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Quotes from pre-event press conference for USA Indoors

Jenn Suhr
Current world record holder and defending indoor champion; seven-time National Indoor Champion

On training in a non-World Championships year
"I’m very excited it’s a non-championship year for Outdoor. I don’t think my heart can take any more stress and anxiety from qualifying to competing. The last three years have been extremely difficult mentally."

The advantage of training at Altitude
"I think coming here to compete last week was a good opportunity to get on the runway and to get my meet legs up under me. Just staying here, and practicing and not really traveling is what my goal was to get ready for Nationals."

Ajee Wilson
Youth athlete of the Year in 2011
2013 World Championships finalist
Won Millrose 800m last weekend

"This is my second time doing indoors, so a little pressure is on me to do as well as I did last year. But I’m excited to race here, and I know it’s going to be great competition."

On training in a non-World Championships year
"It will be different not having something to have an ultimate goal, so we’ll probably get to experiement more and have more fun with my races.

On TV coverage
"This kind publicity is definitely great to help the younger generations get motivated to know that they have something to work towards."

Manteo Mitchell
Olympic silver medalist in London

"It’s a pleasure to be here, to be healthy and 100 percent. I think I have a really good shot at making the team in the 400m hurdles. I'm happy to be here and ready to compete."

On training in a non-World Championships year
"It’s good that you can focus solely on what needs to be worked on long term in looking into Rio and things like that." 

On Training at altitude and preparing for this race
"Compared to distance runners, you do feel a slight difference. In my case, I actually live at 12,000 feet in altitude, so I do have an advantage. I train at 2,200 feet, so live high-train low, I have taken advantage of that. Coming to Albuquerque, I am expecting really good results."

On Indoor 400m versus Outdoor 400m
"Worrying about lane preference and how to get to that break point first, I think that’s a big point that my coach and I work on very hard. It’s making sure that we get to the break point first or at least in position to make it around the first curve. As far as that being built into outdoor 400 running, it creates strength, I feel that it builds strength up to a certain point in maybe knowing where you have to be indoors at 200m and outdoors it transforms to maybe 300m."

On competing in Albuquerque
"It’s always fun. It helps you with your competition when theres a big crowd there. This is my secod year running here. I know in 2012 the crowd was large, the atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed it."

Sharon day Monroe
Two-time defending Indoor Champion
Two-time Outdoor Heptathlon Champion

"I'm excited to be here at indoor nationals for 2014. Since I have already been selected for the team going to Sopot, this is a tune-up for me. I’m just sharpening everything up and getting ready for two weeks from now."

On training in a non-World Championships year
"I think having an off year is a good opportunity for of rest and rebuilding. It’s great mentally as well as physically just go get downtime. To be able to compete still and to sharpen up things that need fixed here and there. Work on different events for me. For me, it’s a good opportunity to get that mental break and that physical break to recharge for the few years after that."

Competing at Indoors versus just training
"My coach and I discussed it, and we felt like this is just a really good opportunity to work on every single event. Being that it’s only a pentathlon, versus heptathlon, I think two weeks is a long enough recovery. This is really just a tune-up to make sure that everything is ready."

On thinking about a one-off event
"For me, I still have a couple of events within the heptathlon that I feel like I need to really work on and sharpen up. My focus this year will definitely be long jump and hurdles and making sure those are going really well. "

On competing at the convention center
"The crowd is always really good. We’ve had lots of sellout crowds here at Nationals, so the fans are amazing. It’s a great place to compete."

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