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Records shattered on Day Three of Youth Indoor Championships

LANDOVER, Md. -- The third and final day of Youth Indoor Championships featured a remarkable 45-plus, new age-group records with the strong return of several, Saturday champions at the Prince George Sports and Learning Complex.

Ashton Allen’s winning streak continued in the boys 11-12 age category as he complimented his national title from Saturday with four more, including three meet records, Sunday. He led his age group in all four races, and he set new standards in the 55-meter dash, 200m and 400m. In the 400m alone, his time of 57.06 lowered the 1:00.31 record set back in 2012.

In boys field events, Michael Francis tripled jumped his way to 13.95m/45-09.25, surpassing the next closest competitor by seven inches for championship. Brandon Patterson won the boys 13-14 shot put, throwing 14.96m/49-01 to better the 14.29m/46-10.75 mark set in 2013. The next closest competitor was 13.59m/44-07.00.

Allyson Weiss led the 13-14 girls with a triple jump of 9.96m/32-08.25, winning the national title by .86m/2-09.5. Lindsay Lewis upped the 15-16 high jump standard with her meet record of 1.50m/ 4-11.00, and Deja Stevenson, also from the 15-16 age group, took the triple jump to a new best (10.79m/35-05.00).

The boys 15-16 age-group's 1500m came down to the very last lean as Andree Di-Reumante finished first in 4:18.63. Tanner Chada was second, missing the tape by a narrow .01 margin. His finishing time was 4:18.64.

In 3,000m race walking, Katherine Newhoff set the new meet record in the girls 17-18 division as she raced to a 15:52 finish and shattered the previous time by nearly one minute. provided exclusive coverage of Youth Indoor Championships with live broadcasts airing both Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9 a.m., ET.

Below is a list of National Champions and New Records.

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National Champions

4x800m relay
Mt Airy Track Club  'A'  (9:35.77)
Firebirds  'A'  (8:32.60)

55m Hurdles
Mathew, Anjoli (9.57)
Drewery, Chase (8.93)
Sloan, Emily (8.41)
Allen, Ashton  (8.20)
Jennings, Morgan (8.73)
Allen, Eric (8.35)
Lawrence, Sierra Brabham (8.12)
Yarborough, D'Ante (7.64)

55m Dash
Wright, Ronniah (8.75)
Williams, Dejuan (8.64)
Jackson, Shawnti (8.11)
Harbor, Nyckoles (7.84)
Perry, Mykala (7.76)
Allen, Ashton  (7.30)
Boone, Daloria (7.29)
Kungo, Lewis (7.11)
Cornish, Najiya (7.32)
Doyley, Mark  (6.69)
White, Bethany (7.19)
Ali Jr, Kareem (6.61)

Stargell, Kayleigh (1:14.39)
Gresham, Joshua (1:11.38)
Willis, Roisin (1:07.13)
Perry, Kailen (1:04.43)
Hickson, Kami (1:02.40)
Allen, Ashton (56.35)
McNeil, Nyjari (58.58)
Strachn, Brian (54.85)
Freeman, Dnia (58.43)
Willis, Maxwell  (51.16)
VacaGuzman, Nicole (58.48)
Coleman, Antonio (49.33)

Wilkinson, Gabrielle (4:48.72)
Ortega, Janeth (5:52.79)
Brown, Jamir (5:30.72)
St Louis, Emily (5:22.55)
Drumwright, Aaron (5:04.54)
Heskin, Lauryn (5:07.31)
Castro, Noah (4:47.59)
Garriques, Lauren  (4:55.94)
Pineda-Dominguez, Ivan (4:30.26)
Di-Reumante, Andree'  (4:18.63)
Ethridge, Kharyn (5:21.30)
Green, Terrell (4:04.89)
Di-Reumante, Andree (4:18.63)

Outlaw, Tia (29.47)
Presley, Kiylah (32.21)
Outlaw, Tia (29.47)
Brann, Braxton (27.89)
Perry, Nylah (27.17)
Allen, Ashton (26.10)
Boone, Daloria  (25.93)
Adams, Brandon (24.43)
Freeman, Dnia ( 25.82)
Doyley, Mark ( 22.62)
Glenn, Simone (24.85)
Gomez, Rico  (22.37)

3,000m Race Walk
Durrant, Alyssa (18:06.30)
Davis, Jadon (18:59.03)
Barnett, Elisabeth (17:07.28)
Newhoff, Katherine  (15:52.46)

