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The list of officials working the 2013 USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships is below:  

Laurie Boemker – Track Events Referee
Ed Gorman – Field Events Referee
Rex Harvey – Combined Events Referee
Ronald E. Clarke – Coordinator of Officials
Warren House – Coordinator of Officials

Victoria Adams, Horizontals – Pit #2
Jesse Albright, Call Room
William Anderson, Chief Pole Vault Judge
Modupe Aromire, Clerk
Donna Barrett, Call Room
Phillip T. Barrett, Starter
Andrew Bates, Umpire
Karla J. Battle, Call Room
Gisela Benning, Horizontals
Dwight C. Benning, Chief High Jump – Pit #1
Kyle Brown, Chief Umpire
Jay S. Brown, Umpire
Leo Bullie, Umpire
Ollie Bunch, Chief Throws Judge (Infield)
Jo Burrows, Chief RW Judge/Throws
Carla Carmichael, Chief Call Room Judge
Criag Carter, Horizontals- Pit #2
Stacey Carter, Throws Studio A
Sebastian Cianci, Horizontals – Pit #1
Ronald Clarke, Officials’ Coordinator/ RW
Dave Cook, Combined Events
Robert Cosby, Pole Vault
Victor Daniel, Umpire
Charles Day, Chief Implement Inspector
Adrian Dixon, Combined Events
Anthony Domenech, Finish Line
Jesse Edwards, Jr., Umpire
Robert Gale Faulkner, Throws (Infield)
Ira Ford, Finish Line
Dave Gammon, Implement Inspector (Studio A)
Ann Gerhardt, Race Walk/Throws
Sharon Good, Throws Studio A
Angela Gordon, Horizontals – Pit #2
David Grant, Throws Studio A - Chief
Hazel L. Grant, Throws Studio A
Sara L. Grant, Throws (Infield)
Charmaine A. D., Grant Throws Studio A
Valentine Grant, High Jump
Carolyn A. Greene, High Jump
Carolyn D. Griggs, Starter
Larry Harcum, Umpire
Cassandara Harris, Horizontals – Pit #1
Lawrence Harris, Umpire
Gerald Harrison, High Jump
John Head, Starter
Toni Henderson, Horizontals – Pit #1
Raymond Henson, Marshal
Billy J. Hice, Umpire
Warren House, Officials Coordinator/Race Walk
Tawanda Howe, Call Room Judge
Patrick R. Janiga, Pole Vault
Andrea Jennings, Starter
Oretta Johnson, Horizontals – Pit #2
E. Alex Jupiter, Implement Inspector (Studio A)
Beverly Kern, Horizontals – Pit #2
Robert Kern, Chief Starter
Michael “Todd” King, Horizontals – Pit #2
Wayne Kretzer, Call Room
George Leaf, Electronic Measurement
Tim Lester, High Jump
John C. McCann, Throws
Michael McCoy, Chief Combined Events/Horizontals
Mary McKenzie, Call Room Judge
John McMahon, Call Room Judge
Willie Myrick, Umpire
Robert L. Norwood, Chief Horizontals Judge – Pit #2
Zina D. Parker, Horizontals – Pit #2
William Pollinger, Chief High Jump – Pit #2
Alonzo Ramsey, Horizontals – Pit #2
Sandra Repko, Throws (Infield)
Charlie Seifert, Finish Line
Chemise Smith, Finish Line
William H. Smith, Starter
Ralph Snyder, High Jump
Shane Sorey, Starter
Robert D. Starkey, High Jump
Karen Stowers, Race Walk/Horizontals
Richard Straway, Throws (Infield)/Throws Coordinator
Ronard Taylor, Throws Studio A
Roselyn Thibou, Horizontals – Pit #1
Cassandra Townsend, Call Room
Michael L. Trego, Throws Studio A
A. Jaime Trujillo, Pole Vault
Lance Turley, Electronic Measurement
Angela Vail, Call Room Judge
Ben Vail, Pole Vault
Tyrone H. Wells, Umpire
Ronald Wilkins, Chief Finish Line Judge
Sirena Williams, Starter
Gloria T. Winemiller, Horizontals Chief – Pit #1
Douglas R. Winemiller, Horizontals – Pit #1
Dan Woolley, Throws (Infield)
Cynthia Young, Call Room Judge/CE Coordinator

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