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Day Three Quotes - IAAF World Indoors


Mary Saxer, Women’s pole vault final

“Honestly, I felt awesome on the runway but because of that, I had to keep moving my starting mark back. Because of that, my posture was different and I tried to adjust but I came in at my highest height ever and I cleared 2 bars on my first attempt. Obviously the winning height was the height I cleared to win nationals, so I was right there, but it’s about adjusting. I’m disappointed but I’m not mad. I had a great experience here, I took in the atmosphere and it felt good. Certainly positives to take away from this.”


Jenn Suhr, Women’s pole vault final

This basically sums up my season. I’ve been off all season but I just started figuring things out. It’s heartbreaking and I haven’t really processed it yet.

Tori Polk, Women’s long jump final

“Today went well. Today was a blessing. Every championship thus far, I’m moving up the ladder. I am pleased with today. I would’ve loved to do better but I can’t complain. I’m improving every day and to have a good indoor season, which I haven’t done indoors in 6 or 7 years, it meant so much to make this team and have this opportunity.”

Lekeisha Lawson, Women’s 60m semis

“I feel like I didn’t run like I was supposed to. I’ve been cramping so I think I was kind of worried about that. It was a poor race and I felt I should’ve done better out there.”

Omo Osaghae, Men’s 60mH semis

“There are so many good hurdlers in that field. You need to be aware of that while also being aware of the task at hand. I think I did a good job and the coaches did a good job of reminding me of cues from back home at practice. For me, being able to execute my game plan was the deciding factor. You want to know you’re running your best going into championship finals. Nothing is more of a testament than doing that in a semifinal so I want to get back, get some rest and get ready to do it again.”

Dominic Berger, Men’s 60mH semis

“This was an awesome experience, being able to represent my country at this level. I’m supremely disappointed with my performance today. Just tried to get out there and give my best today. I’m glad for the experience and the opportunity to get out there. This won’t be the last time you see me on Team USA. Making this team gave me so much confidence. I’m not normally a great indoor runner, so to PR by almost .10 and get second at USA Indoors and come out of this season with no injuries, I just feel so blessed and so ready for outdoors.”

Men’s 3000m Final

Bernard Lagat, Men’s 3000m final

“The game plan was that we envisioned the race to go like that and to run the last 6 laps, maybe 5. So I was prepared to run hard and I didn’t want to get boxed in. That’s why I ran a bit of an unusual race on the outside, because I didn’t want to get boxed in. That’s why I wanted to run on the outside when it was the right time. I wanted to be on the outside and I stuck to that plan. I left it too long but I could have gone even closer to them. It was tough maneuvering through to try to get to the guy in front.”

Galen Rupp, Men’s 3000m final

“I probably made a few mistakes in the middle, around 600 or 800. I didn’t really know where I was. I went way wide and that was extra energy I spent when I should’ve tucked back in. I wanted to see how I measured up against everyone. I’ll go back and watch the tape after this and see where I could’ve done things differently, tactically. I need to learn from it and make some changes.”

Erik Kynard, Men’s high jump finals

“High jump is as strategic as it is competitive. The Ukrainian PR’d today and I didn’t. It was a great competition. It was chess, not checkers. I’m very disappointed I came in 4th. If I had come in 4th and jumped 2.32 or 2.29, it would be a different story. It is what it is.”

Chanelle Price, Women’s 800m gold medalist

“I just don’t like the mess in the pack. You get pushed, you get tripped and Coach (JJ Clarke) always tells me to go after it. I was right on today and he told me some tips so I wouldn’t get caught at the line like I have been these last few races. I listened and all the glory to God, it came out right. I’m still in shock. It’s going to take a while to sink in. It just means the world to me.”

Shannon Rowbury, Women’s 3000m final

“I thought it might be tactical and I was pretty pleased being in the front because it can get real bumpy being in the pack. When the move happened, they went hard early and I figured I’d get on the back of the train and work my way up. There were enough women to cycle through the lead that the pace never lagged. I put myself in what I thought was a good position but a gap formed. I tried to cover it but it was too late. Typically in championship races, you’ll get a lot of slow races and then a fast kick, so hopefully in a few years, I’ll be able to hold that pace and have the kick I need to be in medal contention.”

