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Qualifying Standards

Events in bold will be contested at the Championships.  Events listed directly below those being contested may be used as alternates for qualifying.  See Qualifying Guidelines below for full details.

Qualifying window: November 12, 2016 - February 26, 2017

Combined Events Qualifying window: January 2, 2016 - February 26, 2017

Criteria for a Legal Meet

2017 Indoor - Qualifying Standards - Approved  Dec. 3, 2016
 Men    Women
Automatic (“A”)   Field Size & Rounds Event Automatic (“A”)   Field Size & Rounds
6.70*   (24–3) 60m 7.50*   (24-3)
6.23*     55m 6.65*    
7.92*   (24 – 3) 60mH 8.40*   (24-3)
7.32*     55mH 7.60*    
33.49*   (20–2) 300m 39.00*   (20-2)
21.20*     200m 23.75*    
47.40*     400m 54.50*    
1:18.00*   (20–2) 600m 1:33.00*   (20-2)
47.40*     400m 54.50*    
1:49.50     800m 2:06.00    
2:22.85   (20-2) 1000m 2:44.00   (20-2)
1:49.50     800m 2:06.00    
3:59.50   (12–1) Mile 4:30.00   (12-1)
3:41.90     1500m 4:10.50    
8:40.00   (16-1) 2 Miles 9:50.00   (16-1)
8:00.00     3000m 9:06.00    
13:30.00     5000m 16:00.00    
12:45.00 (3k)   (12–1) 2 Mile RW 14:40.00 (3k)   (12-1)
6:25.00     1mile RW 7:30.00    
22:00.00     5000m Walk 24:30.00    
2.15m   (16-1) High Jump 1.81m   (16-1)
5.45m   (16-1) Pole Vault 4.45m   (16-1)
7.70m   (16-1) Long Jump 6.25m   (16-1)
15.39m   (16-1) Triple Jump 13.00m   (16-1)
19.00m   (16-1) Shot Put 16.75m   (16-1)
20.00m   (16-1)  weight Throw 19.50m   (16-1)
      Pent. 4250 pts   (12)
      Hept 5900    
5450   (12) Heptathlon      
7700     Decathlon      
*F.A.T. is the only method of timing acceptable for qualifying marks for events listed with an asterisk.

Qualifying Guidelines

  1. All qualifying performances must be made on an indoor track.  No allowances are provided for marks made at altitude, or on indoor facilities of differing size, banking or other configurations.

  2. Qualifying marks must be made in accordance with USATF Rule 149 and verifiable in one of the following:

    1. USATF or IAAF sanctioned events which prescribe to or exceed USATF rules of competition, or

    2. events at collegiate meets which prescribe to or exceed USATF rules of competition, or

    3. high school meets, excepting dual and triangular meets, which prescribe to or exceed NFHS rules of competition, or

    4. meets or events which meet a minimum for competitiveness set by the Chair of the Sport Committee and determined to be valid by the USATF staff member responsible for verification.

  3. Indoor qualifying standards except for the men's heptathlon and women's pentathlon, must be attained on or after Saturday, November 12, 2016 through Sunday, February 26, 2017.

  4. Qualifying standards for the men's heptathlon and women's pentathlon may be attained on or after January 2, 2016 through Sunday, February 26, 2017.

  5. Fully automatic timing (F.A.T.) is the only method of timing acceptable for qualifying marks for events equal to or shorter than 600 meters (denoted by *).

  6. Times submitted in hundredths of a second must be F.A.T. times.

  7. A manual time may be used for qualifying for running events of 800 meters and longer and race walk events only if no F.A.T. qualifying time exists for the race during the qualifying period.  A manual time may not supersede any F.A.T. qualifying time for an event.  Qualifying manual times, for eligible events, not already listed, are always the F.A.T. qualifying time without the last zero for men and the F.A.T. qualifying time minus 0.14 for women.  Manual times will be converted for seeding purposes using USATF Rule 166.

  8. All performances are subject to verification.  For information on what constitutes an acceptable meet for qualifying purposes, refer to the Criteria for a Legal Meet or email at the USATF National Office.

  9. Automatic qualification, as described in USATF Rule 8 (Automatic Qualification) shall not abrogate any entry requirements other than the qualifying requirements for a championship.  However, the athlete must enter the meet and declare their intent to compete.

The Sport Committee Chair will adjust the standards, where necessary, 45 days prior to the competition, based on received entries at that time.  Therefore, early submission of an entry close to the standard is advised.

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