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Quotes from USA Indoor Track & Field Championships - Day One


Day One Quotes

Women’s Pentathlon

Sharon Day-Monroe, winner

"Everything was kind of firing on all cylinders, and I knew it was going to come down to that long jump. It’s always kind of my weak area, so to go almost 20 feet on my first jump was a big relief, and I was just really happy to know that I was right on pace for the American record but also that everything today was going really well. It makes me feel really good for two weeks for now. I am ready to go to Poland."

“Really the plan was to just tune-up and make sure everything was sharp. This is only my third meet of 2014. I hadn’t competed a lot, so I knew this was just another chance to get in competition shape, and race myself into shape and compete into shape. That’s kind of what I did today. Everything was just flowing and going really well, and I ended up with an American record.”

Sami Spenner, runner-up

On whether or not she can/will compete in NCAAs

“We sent in my waiver yesterday or the day before, so hopefully we’ll find out next week.”

“I had hit a 4406 prior to this meet, and I think my goal was to just maintain and be able to hit that again, which I exceeded, so I was pretty excited about it.”

“To me, I look at (Sharon) and she wasn’t as good in college. But she really blossomed outside of college. It gives me incentive to want to keep going."

“It’s nice to have a national stage to even compete on. I’m just grateful that we found this meet, and I made it in. There were a lot less here this year. I was hoping for a few more, but I know these girls from last year, so it was a very fun, competitive atmosphere."


Men’s Heptathlon

Gray Horn, leader after Day One

"I knew I was ready for something today, but I wasn’t  sure I was ready for something this big. I feel good though. I feel like I did nothing but a good workout, and I think Day Two is going to be special too.

"In the 60, I think I stayed in my drive phase a lot longer than I should have. My goal in the long jump was to only take one jump and then quit, I got a little greedy and tried to take a second one. It didn’t go too well, so that’s why I’ve got to stick with the plan next time. Shot put was average; nothing spectacular – nothing terrible. High jump on that last bar, I wish I would have made it, but I’ll take sixth round and a half today. It was my first high jump competition of the year. "

On what it would mean to win tomorrow

"It would be another check mark on the list of dreams I have. I really think that winning this would kind of give me some momentum and give me that spark that I’ve been looking for and the fuel to train."

On the second day tomorrow

"I would call the long jump, hurdles and pole vault my three best events if I had to pick three, and two of those are tomorrow.I’m in pretty good physical condition too as far as endurance goes. I think the 1,000 will go pretty well.

"I’m letting it rip. I’m not holding anything back I’m not going to be conservative by any means. I want a big PR, a solid PR, and that’s my approach.

“Overall, I am really thrilled. To see that my training was finally coming together. I’ve never really been in a better place mentally. I think the fact that my head is in the right place and that I’m not really making such a big deal out of it anymore.”

“I used to always come into these events all scatter-brained saying, ‘Man, if I could only do this and this.’ I’m just coming to have fun for once. I’m just having fun, and I think that’s what contributing to that.”


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