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Team Processing

Please bring passports to National Team Sign-Up!*

The 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships and the 2017 USATF Junior Championships will serve as the selection events for the international competitions listed below for Open athletes. All athletes are required to complete team processing in order to be eligible for 2017 USA National Teams. Those who fail to complete team processing during the timeframes listed below will forfeit their rank for selection to national teams for the 2017 season.

The following teams will draw their rosters from the 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships and 2017 USATF Junior Championships:

Athletes should bring the following to team processing:

  • Travel and competition plans for the summer

  • Valid U.S. passport*

  • Necessary information to complete forms (contact information for agents, coaches, etc.)

* Athletes must have a current passport good for at least six (6) months after the return date from the National Team event. 

Reminder: without exception, those not completing team processing will not be eligible for 2017 outdoor national teams.
Team Sign-up Schedule
Athletes will be directed by a 2017 National Team staff member to the team sign-up area located in the Grand Nave Ballroom in the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel (1230 J Street, 13th and J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814) immediately after the final of their event. 

Thursday June 22nd
5:00 PM   JR Women's Discus 
5:30 PM   JR Men's Javelin 
6:30 PM   Men's Hammer
7:00 PM   Women's Javelin

Friday June 23rd
10:00 AM   Women's Triple Jump
10:30 AM   Women's Discus Throw
11:00 AM   Men's / Women's 10,000M
5:00 PM   JR Women's 5000M
5:30 PM   JR Men's 5000M
6:00 PM   JR Men's High Jump
6:30 PM   JR Women's Long Jump
7:00 PM   JR Men's Shot Put 
7:00 PM   JR Women's Heptathlon
7:30 PM   JR Men's Long Jump
8:00 PM   JR Women's Shot Put
8:30 PM   JR Men's Decathlon/ JR Women's Hammer Throw
9:00 PM   JR Women's 100m Hurdles/ JR Men's 110m Hurdles
9:30 PM   JR Men's / JR Women's 100m

Saturday June 24th
9:30 AM   Men's Decathlon
10:00 AM   Women's High Jump 
10:30 AM   Men's Triple Jump 
11:00 AM   Men's /Women's 100m 
11:30 AM   Men's / Women's 5000m 
5:00 PM   JR Men's / JR Women's 10Km Race Walk
5:30 PM   JR Men's Discus Throw 
6:00 PM   Men's Javelin Throw 
6:30 PM   Men's Pole Vault 
7:00 PM   Women's Shot Put
7:30 PM   Men's Discus Throw
8:00 PM   Women's Long Jump 
8:00 PM   Women's 3000m ST
8:30 PM   Men's / Women's 1500m
9:00 PM   Men's / Women's 400m
9:30 PM   Women's 100m Hurdles

Sunday June 25th
9:00 AM   JR Men's / JR Women's Triple Jump
9:30 AM   JR Women's High Jump
10:00 AM   JR Men's / JR Women's 3000m ST
10:30 AM   JR Men's / JR Women's Pole Vault
11:00 AM   JR Men's / JR Women's 800m
11:30 AM   JR Women's Javelin
11:30 AM   JR Men's Hammer Throw
12:00 PM   JR Men's / JR Women's 400m
12:00 PM   JR Men's / JR Women's 400m Hurdles
12:00 PM   JR Men's / JR Women's 200m
3:00 PM   JR Men's 10000m / JR Women's 3000m
3:30 PM   JR Men's / JR Women's 1500m
4:00 PM   Men's / Women's 20Km Race Walk
4:30 PM   Women's Hammer Throw
5:00 PM   Men's Shot Put
5:30 PM   Women's Pole Vault
6:00 PM   Men's High Jump
6:30 PM   Men's Long Jump
7:00 PM   Women's Heptathlon
7:30 PM   Men's / Women's 800m
8:00 PM   Men's / Women's 400m Hurdles
8:30 PM   Men's 3000 ST
9:00 PM   Men's / Women's 200m
9:00 PM   Men's 110m Hurdles

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