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Team USA evening session quotes from Day 2 at IAAF World Indoor Champs

Women’s 60mH Final
Nia Ali, gold medalist
“I really just went for it. The goal was to just go for it. When the gun went off, I went as hard as I could. I was trying to relax and just be ready. I knew Sally (Pearson) gets out really well and I wanted to match that. I went through hurdles one and two really well and it was a tight race. I’m just happy I was to come up with a victory. There’s so much I take from my coach (Ryan Wilson). He always tells me, ‘you’re really fast. You’re really fast.’ I’ve been working on 60s this year. I ran two 60s this year and I haven’t done that previously. I had a lot of faith in my training. He kept telling me, ‘run it like a 60.’ So I just used my arms and ran it like a 60.”

Janay DeLoach-Soukup
"I am very disappointed but to put it in perspective, I made a championship final as a first-time hurdler and placed fifth comparatively to sixth place as a first time WC jumper in Daegu. So for me, I'm not happy with the outcome but happy to use this as motivation."

Men’s 60m Final
Marvin Bracy, silver medalist
“It felt great to actually get out there and race. I’m so excited to get a medal. It wasn’t the one I wanted, but that just lets me know where I stand and I have to come back harder. I know where I stand in the 60m, so now I know I need to run that much harder and faster in the 100m.”

Men’s 400 Meters Final
Kyle Clemons, bronze medalist
“All I could think was, I want to hold the flag. I want to hold the flag. I wanted to maintain my composure. I didn’t need to be the first to the break. I know I’m a strong finisher. Don’t let the race get too far ahead of me. As soon as I hit that last curve, I just went. I fed off the crowd. It was just me in my head saying, ‘hold that flag, hold that flag.’ I can’t believe this. The past couple months have been such a blessing. At USAs, I could barely afford my ticket. I didn’t buy it until the day beforehand. Then I won. On my way to the airport to come here, I got in a car accident. I just can’t believe I’m here. To make a senior national team and then medal, I just can’t describe this.”

Men’s 1500 Meter Final
Will Leer
“I felt flat out there today. I think I psyched myself out a bit. I did everything I could do. Sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. Hats off to the competitors today, they ran an awesome race. Ayanleh Souleiman is super tough so he was the best one out there. Making this team was huge for my confidence. 7th in the world isn’t a bad result. I have to take the positives from this, keep the ball rolling and expect from myself moving forward.”

Women’s 400 Meter Final
Francena McCorory, gold medalist
“I wanted to be the first to the break. My game plan was that. I wasn’t able to do that. So I had to really push and I feel like I’m really strong, that’s what my racing strength is. I was able to get ahead and make my move. Winning gold means everything. MY coach and I have been working so hard to get a title. I’m just ecstatic. I’m really looking forward to the 4x4 tomorrow. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Joanna Atkins
“I gave it my best shot. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. This is the first time I’ve made a World Indoor team. It’s the first time I’ve truly had a good season. I’m still learning how to run indoors so the fact that I made it and made it this far, I’m happy. Our 4x4 did a great job this morning and I’m just ready to join them and perform well tomorrow.”

Women’s Shot Put
Michelle Carter
“I felt like I did well tonight. It was a great competition so it didn’t work out for me to get a medal but I thought I did well today. I showed myself some things today that I didn’t know I could do. I’m using today as a building block. It’s amazing when you can show yourself something you didn’t know you could do. I just want to continue to get better every day, build on this and move forward.”

Ashton Eaton, gold medalist
“I went through warm-ups and felt decent and then was like, eh I don’t know. I was worried I might be going to slow but I made my move too late. I could tell I had more in the tank but I just felt like I was mentally weak. It’s been a long three years. I’m looking forward to taking a break from multis for the rest of the year and focusing on the 400mH. That way I can kind of get myself ready for 2015 and 2016.”

Women’s 1500m Final
Heather Kampf
“I didn’t want to lead again if I didn’t have to so when Nicole moved ahead of me, I thought I would stay behind her and keep the pace. Just go from there and make a move when I could just before 600m. Just got clipped and went down. Somehow I was the only one who got mixed up in that but I got up and finished. I had to. There was no question.”

Treniere Moser
“I was fine with the pace, it was just very physical. There was a lot of bumping and I got tripped up a bit the last 600m so I lost my momentum a bit. I tried to stay strong and keep competing but it was a pretty physical race today.”

Women’s 60mH Semifinal
Janay Deloach-Soukup
“My coach just tried to tell me to get out and try to stay with them. My hurdle technique still isn’t there yet. Definitely got high over a couple of them. Hopefully in finals, I can tune it up and get lower.”

Nia Ali
“I really wanted to work on my start and make sure my reaction was strong coming into (the first hurdle). I kind of just worked through the hurdles. I feel like I could’ve gotten off the first one a little stronger. I feel like that will come with more rounds and I’ll have an even better performance in the finals.”

Men’s 60m Semifinals
Trell Kimmons
“I did the best I could do. Coming off of injury, making the U.S. team and making it here, that’s all I could a
sk for.”

Marvin Bracy
“I don’t have the ultimate feeling yet. That comes in a couple hours in the final. Right now, I feel great that I was able to get out there and have a better reaction and make it to finals. It means so much to wear USA across my chest. It’s a lot more competition than college, a lot more heat, and I love it. They’re going to bring it and so am I.”

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