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Relay Selection



  • One relay team per country, per age group, and per gender for the 4x100 and 4x400 relays to be held on Sunday,September 16; there are no “B” teams.
  • Age Group is determined by age of the youngest member that actually runs; teams can’t arbitrarily step down to a younger group.
  • Country Team Declarations list four to six athletes (four runners and two alternates). Declarations can only be changed before the Declaration Deadline. After the Deadline, only the four to six athletes listed are eligible to run; changes to who is running (use of an alternate) and running order are made in the call room up to one hour before the race.
    • An Athlete may only run one 4x100 and one 4x400 but may be listed as an alternate on multiple declarations.
  • The Team members must be entered in the meet and represent Team USATF; (No all-star teams)
  • The Team Declaration Deadline has not been announced; it may be earlier than at past championships.


  • Designated teams are competitive teams selected according to the procedure below.
  • Volunteer teams are self-organized and made up of any four to six Team USATF athletes of the same gender; the team manager will sign and submit a WMA team declaration form upon request.

The selection process begins by reviewing the declared athletes that have competed in the current WMA Championships. In addition, 4x100m athletes must have competed in a 4x100m or 4x200m relay (National Team, club team, or pick-up) within the past 24 months. Athletes not meeting these qualifications are eligible for volunteer teams only. Please do not submit a declaration form if you do not meet the qualifications or are unlikely to.

Everyone likely to meet the qualifications for a Designated Team is encouraged to complete a written declaration form. This form indicates that the athlete is interested in being in the relay pool, and (if selected) will be committed to run for relay practice and competition. This includes athletes selected as alternates.

  • The Team Manager will have the Declaration Forms. Complete & return them ASAP.
  • Return the forms to the Team Manager by 5 pm the night before the WMA Team Declaration Deadline (TDD).
  • Athletes may withdraw their declaration up to two hours before the TDD. Contact the Team Manager to withdraw.
  • Athletes who submitted the form but weren’t selected need take no further steps, and remain eligible for a volunteer team.

The sanction for declaring but not competing (other than for a sudden injury, accident or unforeseen circumstance) is that the athlete is moved to the bottom of the relay pool for the next two WMA competitions. Contact the Team Manager if your circumstances change.

The teams will be selected by the Team Selection Committee (TSC) consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, the Team Manager and one or more athlete representative members of the Masters Track & Field Committee. The Team Manager will Chair this committee and determine the place and time of its meetings. 

The following will be how each relay team will be determined and selected:

  1. The TSC will first consider the finalists in the event at the same distance and then related events, then semi-finalists, and then those who finished in the top half of the preliminary round.
    • For the 4 x 100 the events are the 100, 200, 400, short hurdles, long hurdles.
    • For the 4 x 400 the events are 400, long hurdles, 200, 800, 100, short hurdles.
    • Multi event athletes are considered as though their time were achieved during the main event.
  2. The TSC will consider athletes from an older age group who are not needed as a runner or an alternate to complete a team for a younger age group if necessary.
  3. Age groups may be merged when two or more age groups do not have at least two runners who have qualified for the finals, semi-finals and prelims. Merged categories are then treated as one pool.
  4. If a team still cannot be determined using the above process, then the Committee will also consider:
  5. Top USA FAT times or times from current year USATF Masters Indoor or Outdoor Championships.
  6. The current year USA Rankings using only USATF sanctioned events and FAT times.
  7. The TSC will take everything into consideration but the selection of the relay team members, including alternates made by the Committee is final.

The Team Manager will also take injuries into consideration. After consultation with an injured relay team member and other team members, including alternates, the Team Manager, in consultation with any Team Selection Committee members present, will make the final decision whether or not to replace any injured relay member with an alternate, just prior to the Final Relay Declaration. 

The Team Manager will make batons available for relay practice and appoint a Team Captain to coordinate relay practices as needed to include a mandatory relay practice on the last rest day prior to competition. Relay members who do not make every effort to attend practice risk being replaced by an alternate, should the Team Manager and Team Captain decide it is in the best interest of the relay team. 

Volunteer Teams are self-organized and can include any members of Team USATF; there are no qualifications with respect to ability or relay experience. The only restrictions are that (1) there cannot be a designated team for the same combination of gender, age group, and distance, and (2) any athlete qualified to be names to a designated team must be released by the team management as not needed because there are too many or too few athletes in the same or neighboring age groups. 

A member of the proposed team should contact the Team Manager to obtain a copy of the WMA Team Declaration form, to ensure that there won’t be a conflicting Designated Team and that any athlete eligible for designation is available. The team will complete the form listing the four to six members and return it to the Team Manager prior to the Team Declaration Deadline. The Team Manager will sign and submit it to the TIC. If five or six athletes are listed the team will determine who actually runs. 

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