Gabriele Grunewald, Women’s 3000m final

“I wasn’t really expecting it to be so tactical. I was feeling positive through the first 1500m. I was feeling a little flat today. I don’t think I’m used to the rounds. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten in as much mileage as I wanted to with a little injury in January and I’m not sure if that’s what caught up with me. But it was a good world championship experience. I’m so glad to have been here. I wish I would’ve finished top 6 but, for me, each new experience at the international level is hopefully helping me get better.”

Natasha Hastings, Women’s 4x4 gold medalist (1st leg)

“I don’t want to say 2012 was disappointing because winning any medal is a blessing but we like to win, so it was definitely exciting to get the gold. It was tough for me to be out there because they called us back a few times, but I kept my composure, did my job, gave Joanna the stick in first and went from there.”

Joanna Atkins, Women’s 4x4 gold medalist (2nd leg)

“I’m just so happy to have run the race I did. After yesterday, it was tough to come back and keep my composure but I’m so excited to have won gold and to have raced with these ladies.”

Francena McCorory, Women’s 4x4 gold medalist (3rd leg)

“It means a lot to win today after my race yesterday. Now, I’m racing with these ladies, so to leave with two gold medals is just so exciting.”

Cassandra Tate, Women’s 4x4 gold medalist (4th leg)

“I knew once I got the baton that I just needed to run my own race and keep my composure.”

Women’s 60m Final

Tianna Bartoletta, Women’s 60m bronze medalist

“Part of my problem is that I think too much and I can become stiff. So I just cleared my mind. My strategy was just to let all of this go. You’re in the final. Just use raw speed and let it carry you through the finish line. It feels like I’m back. It feels so good.”

Omo Osaghae, Men’s 60mH gold medalist

“I’m so happy to be here. I’m so happy to be in this position. This is a long time coming. I can’t thank God enough for where I am right now. It means a lot to carry on the tradition of Team USA in the hurdles. They call (Texas Tech) ‘Hurdle U’ because they produce so many All-Americans in the hurdles since before I was in high school. Being able to uphold the tradition there and then be the lone American in the final, it’s just beyond me.”

Men’s 4x4 Final

David Verburg, Men’s 4x4 gold medalist (1st leg)

“We’ve all run rounds and 4x4s in college so we were good there. For me, personally, I was a little tired after running yesterday and competing in the final. I had to come back and mentally prepare myself for today so I could be there for my team. It’s not about yourself, it’s about your team and your country.”

Kyle Clemons, Men’s 4x4 gold medalist (2nd leg)

“It’s been such a life-changing experience. I had a lot of confidence after yesterday and I was tired but I didn’t want to let my brothers down. Mind over matter and we got it done.”

Kind Butler III, Men’s 4x4 gold medalist (3rd leg)

“I was running for my life. I couldn’t let these guys down. David gave it to me in such a good place. I kind of blacked out in the race, I think. I told these guys before we raced that I was giving them my heart.”

Calvin Smith, Men’s 4x4 gold medalist (4th leg)

“They put me in front so I had to stay in front. i knew i had to take it out fast and have some space between me and the Brits and Jamaicans. I saw the clock and saw it was 3:0-something but someone was blocking it and I couldn’t see. I was just going for it. When I looked up, KYle was running toward me saying, ‘we did it!’ and I’m just so proud of our team.”

Lori Shepard, Team USA Women’s Head Coach

“I’m so proud of this team. The performances we saw from both the men and the women were incredible. There were so many highlights, but obviously to end the meet the way we did was unbelievable. It’s such a testament to the hard work these athletes have put in throughout the season and throughout our time in Sopot. Our women’s 4x4 was hyper-focused. 2 of the legs (Joanna and Francena) didn’t run the relay yesterday, so for those four athletes to come together and perform that way was fantastic. Their performance is the perfect way to end this World Championships.”

Nat Page, Team USA Men’s Head Coach

“Ryan (Whiting) led this team off with his gold medal performance on Friday night. He’s a young veteran but I think it gave our team something to get truly excited about and to see that all of them can also perform at the highest level. Ashton’s performances both Friday and Saturday were something truly incredible. They showed these up-and-comers that it’s possible to excel, even at a young age. Some of our youngest athletes medaled, with tremendous performances by Marvin (Bracy) and Kyle (Clemons). To come back today and have Omo and our men’s 4x4 win gold, and our team captain Bernard (Lagat) win silver, I don’t think we could have asked for more. We proved how deep our talent pool is in the United States. What a fantastic World Championships for Team USA men and women.”

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