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#AskUSATF with David Oliver (@doliversub13)

David Oliver: Hey everyone, @doliversub13 here to answer your questions. Ask away!  

@we135b: How much, if any, distance running is incorporated into your training regimen?
DO: Hey @we135b! Max 300m, but a lot of reps of them during fall training. 

@JFritzius: Do you have an off season? If so how long and what do you do?
DO: Thanks for your question, @JFritzius. About 6 weeks. Usually I just relax and recover, vacation and take care of sponsor obligations. 

@NReneeW: from my HS Jr sprinter/hurdler. How do you get rid of pre-race jitters?
DO: Hi @NReneeW! I don't think you ever get rid of them. I have them for every race still. It's just about focusing that type of energy. 

@erniieeM: what are your main goals for the upcoming season - will u be competing indoors and out? Indoor World Champs? 
DO: .@erniieeM, goals are same every year: stay healthy & win every race. I'll enter a race in Feb & see but I'll do full outdoor schedule. 

@thatboyheath: how did it feel running in the Olympics?
DO: .@thatboyheath, Olympics were def one of the greatest moments of my life. Had a dream & made it come true. Bronze was icing on the cake. 

@KSW1ZZY: did you play any other sports in high school? 
DO: Hi @KSW1ZZY. Yes, played football, basketball and baseball all before I picked up track. Thanks for your question! 

@Chocolate_Gang: what workouts work best for you?
DO: .@Chocolate_Gang in terms of workouts, I like anything that has to do with bettering my hurdle technique. 

@lifeoftorben: What was your favorite sports moment as an athlete? 
DO: That's an easy question, @lifeoftorben. Favorite sports moment was winning the gold medal in Moscow last season. 

@WesleyBelleman: David, were you expecting to have such a great 2013? To many fans, it didn't seem like you were ready to do something like win the WC
DO: Was def expecting to have a great yr, @WesleyBelleman. Needed to get my health in order. Once I did, knew I was ready to be back on top. 

@jessicac_86: favorite cheat meal? Favorite clean meal?
DO: Hi @jessicac_86! I cheat with the snacks. Love chocolate chip cookies. My clean meals are a lot of fish, veggies and brown rice. 

@tylerthomsen96: Is there another event you would want to try for fun? 
DO: .@tylerthomsen96 Decathlon. @treyhardee & @AshtonJEaton are some of my fav athletes. Those guys deserve world's greatest athlete title. 

@StoughtonTrack: got any good advice for a young hurdler who is trying to make the jump from four to three? @AlexaDeutsch 
@jshep27: David, I am a high school coach, what is your best piece of advice on teaching/training young hurdlers?
DO: .@StoughtonTrack @AlexaDeutsch @jshep27 be fearless! Hurdles isn't an easy event & we all fall. Dust yourself off & don't give up! 

@doc_milhoan: do you have any secret rituals that you have to do before race? 
DO: Hey @doc_milhoan! I don't have rituals, my stuff varies from race to race. I do get into the blocks the same way every time tho. 

@ajhurdles: have you ever done the 400mH? Times?
DO: Hey @ajhurdles, I did try 400H once in college. Ran 53 in lane 1. I wasn't a fan hahaha. 

@NeonDaezjon: what would you do if you didn't run track?
DO: Hey @NeonDaezjon, I would have tried to make it to the NFL. I had a couple opportunities back in 05 but stuck with track instead! 

@JoshuaAReay: I met you before the Olympic trials at the Pancake House in Eugene. What's your favorite pre-race meal? 
DO: Hi @JoshuaAReay! I love that place! I don't like to eat before races. I think it's my nerves, so I just do a meal replacement shake. 

@USATFNiagara: How tough is it being an American 110 hurdler right now?
DO: Hey @USATFNiagara! Very tough, but that's what I like most. We're very deep & it keeps everyone on their toes & bringing their A game. 

@RunEmilyERun: have you picked up any foreign languages on your travels?
DO: That's a great question, @RunEmilyERun. Not fluent, but I know several words in several languages. I wish I would have picked up more! 

@007TrackFan: What's next for you in terms of a post-racing career?
DO: I think I have some time before that happens, @007TrackFan! When the time comes, I wouldn't mind coaching collegiate hurdlers. 

@EG_trackgirl: Do you have a saying or verse that you use to help you stay motivated on and off the track? 
DO: Thanks for your question, @EG_trackgirl! The saying I use to stay motivated is "If it is to be, it's up to me." 

@CEdwardEckert: what is your focus when you are in the blocks to start a race?
DO: .@CEdwardEckert, I don't want to think or focus on anything. I want a clear head & to react on impulse. Thinking makes you slow. 

@SpencerLaHaye: proud to see you win in Moscow last year, big fan. What do you do to keep your legs fresh during/after travel?
DO: Thanks for the support @SpencerLaHaye!! After travel, I just try to get in some ice baths and I have a great physio in @theriptool. 

@spikesmag: Your shoulders are as big as a garage. Do you ever find doorways too narrow?
DO: Hahaha @spikesmag, you & everyone else with ?s about my shoulders! Every door in my house was replaced with french doors. Easy solution! 

@GarethThompson_: what age did you start taking running seriously and what was your first international competition?
B Hi @GarethThompson_! I was around 18 because I was trying to earn a scholarship. First int'l race was in Namur, Belgium 2005. I won! 

@fitzfitsahero: How low do you think the 110's WR can get?
DO: .@fitzfitsahero not sure, maybe in the 70s. @amhurdlestar did an awesome job with his wr run, def one of my all time fav performances. 

@DJFrey25: who inspired you the most to be where you are today? 
DO: Thanks for the question, @DJFrey25. My mom definitely inspired me to be where I am today. Raised me well. 

@ASAPJOCKY: what's differences do you see from your high school career and now?
DO: I would say that as much as I've gotten faster since HS, I've matured and understand the importance of hard work now, @ASAPJOCKY. 

DO: Have to give a S/O to all the Winter Olympics athletes. I want to be on the hockey team although I have never been on ice skates haha. 

@matt_riekens: What advice do you have for an upcoming hurdler that is maybe a bit distressed about how things are going?
DO: If you have a dream, keep chasing it. It may take a month, a year, whatever, but dreams don't come with deadlines, @matt_riekens! 

DO: Thanks everyone for chatting today. I got to as many questions as I could. Follow me @doliversub13! Appreciate your support!  

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