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Eligibility Requirements

All Master athletes must be citizens of the United States and eligible to represent the United States in international competition to be eligible for USATF medals and prize money.  In addition, all athletes entered and competing in the 2016 USATF Masters 10 km Championship are required to have a 2016 USATF membership.  There are no performance standards to participate.  Master athletes shall be allowed to win awards in all categories. (e.g., overall, age group, team, age-graded, etc.)


  • All clubs must be registered with USATF for 2017. Please submit your club application to your local Association office.
  • Only teams consisting of duly accredited representatives of a member club shall be eligible to score as a team.
  • All athletes entering as part of a club must be affiliated with that club as part of their USATF online membership profile (an athlete's current affiliation can be viewed in his/her membership profile and as part of the online entry process) and meet the requirements of USATF Competition Rule 341.8. Athletes wishing to change affiliations can make such a request through their local Association (note that this request must be made by the athlete--see Regulation 4 in the USATF Governance Manual, Section III).
  • The formation of club teams must meet all of the parameters as noted in Regulations 4 and 6 in the USATF Governance Manual, Section III and the USATF Rules of Competition, specifically Rule 341.8. This will be strictly enforced.

Pursuant to Rule 341.8, Master Teams shall represent current member clubs of USATF, verified through the national office. USATF Association, Regional, or National “all-star” teams are not eligible to compete in Masters Long Distance Running Team competition. Team members shall be affiliated with the club they are representing on their USATF membership record prior to entering the competition. Only one athlete per team (i.e., Club M50+ team) who is a non-resident member of an Association is eligible to compete for a team in that Association.
All USATF Master 10 km Championship Entrants

  • All athletes must be U.S. citizens (with the exception of Master athletes, who may also be resident aliens).
  • All athletes must be 2017 members of USATF in good standing. USATF memberships may be purchased online. Athletes will not be permitted to compete unless they have a 2017 USATF membership and completed the entry process.
  • Club affiliation: Athletes must be bona fide members of a 2017 USATF club in order to represent a club and score team points. An athlete's current affiliation can be viewed in his/her membership profile and as part of the online entry process).
  • Sponsor Affiliation: In addition to a club affiliation, athletes are able to represent one (1) corporate sponsor. This corporate sponsor must be a registered USATF Corporate Member and be part of the athlete's membership profile.
  • Unless your date of birth/age has already been verified according to your USATF online membership profile, a copy of a legal document (drivers license, passport or birth certificate) be presented at packet pickup in order to verify date of birth and citizenship should.
  • USATF member athletes who are citizens of the United States or resident aliens are eligible to compete in these Championships. However, only U.S. citizens may score for a team or win championship awards. Prize money is available for U.S. citizens only, per USATF Championship rules.
  • Athletes must be 40 years or older on the day of competition.
  • All master athletes must wear an age/gender “back” number showing age division. Runners competing without back numbers will be subject to disqualification.

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