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U.S. Winner Quotes - Youth Olympic Trials


Men’s High Jump

Robert Dunning

“I felt pretty excited.  I was a little bit nervous. I had to go back and forth for the 111H.  Today was a good day.”


Women’s Javelin

Emma Fitzgerald

“There were a lot of athletes here who hadn’t thrown the 500 before.  I knew the technique of throwing the smaller jav.  I knew how it felt to throw with a smaller jav. I’d been throwing in a curtain all winter, I hadn’t really practiced at all.


“I was feeling really confident coming in here.”


Men’s 100m

Amir Rasul

“I never really had a good takeoff.  I went back to the lab this year and worked on it so much.  Now this year was a snap, and it's ready.  As soon as I got that take off down pat, everything else came together and was just downhill from there.


“There were a lot of good competitors, lot of 9th graders,a lot of people my age,  10th, 11th graders. They all did well.  I wish them the best of luck.”  


Men’s 110m Hurdles

Amere Lattin

“Before all of this, my coach just told me, “execute the blocks, execute the blocks.” I was always the last one out, but I have a strong finish. So to put all of that together, it was a huge PR for me and a big surprise.


“I usually warm up over 36 inch hurdles.  So it wasn’t really that big of an adjustment. When I got down, I felt like they were so little. So I thought just execute my race and everything will be alright.”


Men’s 400m

Andrew James

“I was coming out here to PR, but I didn’t achieve that.  I’ll just have to work from that.

The reason I came out here was for the competition.  My number one dream is to go to China and to compete in the Youth Olympics.”


Women’s Triple Jump

Chinne Okoronokwo

“I wasn’t doing too well and it took until my last jump to get a good jump and I was really happy with that one. I PR’d by over a foot, so that felt really good. I really wanted to try my best to get a mark that would help me make the team and go to China. That would be such an amazing opportunity. I’ve only been out of the country twice, so that would be so cool.”


Women’s 800m

Mikaela Smith

“I didn’t run the time that I wanted to but it’s early. I ran 2:11 last week so it felt weird, it didn’t feel right, but I got the win. I knew (Erinn Stenman-Fahey, CAN) was a finisher, I studied her videos. She goes out easy her first lap. So I went off her pace and then broke off when I knew I had to go. I just went.”


Women’s Discus

Haley Showalter

“I threw 153 (feet) and that was a PR for me by two feet. I was really excited about it. I had a PR the very first meet of the season and the weather conditions weren’t great. The past two weeks have been a little rough, so it meant a lot to get a PR and the win today. I’ve never been out of the country and this is my first time competing with other countries, so it would mean a lot to compete at that level.”


Men’s 800m

Myles Marshall

“It was surprising. I thought I left him back with 80 meters to go. This whole year, I haven’t been used to having someone there with me for the last 100m. It’s something I need to work on this season. I wanted to come out here to win and I did. It could’ve been in 1:55 and I would’ve been happy with the win.”


Men’s 400m Hurdles

Rai Benjamin

“It was my first 400m hurdles of the season.It went pretty well.  I switched legs.  In some more races, I’ll be fine.  I’ve not had much of a chance to go outside and practice because I live in New York where it’s cold.  When I get the chance, I go over one or two to try to get accustomed to it.  I came here yesterday and went over some hurdles (in practice). It was pretty good.”


“That indoor season was surprising to me, too.  My coach kept telling me it was there, it was there.  I was a bit timid at first. I just ran through it.


Women’s 1,500m

Malia Ethington

The 1500m felt great.  It was really exciting to run with these girls from different countries.  It was really cool.  The prospect of going to China is really exciting.


Men’s 200m

Noah Lyles

“I was so excited to get out there and run again after the prelim. I was so psyched with my time, to get 20. I just did nationals and I didn’t think I’d be doing that great. My brother and my mom said that I’d do it here. I didn’t believe them. I just ran like I knew I could and it ended up being great.”

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