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Doping Information

The doping regulations of WMA will be followed in Malaga, Spain. All athletes must be aware that doping is not allowed and violators will be suspended from competition.
The attention of WMA athletes is drawn to the fact that WMA observes strictly the IAAF AntiDoping Rules and Code as governed by the WADA Code. Doping Control will be conducted under the IAAF/WMA Rules that comply with the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Athletes competing in any WMA Championship event, by their signature on the entry form, acknowledge that they are fully bound by these Rules and Codes and any applicable prevailing Anti-Doping legislation in the Country hosting these Championships.
This means athletes taking or requiring exemption for a prohibited substance, must apply to the WMA Medical Officer. If you are granted a TUE certificate, this must be with you at all times, along with proof of identification, and be produced at the Doping Control Center if you are selected for a drug test. Failure on the part of the athlete to provide a valid TUE after testing positive to a prohibited substance may well render the athlete liable to being suspended from competition and forfeiting any awards received if found guilty of committing a doping offense at a hearing pursuant to the provisions of the Disciplinary Procedures as prescribed in IAA Competition Rule 38 as read with Rules 39 and 40, alternatively in the WADA Anti-Doping Code or the Anti-Doping Rules of the host country.
For athletes wishing to apply for a TUE to the WMA Medical Officer as designated in the entry form, you must submit written application at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the Championships to the following WMA TUE administrator:

Carole Filer
71 Hunter House Road
Sheffield England 5118TU
Telephone number:
011 44 754 882 6151 from US land lines
+1 44 754 882 6151 from mobile phones
All such applications are to be fully supported by medical documentation setting out the existing medical conditions and the need for the use for the prohibited substance. The provisions of Rule 34(5) must be followed irrespective of to whom the athlete submits the TUE application.  

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