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Selection Procedures

Team sizes and Selection Procedures are as follows for the 2016 APA Pan American Cross Country Cup to be held on March 5, 2016 in Caraballeda, Venezuela

Events Being Contested

  • Junior Women: 6 km

  • Junior Men: 6 km

  • Senior Women: 8 km

  • Senior Men: 10 km

Selection Procedures for Senior & Junior Men’s & Women’s Teams
In order to be eligible to be a member of the Team, an athlete must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States and meet all other USATF and IAAF eligibility requirements.

  • Be a USA Track & Field member in good standing.

  • Have a valid passport that will not expire prior to December 31 2016.

  • Sign a USATF Athlete Statement of Conditions for participation, if nominated for the Team.

  • For Juniors Not be 20 years old, but at least 16 years of age on December 31, 2016.

The following procedures will be used to select Senior and Junior athletes:

  1. Athletes who meet the eligibility requirements will select themselves to Team USA for the APA Pan American Cross Country Cup via descending order of finish in the relevant event at the 2016 USATF Cross Country Championships in Bend, OR February 6th 2016 (hereafter known as the "selection event")

  2. Athletes must commit to a position on Team USA during team processing on February 6th 2016, by completing team processing paper work, presenting a valid passport and a signed USATF Athlete Statement of Conditions.

  3. If an athlete declines a position on Team USA (or fails to commit as per #2 above), that position will then be offered to the next finisher in the relevant race at the selection event until the team is filled. An athlete declining a position must submit a signed decline form.

  4. Team Size: Team USA will field a squad consisting of five (5) athletes per race as long as all team members finish in the top 25 at the selection event.

Alternates: Alternates will select themselves following the above procedures and be named to the team if a drop-out occurs prior to a final date set by the Cross Country Council chair in consultation with the National Office.

Removal of Athletes
An athlete who is to be nominated to the team by USATF may be removed as a nominee for any of the following reasons, as determined by USATF:

  1. Voluntary withdrawal.  Athlete must submit a written letter to USATF’s Director of International Teams.

  2. Injury or illness as certified by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USATF.  If an athlete refuses verification of his/her illness or injury by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USATF, his/her injury will be assumed to be disabling and he/she may be removed.

  3. Violation of USATF’s Athlete Statement of Conditions.

  4. Involuntary Withdrawal. An Athlete who is named to the team by virtue of an error or oversight (by USATF) may be removed from the team at any time. 


2016 APA Pan American Cross Country Cup

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