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This is the 2019 USATF Open & Masters National 20 km Race Walk Championships; and will also serve as the selection event for 1) 2019 Pan American RW Cup to be held in Michoacán, Mexico; 2) the selection race for the Pan American Games to be held in Lima, Peru, and 3) is an approved qualifying race for the 2019 IAAF Track & Field Championships to be held in Doha, Qatar.

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Competition Info

Entry Info

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Competition Info

USA Track & Field has specific procedures to be followed by disabled athletes wishing to compete in able-bodied competitions against able-bodied Athletics athletes. Please note that the disabled athlete must first meet the eligibility requirements applicable to the relevant competition, including having achieved the required qualifying standard, if any. The disabled athlete is responsible for initiating the ADA Accommodation Request procedures sufficiently in advance to enable USATF to complete its review and decision-making process prior to the relevant competition. Please see the USATF "Policy & Procedures for Accommodation Requests Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act" for more information.

A Gold Medal, emblematic of the Championships of the United States of America, will be given to the winner of each Championship event, a Silver Medal to second place, and Bronze Medals to third through sixth places.

Prize Money
For the 2019 USATF 20 km Race Walk Championships, USATF will pay prize money to the first through seventh place finishers. The prize structure is as follows:
1st - $8,000
2nd - $6,000
3rd - $4,000
4th - $3,000
5th - $2,000
6th - $1,000
7th - $1,000

Athletes with remaining collegiate eligibility should check with their university compliance department to see if they are eligible to receive this prize money according to NCAA or NAIA rules. If an athlete with collegiate eligibility is approved to receive prize money, have the university compliance representative reach out to USATF via email ( to provide confirmation/verification.

Athletes who are eligible to receive prize money for this event are required to complete:

  • IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification: When submitting W-9’s via fax (fax number:317-261-0514) attach a cover page with the following information.
    • Attention: Sariyu "Beka" Suggs
    • Event: 2019 USATF 20 km Race Walk Championships
  • ACH Direct Deposit Form: USATF will reach out to the athlete to request this information via an electronic form (via Team Works).

Please make sure your contact information (email address and phone number) is up-to-date under your USATF membership profile.

Athletes who participate in National Championships and Team USA competitions are subject to drug testing performed by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in accordance with the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing.

BE ALERT - Knowing your rights and responsibilities may save you from making a mistake that could jeopardize your athletic career. The use of ALL dietary supplements is "at the athlete's own risk of committing a doping violation." 

Visit the Supplement 411 website for more information on dietary supplements.

BE AWARE - Testing may take place at any time or after any round - preliminary, qualifying, or final - USADA typically selects place finishers and random athletes. Athletes must report immediately to the Doping Control Station after they are notified of being selected for testing and will be accompanied by a chaperone until they report to the station.

BE CLEAN - Checking to see if the medication you take is allowed could be the difference between passing your test and serving a doping ban. All athletes are responsible for checking the status of any prescription medications at the Global DRO or a quick call to USADA's Drug Reference Line™ (1-800-233-0393) and following-up with any necessary forms is all it takes to pass with flying colors.

BE INFORMED - Watching USADA's short testing video will familiarize you with the drug testing process. When making travel arrangements please allow enough time for drug testing at the end of your event. This will include providing a sample and processing paperwork.

The adjudication of anti-doping rule violations or refusals to test will be carried out by USADA. Athletes found to have committed a doping violation will be disciplined according to penalties specified by the World Anti-Doping Code and, if appropriate, applicable IAAF rules. Such penalties may result in a period of ineligibility as well as disqualification from the event.


As you prepare for your upcoming competition, here are some resources that may save you from making a mistake that could jeopardize your athletic career:

USADA Doping Control Process
Global Drug Reference Online

Drug Reference Line™

Other USADA Resources

The use of nutritional or dietary supplements is completely at the athlete's own risk - even if the supplement label says "approved" or "verified." USADA's drug reference resources DO NOT provide information about dietary supplements.

It is a privilege and honor to represent the USA in international competition.  Therefore the USA intends to send the most competitive team possible to the 2019 Pan American Race Walk Cup to be held in Michoacan, Mexico in April.

The 2019 USATF 20 km Race Walk Championships and 10 km PAC Trials will serve as the Trials events for the 2019 Pan American Race Walk Cup (PanAm RWC). Selection for the U.S. team will be based on rank order place finish at this event along with qualifying standards as listed below.

