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About Entry / Declaration Status

Entry Status Categories

  • open - entry received but not yet in the verification process (all entries start in this category)

  • qualified - mark has been verified and is accepted for entry into the championships.

  • info needed - entry requires additional information or required documents (e.g., DOB verification, citizenship, name of meet director) are missing

  • accepted* – used primarily during or following the declarations process to indicate a mark that is being accepted.

  • not qualified - mark not acceptable; reasons vary

  • not accepted - entry not accepted; reasons vary

  • updated - mark has been updated/changed and must be re-verified

*Accepted – Athlete had not met the qualifying standard for an event. However, the Sport Committee will accept a non-qualified mark to fill the field only if there are an insufficient number of athletes entered who have met the qualifying standard for that event.  In this case, the committee will go down the list of entered and declared athletes (that have not met the qualifying standard) only as deep as is needed to fill the field.
Note: USATF Rule 11.3(b) concerning adding athletes to make a competitive field, and USATF Rule 8 concerning automatic qualifications, will be used.
Declaration Status Categories

  • open - declaration not yet made (all entries start in this category)

  • declared - athlete has declared his/her intent to compete

  • pending - athlete has declared his/her intent to compete, but entry has an updated mark that must be verified or requires additional information (i.e..DOB verification)

  • not accepted – declaration not accepted; reasons vary

  • scratched - athlete has declared his/her intent to not compete in the events(s) entered 

Note: All Entrants should declare during the declaration period. This helps the seeding committee make decisions on “Accepting” marks that do not meet the qualifying standard for the purpose of filling the field for each event.

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