -- The last day of USATF Junior Olympic Championships provided notable 4X400m relay events, and thrilling new national and JO meet records. Watch all of day seven action and more on USATF.TV + Plus.

The first race on the schedule set the tone for the final day, as Mayen Usoro (Phoenix, Arizona; USATF Arizona) knocked more than a half second off the existing national youth record in the girls’ 8 & under 400m, winning in 67.33.

Immediately on the heels of Usoro’s record run, Rhoan Kaulder (Rochester, New York; USATF Niagara) and Braylon Thomas (Fayetteville, North Carolina; USATF North Carolina) battled it out for top honors in the boys’ 8 & under race, with both breaking the national youth record that Thomas set in the semifinals. Kaulder had the strongest finish to take gold in 64.53, .12 ahead of Thomas, and he later picked up another record in the 100m final, equaling the national youth mark with his 13.65.

After setting a national youth record in the 800m yesterday, Yamilet Lopez (Fontana, California; USATF Southern California) came back and matched that feat in the girls’ 8 & under 1500m with a 5:16.29 that broke the existing record by more than five seconds and gave her a margin of victory of more than 18 seconds.

Jackrabbit Track & Field Club took down the boys’ 9-10 4x400m relay record with their 4:09.33, .15 faster than the previous national youth record set in 2011 by Speed City TC, and 1.36 seconds better than the JO meet record previously held by Speed City.

Roman Mitchell (Garner, North Carolina; USATF North Carolina) launched the javelin 62.90m/206-4 on his third attempt to set a JO meet record and win the boys’ 15-16 division.

World U20 4x100m relay gold medalist Brandon Taylor (Pearland, Texas; USATF Gulf) sprinted to a 10.63 to win the men’s 17-18 100m, and Justice Summerset (Tucson, Arizona; USATF Arizona) tied his lifetime best in the men’s 17-18 high jump with a 2.20m/7-2.5 clearance.

A very close finish between two Minnesotans in the women’s 15-16 1500m saw Lauren Peterson (Farmington, Minnesota; USATF Minnesota) get the nod by six thousandths of a second over Emily Covert (Minneapolis, Minnesota; USATF Minnesota), with both runners awarded a 4:39.42.

South Carolina’s 4A state champion Imagine Patterson (Summerville, South Carolina; USATF South Carolina) set a personal best in the women’s 17-18 400m hurdles with a 59.16 that chopped .83 off the previous PR she set in the semifinals.

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A total of 7,524 athletes competed this week at Sacramento State, making the 50th anniversary event the largest USATF Junior Olympics ever west of the Mississippi.

For more information on the 2016 USATF Junior Olympics National Championships, visit:


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July 31 Results

400M (8 & under G) Finals

Mayen Usoro, 1:07.33 (National Record)

400M (8 & under B) Finals

Rhoan Kaulder, 1:04.53

400M (9-10G) Finals

Naia Carter, 1:01.90

400M (9-10B) Finals

Amar Williams, 59.19

400M (11-12G) Finals

Ramiah Elliott, 56.52

400M (11-12B) Finals

Brian Fair, 54.95

400M (13-14G) Finals

Kayla Davis, 54.00

400M (13-14B) Finals

Erick Steward, 48.23

400M (15-16G) Finals

Sterling Lester, 53.67

400M (15-16B) Finals

Brian Herron, 46.30

400M (17-18W) Finals

Emily Ellis, 54.45

400M (17-18M) Finals

Sean Hooper, 47.08

1500M (8 & under G) Finals

Yamilet Lopez, 5:16.29 (National Record)

1500M (8 & under B) Finals

Maximo Zavaleta, 5:12.02

1500M (9-10G) Finals

Arielle McKenzie, 5:01.94

1500M (9-10B) Finals

Miles Jones, 4:52.84

1500M (11-12G) Finals

Daniela Quintero, 4:41.71

1500M (11-12B) Finals

Byrum Brown, 4:41.28

1500M (13-14G) Finals

Isabella Fauria, 4:33.42

1500M (13-14B) Finals

Zev Feidelberg, 4:12.98

1500M (15-16G) Finals

Lauren Peterson, 4:39.42

1500M (15-16B) Finals

Isaac Huber, 4:09.56

1500M (17-18W) Finals

Kaylah Quarshie, 4:41.09

1500M (17-18M) Finals

Hunter Lucas, 3:56.95

110M Hurdles (15-16B) Final

Jamar Marshall, 14.73

110M Hurdles (17-18M) Final

Matthew Moore, 13.71

100M Hurdles (13-14G) Finals

Markalah Hart, 14.47

100M Hurdles (13-14B) Finals

Kirk Collins, 13.49

100M Hurdles (15-16G) Finals

Darci Khan, 14.06

100M Hurdles (17-18W) Finals

Reonna Collier, 13.69

80M Hurdles (11-12G) Finals

Paris Baker, 12.43

80M Hurdles (11-12B) Finals

Gregory Foster, 11.91

100M (7-8G) Finals

Marvelous White, 14.60

100M (7-8B) Finals

Rhoan Kaulder, 13.65 (=National Record)

