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Recap from Day Two at Youth Indoor Championships

LANDOVER, Md. -- Records fell and athletes shined on Day Two of National Youth Indoor Championships, where national titles in six running and four field events were contested at the Prince George Sports and Learning Complex.

Lauren Heskin (Floral Park, N.Y.) won the 11-12 girls 3,000-meter age group as she led from start to finish. Heskin began the race at a healthy pace nearing 1:16 in the first lap before increasing her lead in lap two and never looking back. She finished in 10:55.51, knocking down the 11:15.13 record set in 2012.

Also in the 11-12 age category was Noah Castro Hurricane, W.V., who gained an early lead in the boy’s 3,000. Castro separated himself from the pack early when he made a quick suge with eight laps to go. His pace never wavered as he ran composed through the final lap. Castro completed the race in 10:01.68, winning the title and to defeating the next closest finisher by more than 19 seconds.

In the girls 13-14 high jump, My’khiyah Williams (Brooklyn, N.Y.) kept her Indoors streak alive, winning the national championship in two consecutive years. Williams set the bar high in 2013 with her 1.57m/5-01.75 record in the 11-12 age group, and she bettered that mark this year, leaping 1.65m/5-05.00 for yet another age-group record.

Kyle Garland (Philadelphia, Pa.) won the 13-14 boys high jump crown with his record-setting mark of 1.70m/5-07.00. Garland edge out the next best jumper by two inches and broke last year’s high of 1.65m/5-05.

The day ended with the 4 x 200m relays featured combined efforts from Demontay Snowden, Kavon Samuel, Devon Young and Kavon Simpson for a 1:43.94 finish. Their time was just under the 1:44.07 set in 2013. carried a live webcast of Saturday's action and will host wall to wall coverage of Sunday's events, beginning at 9 a.m., ET. 

Below is a list of national champions by event and a list Saturday's. 

Click here for full results.

National Champions

55m Shuttle Run
NY Novas Track Club  'A'(33.08)
Baltimore City Track & Fiel  'A'(32.54)

Long Jump
Gall, Yasmina (3.05m/10-00.25)
Miskel, Miles (3.43m/11-03.00)
Tyler-Thompson, Rasunek (4.25m/13-11.50)
Foster, Gregory (4.13m/13-06.75)
Shell, Inara (4.36m/14-03.75)
Boone, Daloria (5.91m/19-04.75)
Adams, Brandon (5.91m/19-04.75)

Drewery, Chase (4.95m/16-03.00)

Pole Vault
Young, Cristina (2.90m/9-06.25)
Tyer, Allyn (3.35m/10-11.75)
Gruver, Olivia (3.70m/12-01.50)

High Jump
Perry, Sanaa (1.25m/4-01.25)
Denny, Davin-Wayne (1.25m/4-01.25)
Williams, My'khiyah (1.65m/5-05.00)
Garland, Kyle (1.70m/5-07.00)
Mathew, Anjoli (1.40m/4-07.00)
Lincoln, Myles (1.35m/4-05.00)

Shot Put
Shaw, Johnnay (5.08m/16-08.00)
Tripline, Solomon (6.80m/22-03.75)
Franklin, Trinity (7.50m/24-07.25)
Moore, Gary ( 7.04m/23-01.25)
Carter, Dylan (15.82m/51-11.00)
Meitzenheimer, Danell (10.60m/34-09.50)
Webster-Rutledge, Pearl (11.11m/36-05.50)

Heskin, Lauryn (10:55.51)
Castro, Noah (10:01.68)
O'Hare, Caitlin (10:29.40)
White, Daniel (9:40.46)
Wilkinson, Gabrielle (10:14.68)
Chada, Tanner (9:19.11)
Hare, Taylor (11:39.29)
Breedlove, Jeremy (9:02.62)

Braye, Zenobia (12:22.01)
Quinones, Frieda (10:50.33)
Toocheck, Nikolas (9:50.28)

Stovall, Quin (32.13)
Wreh, James (31.22)
Outlaw, Tia (29.78)
Brann, Braxton (27.99)
Perry, Nylah (27.30) 
Allen, Ashton (25.78)
Jackson, Dominique (25.69)
Adams, Brandon (24.31)
Freeman, Dnia (26.06)
Doyley, Mark (22.78)
Glenn, Simone (25.27
Gomez, Rico (22.71)

Garrett Suhr (2:20.4)
Joshua Gresham (2:44.96)
Green, Terrell(1:56.69)
Ortega, Janeth (3:03.43)
Gresham, Joshua (2:44.96)
St Louis, Emily (2:39.25)
Rodriguez-King, Michael (2:33.86)
Boykin, Jesikah (2:27.38)
Suhr, Garrett(2:20.40)
McNeil, Nyjari (2:23.73)
White, Daniel (2:16.52)
Mobley, Isabel (2:28.16)
Gordon, Anthony (2:03.96)
Hayes, Sidney (2:17.52)

4 x 200m Relay
Htl ‘A’ - (1:43.94)
Dunbar TC Girls ‘A’ (1:45.17)
Bowie Bulldogs Elite (1:31.19)
Glenarden Track Club ‘A’ (1:39.87)
Glenarden Track Club  'A' (1:46.43)
Glenarden Track Club  'A' (1:54.61)
Glenarden Track Club  'A' (2:05.32)
Track Express Track Club  'A' (2:16.30)
Feet On Fire  'A' (1:59.49)
Baltimore City Track & Fielx  'A'(1:56.33)

Record Breakers
Jeremy Breedlove - 3,000m (Boys 17-18)
Noah Castro - 3,000m (Boys 11-12)
Tanner Chada - 3,000m (Girls 15-16)
Davin-Wayne Denny - High Jump (Boys 9-10)
Chase Drewery - Long Jump (Boys 11-12)
Lauryn Heskin - 3,000m (Girls 11-12)
Yasmina Gall - Long Jump (Girls 8 & Under)
Kyle Garland - High Jump (Boys 13-14)
Trinity Fanklin - Shot Put (Girls 9-10)
Terrell Green - 8000m (Boys 17-18)
Joshua Gresham - 800m (Boys 8 & Under)
Anthony Gordon - 800m (Boys 15-16)
Sidney Hayes - 800m (Girls 17-18)
Sanaa Perry - High Jump (Girls 9-10)
Caitlin O’Hare - 3,000m (Girls 13-14)
Garrett Suhr - 800m (Boys 11-12)
Solomon Tripline - Shot Put (Boys 8 & Under)
Allyn Tyer - Pole Vault (Girls 15-16)
Rasunek Tyler-Thompson - Long Jump (Girls 9-10 Long Jump)
Gabrielle Wilkinson - 3,000m (Girls 15-16)
My’khiyah Williams - High Jump (Girls 13-14)
Christina Young - Pole Vault (Girls 13-14)
HTL ‘A’ - 4 x 200 (Boys 13-14)
Garrett Suhr - 800m (Boys 11-12)
Joshua Gresham - 800m (Boys 8 & Under)
Christina Young - Pole Vault (Girls 13-14)
1 Feet On Fire  'A' (1:59.49)

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