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Officials Information

The list of officials selected to work the 2018 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships is below:
Jim Carlisle – Track Referee
Ed Gorman – Field Referee
Bill Murray – Combined Events Referee
Becky Klein – Coordinator of Officials
Michael McCoy – Coordinator of Officials

First Name Last Name Assignment(s)
Victoria Adams Throws - Crew 2
Donna Barrett Clerk
Karla Battle Electronic Measurement
Dwight Benning Throws - Crew 2 Head
Gisela Benning Horizontal Jumps - Crew 1
Patricia Boyd Umpire
Leo Bullie Throws - Crew 2
Ollie Bunch Throws - Crew 1
Jo Burrows Electronic Measurement; Race Walk
Stacey Carter-Mayzck, HJ - Crew 1
Freda Chase Umpire
Sebastian Cianci HJ - Crew 1 Head
Ronald Clarke Umpire - Head
Cindy Cooke Throws - Crew 1; CE Coordinator
Maryanne Daniel Umpire; Race Walk
Ronald Daniel Umpire; Race Walk
John Davenport Horizontal Jumps - Crew 1 Head
Marius Davis Throws - Crew 1
Charles Day Weights & Measures - Head
Adrian Dixon Starter; Lap Counter
Christel Donley CE Coordinator
William “Skip” Earle PV - Head; CE Coordinator
Terry Eason Throws - Crew 2
Tim Edwards Weights & Measures
Daniel Egan Clerk
Robert 'Gale' Faulkner Lap Counter; Finish Line
Deborah Frederick Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2; Race Walk
Shawn Frederick Umpire
Ray Funkhouser Umpire; Race Walk - Head
Angela Gordon Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2
Joan Gordon-Labadia Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2; CE Coordinator
Valentine Grant Throws - Crew 2
Vedall Grant PV
Gerald Harrison HJ - Crew 2 Head
Larry Harris Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2
John Head Starter
Tom Heisey PV
Toni Henderson Umpire
Sherry Hott Clerk
Tom Hott Starter
Warren House Throws - Crew 1 Head
Tawanda Howe Horizontal Jumps - Crew 1
Patrick Janiga HJ - Crew 2; CE Coordinator
Perry Jenkins Starter
Andrea Jennings Starter
Orretta 'OJ' Johnson Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2
Michael Kempf HJ - Crew 1; CE Coordinator
Kip Kinn PV
Becky Klein Officials Coordinator; Race Walk Referee
Paul Kosek PV
Jim Lamb Clerk
Fred LaVack Throws - Crew 1
Melanie LaVack Throws - Crew 2
George Leaf Electronic Measurement - Head
Brandon Lemmons Throws – Crews 1/2
Sandie Lovelace Start Coordinator
Chris McCann Electronic Measurement
Michael McCoy Officials Coordinator; Race Walk
Craig McDonald Horizontal Jumps; Crew 1
Mary McKinzie Clerk
Matt Merrill Throws - Crew 1
Patty Mitchell HJ - Crew 2
Yolanda Moore PV
Marguerite Morman-Matthews Clerk
Willie Myrick Finish Line; Lap Counter
Al Naylor Finish Line - Head
Robert 'Bob' Norwood Horizontal Jumps – Crew 1; CE Coordinator - Head
Zina Parker Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2 Head
Jim Pearce CE Coordinator
Phillip Pillin CE Coordinator; Finish Line
William Pollinger HJ - Crew 2; Race Walk
Elisabeth Price Umpire; Race Walk
Jonathan Price Umpire; Race Walk
Steve Reckefus Weights & Measures
James Rhode HJ - Crew 1
Edwin Roberts Finish Line; Lap Counter
Richard Robert Umpire; Race Walk
Carla Ruff Chief Clerk
Joseph Rycek Electronic Measurement
Charlie Seifert Starter
Alton Shell Throws - Crew 1
Dee Shufert HJ - Crew 2
Joe Shufert HJ - Crew 1
George Siragusa Clerk
Chemise Smith Umpire
Jim Smyth Clerk
Doug Starkey PV
Juanita Stokes Clerk
Daniel Talmage Finish Line; Lap Counter
Norman Venyah Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2
Dennis Vienneau Throws - Crew 2
Betty Whitaker Horizontal Jumps - Crew 1
Annette White Starter
John Wilson Throws - Crew 2
Doug Winemiller Horizontal Jumps - Crew 1
Gloria Winemiller Horizontal Jumps - Crew 2
Dan Wooley Head Lap Counter; Finish Line
Diane Wright Starter
Augustus 'Gus' Young Throws - Crew 1
Cynthia Young Horizontal Jumps - Crew 1


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