100M (9-10G) Finals

Tarrianna Jackson, 13.46

100M (9-10B) Finals

Orlando Thompson, 13.24

100M (11-12B) Finals

Xavier Simpson, 12.04

100M (11-12G) Finals

Jazlynn Gibbs, 12.91

100M (13-14B) Finals

Ashton Allen, 11.19

100M (13-14G) Finals

Kennedi Sanders, 12.18

100M (15-15B) Finals

Keishawn Everly, 10.88

100M (15-16G) Finals

Lanae-Tava Thomas, 11.93

100m (17-18W) Finals

Kennedy Dennis, 11.96

100M (17-18M) Finals

Brandon Taylor, 10.63

400M Hurdles (15-16B) Finals

Ayden Owens, 53.13

400M Hurdles (17-18M) Finals

Bryce Douglass, 51.47

400M HURDLES (15-16G) Finals

Jasmine Jones, 1:01.21

400M HURDLES (17-18W) Finals

Imagine Patterson, 59.16

200M HURDLES (13-14G) Finals

Jadyn Mays, 27.39

200M HURDLES (13-14B) Finals

Sean Burrell, 24.34

4X400M (7-8G) Finals

LA Jets, 4:49.18

4X400M (7-8B)  Finals

Massey Miracle Run, 4:45.75

4X400M (9-10G)  Finals

LA Jets, 4:21.76

4X400M (9-10B)  Finals

Jackrabbit T&F Club, 4:09.33 (National Record)

4X400M (11-12G)  Finals

LA Jets, 4:04.68

4X400M (11-12B)  Finals

Track Houston, 4:04.69

4X400M (13-14G)  Finals

North Texas Cheetahs, 3:45.73

4X400M (13-14B)  Finals

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 3:27.49

4X400M (15-16G)  Finals

Team Quest, 3:41.68

4X400M (15-16B)  Finals

Track Houston, 3:16.10

4X400M (17-18W)  Finals

Albina Roadrunners, 3:42.16

4X400M (17-18M)  Finals

Sprint Athletics, 3:11.39

Long Jump (9-10B) Finals

Devin Williams, 4.57mw/15-1w

High Jump (11-12G) Finals

Emma Gates, 1.55m/5-1

Javelin Throw (15-16B) Finals

Roman Mitchell, 62.90m/206-04 (JO meet record)

Discus (11-12B) Finals

Larry Minner, 41.60m/136-6

Shot Put (13-14G) Finals

Eve Goldstein, 13.94m/45-9

Pole Vault (17-18M) Finals

Richard McWhorter, 5.00m/16-4.75

Long Jump (9-10G) Finals

Kori Martin, 4.55m/14-11.25

High Jump (17-18M) Finals

Justice Summerset, 2.20m/7-2.5

Shot Put (8 & under G) Finals

Jerzy Robinson, 7.18m/23-6.75

Javelin Throw (17-18W) Finals

Cerah Moren, 43.12m/141-6

Discus Throw (13-14B) Finals

Trey Knight, 59.87m/196-5

Records set at 2016 USATF National Junior Olympic Championships

3000M (11-12G) Finals

Daniela Quintero, 10:00.11 (National Record)

400M (8 & under G) Semi-Finals

Olivia Harris, 1:06.10  (National Record)

400M (8 & under B) Semi-Finals

Braylon Thomas, 1:04.67 (National Record)

200M (8 & under B) Finals

Braylon Thomas, 27.92 (National Record)

200M (13-14B) Finals

Ashton Allen, 21.77 (National Record)

800M (8 & under G) Finals

Yamilet Lopez, 2:38.11 (National Record)

800M (9-10B) Finals

Brendan Johnson, 2:18.67 (National Record)

800M (13-14B) Finals

Erick Steward, 1:55.00 (National Record)

4X100 (8 & under B) Finals

Massey Miracle Run, 56.53 (National Record)

4X100 (11-12G) Finals

Oakland PAL, 49.08 (National Record)

4X100 (15-16B) Finals

Hallmark TC, 40.90 (=National Record)

High Jump (13-14G) Finals

Kamiya Dendy, 1.75m/5-8.75 (National Record)

Shot Put (13-14B) Finals

Trey Knight, 18.80m/61-8.25 (National Record)

Shot Put (9-10G) Finals

Kori Martin, 10.53m/34-6.75 (National Record)

Pole Vault (17-18W) Finals

Alina McDonald, 4.23m/13-10.5 (National Record)

High Jump (13-14B) Finals

Trey Tintinger, 2:00m/6-06.75 (National Record)

Shot Put (8 & under B) Finals

Xavier Muhammad, 10.41m/34-02.00 (National Record)

Triple Jump (13-14G) Finals

Jade McDonald, 11.81m/38-9.00 (National Junior Olympics Record)

200M (8 & under B) Semi-Finals

Braylon Thomas, 28.08 (National Record)

Rhoan Kaulder II, 28.45 (National Junior Olympics Record)

200M Hurdles (13-14B) Prelims

Sean Burrell, 23.90 (National record)

200M (11-12B) Prelims

Thomas Williams II, 23.34 (National Record)

4X800M Relay Finals

Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 8:23.70; National Record (13-14B)

100M (7-8B) Finals

Rhoan Kaulder, 13.65 (=National Record)

1500M (8 & under G) Finals

Yamilet Lopez, 5:16.29 (National Record)

400M (8 & under G) Finals

Mayen Usoro, 1:07.33 (National Record)

4X400M (9-10B) FINAL

Jackrabbit T&F Club, 4:09.33 (National Record)

Glen McMicken

Contributor, USATF Statistician

Maya Allen

USATF Intern

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