  1. Athletes will be required to meet certain standards at the Trials races in order to be selected for the team. These standards must be met at the Trials race itself. The standards are:
    • Men 20 km - 1:26:00 = "A"
    • Women 20 km - 1:37:00 = "A"
    • Junior Men 10 km - 45:00 = "A"
    • Junior Women 10 km - 50:00 = "A"
  2. Should there not be four (4) place finishers who have met the above "A" qualifying standard, those meeting the "B" standards listed below will fill the team based on performance rank order achieved during the qualifying window - April 8, 2018 to March 17, 2019
    • Men 20 km - 1:32:00 = "B"
    • Women 20 km - 1:43:30 = "B"
    • Junior Men 10 km - 48:30 = "B"
    • Junior Women 10 km - 53:15 = "B" 
  3. Athletes must declare their intention to compete on the PanAm RWC team no later than 11:59pm ET, Monday, March 18, 2019. All athletes who complete a Trials race under the standards in #1 are eligible and encouraged to declare. Athletes who complete a Trials race at both 20 km and 50 km under the standards MUST indicate the distance at which they would prefer to compete and whether they would be willing to compete in the other distance if not selected for their preferred distance. If an athlete who completed both trials races does not indicate a preferred distance, the 50 km will be assumed to be the preferred distance.
  4. When declaring their intent to compete the athletes must notify the Chair of the RW Committee Diane Graham-Henry at (Deadline is 11:59pm ET, Monday, March 18, 2019).
  5. In naming the teams, the chair will first go down the list of declared athletes at 50 km in rank order of trials finish. The first four (4) qualified athletes who have indicated the 50 km as their preferred distance will be placed on the initial 50 km roster.
  6. Next, the chair will go down the list of declared athletes at 20 km in rank order of Trials finish. The first four (4) athletes who have indicated the 20 km as their preferred distance will be placed on the initial 20 km roster.
  7. Any athlete who indicated the 20 km as their preferred distance but was not named to the initial 20 km roster and finished ahead of an athlete on the initial 50 km roster will replace the lowest placing athlete(s) on the 50 km roster.
  8. If, as a result of step #6, there are any athletes who indicated the 50 km as their preferred distance but are no longer on the 50 km roster and finished ahead of an athlete on the 20 km roster, those athletes will replace the lowest placing athlete(s) on the 20 km roster.
  9. Steps #6 and #7 will be repeated until there are no more athletes to whom these steps apply. Any situation that is unable to be resolved using these steps will be resolved by the Chair, in consultation with the affected athletes and the Executive Committee. The resulting 20 km and 50 km rosters will be named to the PanAm RWC team.
  10. For the junior men’s and women's 10 km, the first three (3) declared trials finishers in rank order who have meet the A, then the B, qualifying standard will be named to the team.
  11. If after going through the steps above, any team has fewer than four (4) named members (3 for junior M&W), the chair may at his/her discretion name additional athletes to that team. This shall be done in consultation with the Executive Committee and shall give primary consideration to rank order of finish at the Trials.
  12. Athletes are responsible for maintaining a high level of fitness and for preparing themselves to represent the USA at their competitive best. Athletes are responsible for notifying the chair if they will not be able to represent the USA at his or her competitive best.
  13. If any athlete withdraws from a team after being named to it, but before midnight on , the chair shall use the procedures outlined in Steps 4 through 10 to name replacement athletes. However, no athlete who has been named to the team and not withdrawn shall be subsequently removed from the team as a result. If an athlete withdraws after 11:59pm ET Monday, March 18th 2019, no replacement shall be named unless the Chair in consultation with the Executive Committee and the National office staff determines that doing so is in the best interests of the team. If they so determine, the Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall name the replacement giving primary consideration to the rank order of trials finish

Entry Info

Only citizens of the United States who are eligible to represent the U.S. in all levels of international competition are eligible to compete in Championship events. Dual citizens, please take note. Others, including foreign athletes, may compete in a separate non-scoring division within these Championship events.

  • Female athletes must be 14 years or older on the day of competition. There is no age restriction for male athletes.
  • Athletes may enter an event(s) even if they have not yet met the qualifying standard for that event(s). However, athletes will not be permitted to compete unless they have:
    • Completed the entry process
    • Met the entry standard
    • Completed the declaration process
    • Have an updated athlete location form on file with USADA if you are in the Out-Of-Competition Drug-Testing Pool (OOC).
    • Proof of qualifying performance, if required, must be submitted to USATF no later than 5:00 p.m. PT, Friday, March 8, 2019. Submittals received after this date will not be accepted. Please contact for verification procedures.

All athletes must be 2019 members of USATF in good standing. USATF memberships may be purchased online, or through your local Association Office.

All Athletes
  • All athletes must be 2019 members of USATF in good standing. USATF memberships may be purchased online, through your local Association Office, or by calling the USATF National Office at 317-713-4665.
  • Only citizens of the United States may win Championship awards.

Masters Division
  • Athletes must be 40 years or older on the day of competition.
  • Competition will be conducted in five-year age divisions. 

USATF 20 km Race Walk Championships Qualifying Standards
Men: 1:39:50
Women: 1:52:00
Qualifying window: June 1, 2017 to March 2, 2019
Qualifying time, meet, and date of meet must be provided upon registration.

There is no qualifying standard to enter the Pan American Race Walk Cup Trials or the USATF Masters 20 km Race Walk Championships.

Travel Info

Headquarters Hotel - The Atrium (event code: USATF)
18700 MacArthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 833-2770
Deadline for discount rate ($100 - event code USATF) is February 16, 2019.
Hotel is across the street from John Wayne Airport with free shuttle and two miles from race course.

Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer special discounts for Track and Field 2019. Please click here to book your flights!
You may also call Delta Meeting Network® at 1.800.328.1111* Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. (CST) and refer to Meeting Event Code NY2MD.
*Please note there is not a service fee for reservations booked and ticketed via our reservation 800 number. 

2019 USATF 20 km Race Walk Championships

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