4x400m Relay
Woodlawn Track Pack  'A' (5:36.79)
Woodlawn Track Pack  'A' (5:36.79)
Glenarden Track Club  'A' (4:51.18)
Glenarden Track Club  'A' (5:02.05)
Jaguar Track  'A' (4:32.77)
Track Express Track Club  'A' (4:19.83)
Jaguar Track  'A' (4:14.22)
i5 Elite  'A' (3:58.27)
Glenarden Track Club  'A' (4:06.78)
Trenton Track Club  'A' (3:28.24)
McDonough  'A' (3:58.70)
Bowie Bulldogs Elite  'A' (3:26.89)

Shot Put
Parker, Egypt (12.78m/41-11.25)
Patterson, Brandon (14.96m/49-01.00)
Manning, Rashad (17.76m/58-03.25)

Triple Jump
Weiss, Allyson  (9.96m/32-08.25)
Pellegrino, Matias (11.28m/37-00.25)
Beckett-Simms, Donovan (12.91m/42-04.25)
Stevenson, Deja (10.79m/35-05.00)
Johnson, Tyatianna  (10.96m   35-11.50)
Francis, Michael (13.95m   45-09.25)

Pole Vault
Eletto, Jeffrey (2.45m/8-00.50)
Marino, Nicholas (3.50m/11-05.75)
Pitney, Calvin (3.80m/12-05.50)

High Jump
Lewis, Lindsay (1.50m/ 4-11.00)
Crayton-Prioleau, Joshua  (1.65m/5-05.00)
Moffitt, Janae (1.70m/5-07.00)
Dale, Jordan (1.85m/6-00.75)

New Records

Allen, Ashton - 55m (Boys 11-12)
Allen, Ashton - 400m (Boys 11-12)
Allen, Ashton - 200m (Boys 11-12)
Allen, Eric - 55mH (Boys 15-16)
Barnett, Elisabeth (Girls 15-16)
Beckett-Simms, Donovan - Triple Jump (Boys 15-16
Bennett, Jabari - Shot Put (Boys 15-16)
Boone, Daloria - 55m Dash (Girls 13-14)
Boone, Daloria - 200m (Girls 13-14)
Brown, Jamir - 1500m (Boys 8 & Under)
Coleman, Antonio - 400m (Boys 17-18)
Cornish, Niyah - 55m (Girls 15-16) * Tied record set in 2011
Crayton-Prioleau, Joshua - High Jump (Boys 15-16)
Dale, Jordan - High Jump (Boys 17-18)
Davis, Jadon - 3,000m Race Walk (Boys 13-14)
Drewery, Chase - 55mH (Boys 11-12)
Doyley, Mark - 55m (Boys 15-16)
Doyley, Mark - 200m (Boys 15-16)
Durrant, Alyssa - 3,000m Race Walk (Girls 13-14)
Eletto, Jeffrey - Pole Vault (Boys 13-14)
Francis, Michael - Triple Jump (Boys 17-18)
Garriques, Lauren - 1500m (Girls 13-14)
Gresham, Joshua - 400m (Boys 8 & Under)
Gomez, Rico - 200m (Boys 17-18)
Harbor, Nyckoles - 55m Dash (Boys 9-10)
Hickson, Kami - 400m (Girls 11-12)
Jackson, Shawnti - 55m (Girls 9-10)
Jennings, Morgan - 55mH (Girls 15-16)
Lawrence, Sierra Brabham - 55mH (Girls 17-18)
Lewis, Lindsay - High Jump (Girls 15-16)
Manago, De’Sha - Shot Put (Girls 17-18)
Marino, Nicholas - Pole Vault (Boys 15-16)
McNeil, Nyari - 400m (Girls 13-14)
Newhoff, Katherine - 3,000m Race Walk (Girls 17-18)
Patterson, Brandon - Shot Put (Boys 13-14)
Pellegrino, Matias - Triple Jump (Boys 13-14)
Stevenson, Deja - Triple Jump (Girls 15-16)
Strachn, Brian - 400m (Boys 13-14)
White, Bethany - 55m Dash (Girls 17-18)
Willis, Maxwell - 400m (Boys 15-16)
Wreh, James - 200m (Boys 8 & Under)

Glenarden Track Club ‘A’ - 4x400m (Girls 8 & Under)
Glenarden Track Club ‘A’ - 4x400m (Girls 9-10)
Track Express Track Club ‘A’ - 4x400m (Boys 11-12)
Woodlawn Track Pack ‘A’ (Boys 8 & Under)
i5 Elite ‘A’ 4x400m (Girls 13-14)
Jaguar Track ‘A’ - 4x400m (Girls 13-14)

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